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Minutes of College Council

September 9, 2005 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Dennis Keller

Walt Birkedahl Kathleen Johnson

Richard Grotegut Wayne Takakuwa

Barbara Tull (new faculty member) Ron Travenick (for Debbie Tucker)

Zane Gray Cheryl Lambert

Elizabeth Silva


Tom Holcomb

Raz Mohammed

Linda Evers




  1. Approval of Minutes (08/11/05)

·       It was mentioned that the Council Retreat “minutes” are more accurately notes from the meeting. Although there were two questions regarding the notes, no changes were requested.

·       Motion: Moved/Silva; Second/Johnson; Passed (with one abstention) to approve the August 11, 2005 College Council minutes.


  1. College Council Agenda Topics

·       Suggestions for future Council agenda items included:

o          Accreditation within self-study guidelines, pertaining to strategic planning

o          Task forces/committees (and reporting process / calendar)

o          Strategic plan (second reading)

o          Update on construction of Newark campus

o          Foundation update / capital campaign

o          Compressed calendar (information item)


  1. Student Enrollment Strategies

·       AlliantInternationalUniversity:

o          Joint meeting scheduled for Sept 27 (faculty senates from Alliant & Ohlone). 3:30 in Video Conference Room. Various benefits and concerns (logistics) will be explored. In terms of enrollment growth, there is positive potential.

o          Treadway met with the President of Alliant & toured their SF campus recently. Also had WashingtonDC meeting w/Congressman Stark & received confirmation that he has placed budget request/earmark for funding to assist with Alliant/Ohlone curriculum planning, facility development for partnership if this goes forward. Not approved yet, but submitted and Stark has shown support for concept. Potential funding anywhere from $0 - $1M. High interest in facilitating immigrant populations, especially in business and international relations. The focus of Stark’s interest is the potential to serve local individuals who currently aren't reached:

o          Geoff Cox, President of Alliant, impressed that this is viewed as dual venture including Ohlone students and students from other states in the country who wouldn't come to Ohlone but would enroll at Alliant. Joint admissions. Mexico City campus, can offer English language BA to facilitate students attending for a semester or immersion courses. Would encourage our faculty to take Ohlone students to Mexico campus for coursework.

o          Partnership with Alliant could also benefit Ohlone employees who do not have degree beyond Associate's.

o          Master's degree? Not being considered at this time.

o          Library collaboration (link plus, and additional resources)

·       College Connection Program

o          Shasta and Butte already have a College Connection program defined as high school seniors taking their senior year at a community college. Model is that high school classes are taken in the morning (with high school teachers) and college electives are taken in the afternoon (all at the college campus). Fremont, Newark, New Haven considering college connection program w/Ohlone. Meeting scheduled later this month to coordinate and evaluate process to make this happen next Fall. Try a cohort first (Shasta has 90 students participating now; three cohorts of 30 students). High retention rate proven.

o          How are students identified? Are they Counselor selected? Selection of faculty and students to be worked out as consortium. We would be working with 7 local high schools.

o          Goals: first cohort of 30 students


·       Compressed Calendar

o          Faculty Senate report on compressed calendar. Considering length of term, spring break, etc. Agreement among Senate that Spring break needs to stay. All other schools seem to be on 16 week calendar, with spring break and finals week. To transition to 16 week term, add 7 minutes to each class. 16 week term adds contact hours w/students. Informational meeting next week for faculty to consider 15 or 16 week calendars. Then Faculty Senate to vote within 2 weeks.

o          Faculty divided re: finals week. Vote will be on logistics of calendar. When Ohlone starts and finishes, and length of term.

o          Chancellor's office update: If we want to change, need to notify their office the fall before implementation. Options communicated to Chancellor's office yesterday. if we go with 16 week, fast track for next Fall. List distributed of alternative calendars adopted within the state. No one else on 15 week calendar, so if we select that option, it may take longer to get approval through Chancellor's office.

o          Noted that CSU/Berkeley/Santa Clara/SFSU, etc. observe 16 week calendar. Will need Board approval for any change.

o          Fiscal or enrollment difference? Spike in enrollment, retention, student success the first year, then plateau to (still) increased numbers. Anticipate 2%+ contact hours.

o          How did we move from Fall '07 to Fall '06? Topic of compressed calendar brought to previous Faculty Senate at FLEX. 109 in attendance (101 voted to move to compressed calendar). Unprecedented support. Implementation plan next step.

  1. Task Forces and Committees / Structure

·       Each task force operating differently. Review of what's working and what's not.

·       Facilities Committee proposal to establish and organize “advisory committees” around key facility projects (handout and discussion). Comments included:

o          People with the most interest would be involved, Involving a broader group

o          Other advisory committees might include: secondary effects, surplus property/frontage property development, athletic fields, parking lot planning, etc.

o          Caution that not all represented groups would participate. Suggestion that Council review participants and monitor. Response to keep Council at receiving end of reports and recommendations but not micro-managing. Council to stay at coordinating level.

·       User group instead of advisory.

·       Opportunity for campus-wide input for those outside the area of interest.

·       Council's role is to ensure appropriate involvement, process, and representation, not to second guess details. Reminder that Council’s charter is strategic

·       College leaders meeting suggestion that Learning College Task Force be divided in two (Goal 4 having a new task force). Other than that modification, other task forces moving along.

·       Have a work group to look at LearningCollege task force to overview training, support resources, and personnel. The Council is part of Goal 4 (could be part of self-evaluation). Sub-group monitoring the “health” of these 7 goals and, if there are gaps, assisting.

·       Recommend that we have a task force of the Council to monitor each of our 7 goals and revisit the proper way for that oversight to occur, and differentiate the operational aspects. Come back to next meeting with recommended way to fill in goal 4 and revise goal 2 with regard to task force goal and objectives. What had been tried as a merger, some feel that keeping each goal distinct is preferred. Asking Council to consider seven distinct task forces.

·       Some disagreement in that some people feel that the learning college task force is effective as it is --overseeing several goals.

·       Treadway comment: College leaders group can look at task force effectiveness. College Council can look at structure, but don’t need separate. Council to review Task Forces. Treadway doesn’t think we need a separate Council group to do this. Leadership group is part of Council. Treadway reviewed his vision of task forces. The LearningCollege belongs to all of Ohlone, not the Learning College Task Force.

·       Reminder that Council needs to establish/confirm committees so that they can start meeting. For example, there should be a Staff Development committee but it has not been established. Faculty are ready to start meeting on these committees. Need to establish target date for when these committees will start.

·       Concern expressed to keep ideal of learning college – inclusive learning from everyone at Ohlone. Council should have subgroups to be "care-takers" of each goal – not the implementers.

·       Dennis: will continue this discussion at next Council meeting. Existing committees should proceed with their work.


  1. Future Meeting Schedule

·       September 23, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m. / Video Conference Room)

·       October 14, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m. / Video Conference Room)


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.