Video Conference Room / Fremont Campus

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA94539




Minutes of College Council

July 13, 2005                                                                                                                         ADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT:       Doug Treadway                                                 Ban-Jin Tan

                                             Connie Teshara                                                 Tom Holcomb

   Susan Myers                                                      Wayne Takakuwa

   Linda Evers                                                        Debbie Tucker

   Raz Mohammed (new Student)                        Zane Gray

   Kathleen Johnson                                              Dave Schurtz (new SEIU)

   Cheryl Lambert (new CSEA)                            


MEMBERS ABSENT:          Dennis Keller

                                             Elizabeth Silva

                                             Richard Grotegut




  1. Approval of Minutes (06/08/05)

·       Motion:  Moved/Johnson;  Passed to approve the June 8, 2005 College Council minutes.


  1. Final Approval of the College Council By-Laws

·       Treadway introductory comments:  
The Council By-laws were, in part, amended due to the inactive status of Classified Senate.  Representation on College Council has been adjusted to two representatives each from CSEA and SEIU.  Per Dr. Treadway, it is optional for a community college to have a Classified Senate and, in fact, there are only 8 community colleges out of 109 in the State of California with Senates.  If a college chooses to have a Classified Senate, it must be negotiated with bargaining units.  The CSEA and SEIU unions have informed administration that they have no interest in reforming the Senate.  They are satisfied with the current structure and representation on College Council.  The Classified Senate will not be reinstated.  It was announced that Cheryl Lambert will serve as the second CSEA-appointed member and Dave Schurtz will serve as the second SEIU-appointed member.  The classified leaders are confident that this representation will serve the needs of shared governance.

·       Motion:  Moved/Gray; Second/Johnson;  Passed to adopt the College Council by-laws.


  1. FallCollege Council Meeting Schedule

·       It was previously agreed that the Council would retain their meeting day of the week (Fridays) and time (10:00 – 11:30 a.m.), but it had yet to be determined if the Council would meet on the 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.

·       Motion: Moved/Evers; Second/Tucker;  Passed to meet on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.



  1. State Budget Update

·       VP of Business Services, Deanna Walston, provided an update regarding the recently passed State Budget.  Key points included:

o        The State will use some Prop 98 funds and other state monies to fund K-14 education (one-time money) for STRS contribution.

o        Confirming the release of $31.4 million for Partnership for Excellence.

o        Equalization funding not anticipated but it was approved at $30M which will translate into +$228K dollars for Ohlone.

o        COLA:  announced at 4.23% (our budget estimated 3.9%).

o        Our preliminary budget had a shortfall of $159K.  With these additional funds from the State, we are “in the black” by $169K, depending on final "tweaking" of the 2004/05 books.

o        Joanne Schultz provided an update regarding our bond rating.  There was a July 12 meeting to present our case for the $110M bond issue coming up.  Bond raters evaluate and assign rating to the college.  Rating will be announced next Friday, but it is felt that the presentation went very well.  The resulting rating will impact our ability to sell bonds, and hopefully benefit taxpayers of the tri-city area.

o        Our enrollment is still down and Fall 2005 is not running as strong as we’d hoped, so we'll maintain a conservative approach to the budget.  May request that the Council consider another contribution to our rainy day fund.  Will discuss at retreat.


  1. College Council Retreat Planning

·       A reminder that the College Council retreat is scheduled for August 11 @ Palmdale Estates’ Best House (9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.).

·       Proposed agenda items for retreat include:

o        The first half of the retreat, the Council will address long and short term strategic planning, including enrollment planning and strategic objectives.

o        Second half is “open”.  Suggestions put forward included:

§         Mentorship for new council members, especially new student(s).  It was added in by-laws that Council co-chair would serve as mentor for student member(s), but broader discussion would be helpful.

§         Faculty Senate and Council relationship.  Roles discussion, including role of unions, for clarification.

§         Internal operation of the Council.

§         Enrollment and budget goals.


  1. StudentServicesBuilding Update / Architectural Concepts

·       TBP (architects) presentation regarding highlights of the building progress.

·       Description of the schematic design phase:  floor plans, site plan, general style of building, how internal spaces will relate to each other.  The process will continue “in design” for quite awhile, moving into design development phase (3+ months) which includes evaluation of systems of the building, mechanical, electrical, LEED considerations, etc.

·       Working drawings (5-6 months), then to permit, to bid, and then construction.

·       Still conducting space planning.

·       Review of site plan:

o        42K sq.ft. new building

o        Total loss of parking with current plan is 12-15 cars

o        Proposal to raise roof levels to allow "clear stories" for additional light and "volumes" for spacious feeling.

o        3-D computer generated model presented.

o        Solar component on roof(s)?  Yes, being studied.

o        Will have zoned HVAC.

·       Treadway comment regarding new state/federal law regarding privacy of individuals seeking health or counseling assistance.  Treadway to provide update to TBP to make sure our design will be in compliance.

·       How will "gateway" stand out?  Signage and "way finding" system needed on campus.


  1. Communication from Audience / Announcements

·       Ohlone has been awarded the Title III grant for 5 years.  Martha Brown will serve as Director of the grant.

·       Institutional researcher / Rob Smedfjeld for a year.  He will work closely with Council.

·       Communications from Audience:

·       Request for report from Ohlone Foundation regarding progress with regard to cultivating outside funding sources (Resource Development Task Force).

·       Dr. Wright provided an update regarding a recent college achievement and distributed a handout detailing a new biology transfer degree.

·       Ban-Jin Tan: Announced it’s his last day working with the Council.


  1. Future Meeting Schedule

·       August 11, 2005 (Thursday / 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. / Council Retreat @ Palmdale Estates)

·       September 9, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m. / Video Conference Room)

·       September 23, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m. Video Conference Room)


Adjournment:                 Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.