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Minutes of College Council

October 28, 2005 ADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Dennis Keller

Walt Birkedahl Kathleen Johnson

Tom Holcomb Maria Ramirez (for Wayne Takakuwa)

Zane Gray Debbie Trigg

Jim Wright Cheryl Lambert

Elizabeth Silva Roxanna Guide

Linda Evers Ankita Shah

Dave Schurtz Deanna Walston


MEMBERS ABSENT: Richard Grotegut

Barbara Tull





  1. Approval of Council Minutes (10/14/05)

·       Motion: Moved/Johnson; Second/Shah; Passed unanimously to approve the October 14, 2005 College Council minutes.

  1. Approval of Council Minutes (10/21/05)

·       Motion: Moved/Trigg; Second/Johnson; Passed unanimously to approve the October 21, 2005 College Council minutes.

  1. Academic Calendar Update

·       Jim Wright distributed working document regarding revised academic calendar. Reviewed changes to implementation timeline. Currently converting fall schedule.

·       At their October 26 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved negotiations with unions on this topic.

·       Goal to have consensus before holiday break.

·       Ron Travenick provided a brief update re: Chancellor's Office status. Eight other proposals for compressed calendars are currently under review at Chancellor's office. Ohlone calendar, in draft form, has been converted.

·       Same apportionment multiplier applies for any class period between 50-60 minutes.

·       Chancellor's office's intent is to choose one model and apply it to all schools with 16 week calendar. Chancellor's office forming study group to review this trend.

·       What are most acceptable to Chancellor's office are 60-minute class periods.

·       Newark campus may be able to adopt "block" schedule (M/W and T/Th - 75 minute classes).


  1. China Update

Dr. Treadway provided a verbal summary of his recent trip to China:

·       This trip was a follow-up to previous China and Ohlone delegation visits.

·       To illustrate the increasing interest in building relationships with China, Dr. Treadway mentioned that in the past 24 months, 42 delegations from the Fremont community have been to China in connection with Mr. Henry Yin (Citizens for a Better Community “CBC”).

·       Described various visits and relationships being fostered (Hong Kong University, Shanghai Theater & Dance University, ESL contract opportunities, Hangzhou University centers, Taizhou, etc.). Official invitation for ASOC will be forthcoming.

·       Delegation of teachers & academic administrators for ESL (from China) will be coming here.


  1. Board Meeting Update (10/26 Meeting)

·       There was a Nursing program presentation / discussion with Board (lottery pros & cons, etc.)

·       ASOC budget was approved.

·       Closed session to consider non-binding negotiations with developer(s)

·       Open session announced that none of the surplus property will be considered for sale (lease only). Serious concern that the second generation proposals from developers will not be as lucrative for the college.

·       Keller’s disappointment voiced at Board meeting. During the meeting, he requested Board to respond with rationale for their decision. Council letter submitted as part of upcoming self-evaluation (11/9) and Keller intends to be proactive during self-evaluation meeting. He stated that he has been encouraged by some Board members to be more frank, which he will do.

·       Greatly disappointed in the outcome and process. Keller told Board that "College Council is watching" and that the Board will need to explain themselves to the college community. It is time for us to make the Board accountable.

·       Asking the Board to clarify their officer election procedure. Board policy is not followed with regard to the election of the Board President. Keller wants Board to clearly articulate process. Board policy states that board takes nominations and then takes votes for each of the Board offices. Hoping to resurrect awareness of Board policy.

·       Keller asked Board to offer written response to Council to explain closed session decision regarding surplus property sale/lease.

·       Treadway commends Dennis's presentation to Board: passionate and energized, but professional. Keller is serving Council well, according to Treadway.

·       Call for additional people to speak at Board meetings is practical. Really helping to have members of academic community proactive.

·       Takes 2/3 majority to sell land. John Weed is business owner and cannot vote on this matter. Bill McMillin is adamantly opposed. Need the remaining 5 votes. Brunton switched and voted no. Voting on prior question of sale or lease, not on negotiations. Bill & Bob will need to provide further explanation.

·       It was pointed out and the College community is asked to remember that the majority of the Board is in favor of the proposed sale of Parcel C and they may bring this back to the table. We'll go back to the developers and ask them to wait for us to get the Board to reconsider. Board needs to hear from us what the impact would be of the loss of this revenue.

·       The College is currently obtaining real estate appraisals for each parcel.

·       20 acre, lease only opportunity for Parcel C will be much less attractive to developers. There is $30M profit potential in parcel C and $10M in the remaining parcels.

·       Most developers will realize a cash return on single family homes. Very attractive and beneficial.


·       What is this Board delay and prolonged process costing the district? We could quantify the expense involved in getting to this point.

·       Four Board members asking for our patience, saying that it's not a final vote. Will ask Board again to reconsider lease/sale, but we won't continue to expend funds until and unless the Board reconsiders. Reputation of Ohlone College district is also at stake. There are politics at work behind the scenes. Council should be proactive and not discouraged.

·       November 9 meeting will allow this issue to work its way through; November 28 anticipated for re-vote. Campus could request afternoon meeting.


·       Motion: Moved/Silva; Second/Ramirez; Passed unanimously to request of the Board of Trustees:

o        Results of the roll call vote and the reasoning of each member for their vote).

o        Clarification of Board officers’ election procedure

o        Request for afternoon board meeting on the Ohlone Fremont campus on 11/28


·       CSEA letter and SEIU comments at the Board meeting regarding the academic calendar were helpful, clearly stated. Thanks expressed from Dennis.


  1. Communications/Announcements:


·       President's mid-term report scheduled (Jackson Theater on Monday, November 7 @ 3:00).

·       World Forum scheduled (Wednesday, November 2 @ noon). Topic is Africa and World Hunger. Speaker ahs worked in nine African countries on World Hunger Project.

·       Highlights from Board meetings now being provided via e-mail Announcement following each meeting. Brief summary format and Treadway asking for feedback on presentation.

·       Question regarding residency requirement for Board members. Yes, Board must reside within district / voting precincts that are set aside for their seats. Must be a resident of the district and “be available to do the business of the district”. Subject to interpretation.

·       Smith Center - The Laramie Project / staff preview next Thursday night (11/3).

·       EOPS - Raz Mohammed's mother very ill / please drop him an e-mail of support.

·       Smith Center – Book “Kite Runner” / Dreamworks is doing the film and will be filming locally. Looking for Farsi 16 year old males.

·       Cheryl Lambert's quilts are showcased in Library. Display cases are available to promote, educate and entertain (2 week periods).


  1. Future Meeting Schedule

·       November 4, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m. / Video Conference Room)

·       Note: November 11 is a holiday. No meeting.

·       Note: November 18 no co-chairs able to attend. No meeting.

·       Note: November 25 is a holiday. No meeting.

·       December 2, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m. / Video Conference Room)


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.