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Minutes of College Council

October 14, 2005                                                                                                                  ADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT:       Dennis Keller                             Linda Evers

                                             Walt Birkedahl                            Kathleen Johnson

   Richard Grotegut                       Wayne Takakuwa

   Zane Gray                                  Renee Wong-Gonzalez (for Debbie Trigg)

   Jim Wright                                  Cheryl Lambert

   Elizabeth Silva                           Tom Holcomb

                                             Roxanna Guide                          Ankita Shah



MEMBERS ABSENT:          Deanna Walston

                                             Barbara Tull

                                             Dave Schurtz

                                             Doug Treadway




  1. Approval of Minutes (09/23/05)

·       Motion:  Moved/Johnson; Second/Takakuwa; Passed to approve the September 23, 2005 College Council minutes.


  1. Welcome to New Student Members

·       Introduction of two new student representatives on College Council:  Roxanna Guide and Ankita Shah.  Dennis Keller met with both students two weeks ago for a brief orientation to the Council and Wayne Takakuwa introduced himself as their mentor.  Arrangements were made for Wayne and the students to meet in the future.  The ASOC President, Raz Mohammed, is no longer able to attend Council meetings.


  1. Second Reading:  Strategic Plan (2005-2010) and Board Policy (Chapters 4-7)

·       It was reported that Faculty Senate has a concern regarding the “academic freedom” portion of the current Board Policy (BP-4030).  The President of Faculty Senate would like to delay approval of this Board Policy section until this topic has been discussed at Faculty Senate. 

·       A reminder that comments or proposed edits should be sent to Dr. Treadway (Strategic Plan) or Diana Garza (Board Policy).


  1. Board Position Paper:  Dennis Keller


·       Introducing the topic, Dennis Keller offered his personal observations of the Board over the past two years with regard to Board process and approach.  The next couple of months will be critical, in terms of decisions that will impact the future financial status of the College.  Keller had provided to Council a first draft of a document intended for inclusion as part of the Board’s upcoming self-evaluation.  Keller is asking for input.  Emphasizing the College's need to become less dependant on sole-source funding vis-à-vis frontage property opportunity.  Board tendency to view things in an isolated way, rather than integrated.  Intent to encourage Board to think more globally and act more efficiently.

·       Council discussion followed, including the following questions/comments:

o        What are we hoping to accomplish with this statement to the Board?

o        Board self-evaluation comes up on 10/26; Keller plans to present statement at that meeting.  Intent to bring statement to Board meeting and officially read into minutes of the meeting.

o        5 Board votes are necessary to pass frontage proposal.

o        Council voted unanimously to support sale/lease of surplus property.

o        One reason the Board acts in isolation is because they're allowed to do so.  Attempting a more academic focus at Board meetings.  Meetings are frustrating and will become more so as decisions become more important.  Many upcoming proposals are 60-year decisions.  All constituency groups encouraged to stay informed, consider attending Board meetings, and mobilize.

o        Suggestion that Council provide information to College, stressing importance.

o        Public comment and constituency comments built in to the beginning of each Board meeting.  More controversial issues do not appear on tape due to
2-hour broadcasting limit.  Encouraging attendance at the beginning of each meeting.

o        How can we mobilize students? New Student Trustee will be sworn in as Board member on 10/26 and current student leadership would be responsive to opportunities for involvement.

o        Appropriate for Council to authorize Dennis to present to Board.

o        Need to be very careful regarding the language we use in writing to the Board. 

o        SEIU rep does not attend Board meetings; waste of time.

o        Suggesting the Board meet during the day (at least once per semester) to increase campus participation and awareness.

o        What do we want to accomplish? When you make public statement, it may force Board into a defensive position.  Image conscious Board may respond negatively.  Consider national government-style approach; lobbying approach.  Get buy-in via private settings.  Distance from influences and public perception, make strong arguments.  Pull in members of community to support lobbying efforts.

o        Board change is not going to happen.  You may change their minds on particular issues, but you won't change who they are.

o        Suggesting forum to have Board be accountable: to hear campus input.


o        Council suggest that Board hold one meeting per semester in the afternoon, on campus (JacksonTheater).

o        Clear resolution to present to the Board from ASOC, CC, Faculty Senate, etc.

o        On October 26, Board meeting will discuss frontage property.

o        Affirmation of what we want / we stand with administration.

o        Are we more concerned about how they do business, or specific goals?

o        Board's job is to think through things carefully and make decisions.  Letter is offensive, as if Board not doing their jobs.  College needs to think carefully, with a unified approach.  What more do they need from us to show how we're thinking as a College?

o        Suggesting Council meet a week from today to discuss this item.  Asking CC to formulate resolution - send to Dennis and he will circulate for discussion next Friday.

o        Need to remind Board of items CC supported, and not focus on details.

o        How do we proceed?

o        Students suggesting a Forum to inform student body.

o        Need to get something in time for Board self-evaluation on 10/26.

o        Board may feel the power of campus presenting a show of force that's not connected to any union negotiations.

o        Need to identify agenda items for 10/26, e-mail constituencies, and describe cause and effect.  Considering a special meeting next Friday (10/21), to craft Council position on activity - share resolution with Faculty members prior to the 10/26 Board meeting.

o        ASOC has new Senate and developing ways to know constituency.  Would appreciate summary of issues and student impact.

·       Motion:  Moved/Birkedahl; Second/Evers; Passed to hold a special College Council meeting on Friday, October 21, to draft a resolution to the Board.  Please send comments to Dennis in advance of the meeting.



  1. Academic Calendar update

·       VPs produced document to help frame implementation.  Document distributed and reviewed, summarizing background, proposal, negotiations with unions regarding effects, implementation planning, and timeline.

·       Chancellor's office rep received draft of our proposal / model.  Bump with regard to length of class with regard to MWF classes.  Contact time issue as it relates to apportionment funding.  16-week semesters that have MWF have gone to two days a week.  We want to keep MWF and teach 60 minute periods.  Three scenarios have been considered.

·       60 / 61 / 65 minute scenarios will be provided to Chancellor.  Asking Chancellor to accept 60 minute class sessions and waive Ed Code that limits funding.

·       Rough draft is ready, collecting input.


  1. Fremont Surplus Property RFPs (Update)

·       Doug is asking Board for ability to negotiate with one or all of the master developers.  On 10/26 there will be a committee report to the Board.

·       Sobrato proposal would advance us money to build baseball field and some parking.  They would build it better, cheaper, and faster.


  1. Communications:

·       November 18 / No co-chair for that date and, per by-laws, no meeting without co-chair.

  1. Future Meeting Schedule

·       October 21, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 / Video Conference Room)  **Special Meeting**

·       October 28, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m. / Video Conference Room)

·       Note: November 11 is a holiday.  No meeting.

·       Note:  November 18 / no co-chairs able to attend.  No meeting.

·       Note:  November 25 is a holiday.  No meeting.

·       December 2, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m. / Video Conference Room)


Adjournment:   Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.