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Minutes of College Council

November 4, 2005 ADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Dennis Keller

Kathleen Johnson Patrice Birkedahl (for Walt Birkedahl)

Tom Holcomb Wayne Takakuwa

Zane Gray Debbie Trigg

Jim Wright Cheryl Lambert

Elizabeth Silva Roxanna Guide

Linda Evers Ankita Shah

Dave Schurtz Ralph Kindred (for Deanna Walston)


MEMBERS ABSENT: Richard Grotegut

Barbara Tull

Jim Wright





  1. Approval of Council Minutes (10/28/05)

·       Motion: Moved/Silva; Second/Gray; Passed (with two abstentions) to approve the October 28, 2005 College Council minutes.

  1. Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) Procedure

·       Marian Castaneda, Director of Purchasing & Contracts, distributed and discussed a handout detailing a procedure to support the purchase of products used in our work that will minimize negative environmental impacts.

·       To qualify for certain grants, sustainability requirement of environmental procedures.

·       Recycled products when fiscally practical and quality.

·       Review of current practices (environmentally preferred products, etc.).

·       Responsibility will fall on departments to make environmentally sound purchases, when products are equal or better in quality / prices are reasonable. “Where practicable” is guideline.

·       Will put in place an evaluation and reporting tool to measure practices and progress.

·       Recommended policies to purchase recycled products. Will attempt to work into contracts.

·       Asking for Council recommendation, then will take procedure to President for approval.

·       Is there a recycled materials imprint? Standardized symbol will indicate recycled products.

·       Paper products only? No, list of product opportunities provided on Page 2 of proposal.


·       Hazardous materials issues and challenges also reviewed. We’ll need to be careful regarding companies and relationships. State of CA has instituted a recycling program for computer recycling. Working through a state approved recycling center. Hazardous chemicals waste has a manifold and record of destination.

·       Asking for Council approval, but can come back at next meeting if necessary. Hoping for quick turnaround since there grants available.

·       Ready for motion of support of document? Unanimously recommended.


·       Motion: Moved/Birkedahl; Second/Johnson; Passed to support and approve the EPP Procedure.

·       Treadway note: Clarifying that Board Policy is overarching statement of principals / Superintendent - President has responsibility to implement procedures. President approves procedures and they do not go to Board for approval.



  1. Board of Trustees Updates

·       Keller sent Board e-mail asking for reasoning of surplus property sell or lease votes, election of officers process, and consideration to move 11/28 Board meeting to afternoon time on campus. Responses from Yee (good), Nardolillo (would like forum or workshop dealing w/frontage, Brunton (does not want to move meeting and feels that info Keller is asking for was done in closed session). Brunton asked Keller for all of Council members’ names, titles, and home addresses and asking if Keller accurately speaks for the Council. Treadway has offered to assist with response to Brunton. Keller stressing that Council needs to be aware of personalities on the Board. Keller will respond to Brunton.

·       Confirmed with legal counsel that all college personnel place of residence information is confidential, especially in this era of identity theft, terrorism, etc. Brunton will be informed that this request is inappropriate. If Council receives contact from Brunton asking for residence, refer Brunton to the President. There exists Board policy and accreditation policy regarding Board communications and they state that College CEO is conduit for contact.

·       Treadway met with President and VP of Board to prepare next Board agenda. Discussed how they would handle three Council requests:

o        Voting policy on board president: The way Council worded the request did not require board action, but President will communicate factual response to Council.

o        Board change of 11/28 meeting from Newark location to Fremont campus during the day; item will be agendized as "written communication" at 11/9 meeeting and discussion at that time will determine outcome

o        Board justification of vote regarding sale/lease of property: Item related to vote reappears on this month's agenda. When that item is on public docket, this request can be made for explanation of vote from last meeting. Legal counsel will be present and give advice to Board before they respond, regarding parameters, since this topic was closed session at last meeting.

·       Board gives staff direction with regard to parameters of developers. Theoretically, they could have taken this into open session, but did not.

·       Question: Since it was already voted down, how is it that the same item is coming back to this next meeting? The negative vote could change the terms of the deal, which means we have to go back to developers to see what new ground rules are and inquire if any want to move forward with lease only option. Closed session on 11/9 will be developers presenting to Board.

·       Will go into open session to declare (again) if they will reconsider sale of Parcels A&C.


·       One of the two "no" votes on the Board has an idea for an exchange of property instead of a sale. Treadway thinks there is going to be a proposal made for this exchange to be considered. Two board members don't want to sell any property for two different reasons, and that's enough to stop the process. We would have to make sure we'd get the same “value for value”. On the 9th there will be more occurring. Work still going on to try to meet the original objectives, revenue generation.

·       Need to continue exploring Council relationship with the Board. Students have a non-voting member of the board, but faculty do not (just an "interesting" observation). Serious impacts on campus and this is a moving target.

·       Board self-evaluation criteria passed out (from Community College League handbook), distributed to the Board with recommendation that they use these standards to measure their performance. Objective tool to help measure their process and progress.

·       Encouraging Council to attend during Board self-evaluation on 11/9. Current Board policy says that their self-evaluation will take place at a meeting designed for that purpose. Board did say that they would do this at the next open meeting. No guarantee that this will happen (it has been on agenda four times).

·       Council viewed Board video from 10/26/05 to observe the Board responses regarding their positions on sale or no sale of College surplus property.


  1. Academic Calendar Update

·       “On track” for 16 week calendar.

·       Conversion completed (Bowman & Robbie) for deans to review new model.

·       Proposal “almost ready” to go to Chancellor.

·       Verbal "yes" from Chancellor that we're on track. Submitting 60-minute class proposal.

·       Newark campus also converted to 16 week.


  1. LearningCollege Task Force (LCTF) Presentation

·       Task force covers goals 2 & 4.

·       Handouts distributed describing updates, resources, and approach of task force and associated committees.

·       Staff involvement in workshops, development in LCTF.


  1. Communications from Audience/Council

·       Monday, Nov 7, President's mid-semester report in Jackson Theater.

·       Ralph Kindred, new Associate VP of IT introduced.


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.