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Minutes of College Council

December 2, 2005 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Dennis Keller

Kathleen Johnson Walt Birkedahl

Tom Holcomb Wayne Takakuwa

Zane Gray Debbie Trigg

Jim Wright Cheryl Lambert

Elizabeth Silva Ankita Shah

Dave Schurtz Ralph Kindred (for Deanna Walston)

Richard Grotegut Barbara Tull



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  1. Approval of Council Minutes (11/04/05)

·       Motion: Moved/Takakuwa; Seconded/Birkedahl; Passed (with one abstention) to approve the November 4, 2005 College Council minutes.


  1. StudentServicesBuilding Update

·       TBP Architects described extensive work with users and staff, and provided schematics and
3D model (which will be displayed in the library until the 12/14/05 Board of Trustees meeting).

·       Comments and updates included:

o        In the next 5-6 months, they will take construction documents and produce blueprints to go out to bid.

o        Go to State Architect (5-6 mos.). This is a 1 yr. process. Could be awarded to contractor in Jan/Feb 2007.

o        Also conducting exhaustive cost analysis. College has also done so and together looking at most appropriate cost estimate for the project. Separation of project into phases w/ underground (messy) work during Summer ’06 w/ fencing around entire area while this takes place – parking, walking patterns.

o        Utilities for Bldg. 6 & 8 have to be disconnected & reconnected, including winterization of site (6-8 months starting in June, so hopefully completed by the end of 2007). Summer ’08 is anticipated opening of building.


o        Reviewed value engineering items & highlights of 30-40 changes. Skylight reduced from 40’ to 20’ diameter + reduced size of skylights down central corridor. Simplified the detailing. Functionally/programmatically not making any changes to schematic design.

o        Energy efficiency of bldg – under floor air distribution system & telecom/voltage systems (earn LEED points). Target is LEED certification (26 pts.) and we have 32-39. Ohlone is one of two institutions being considered for $11m for State “water intrusion” grant. Architect defined LEED.

o        There is a budget for furniture & equipment. $21.4 m budget includes construction of bldg. & site requirements, demolition of Bldg. 7, and removal of asbestos. Impact will begin to be felt this summer w/ removal of Bldg. 7. Plan to reconvert rooms formerly classrooms & currently administration. Jim Wright emphasized that we need to work together through short-term discomfort before reaching goal of new building.

o        Cheryl Lambert will work w/ Donna Ordahl to post pdf files of building.



  1. Student Development Task Force Report

·       Updates provided and summary handout distributed. Highlights included:

o        Computerized assessment well underway

o        Obstacles in assessment process described

o        Improvements include WebAdvisorWaitlisting as a tool for students & Deans

o        Who are we losing… 1,800 students had dropped 2 or more classes (to catch folks falling through cracks) as of Nov.1. Now Ron Travenick needs to look at Gorilla Survey to learn why students dropped & whether they plan to continue.

o        Allison Bly developed online tutorial “How to Register at Ohlone”… media… Ron’s figuring out where to post

o        Also need to address needs of online students

o        Barbara T. emphasized need to be sensitive to online phobics. Jim Wright asked how many of students who dropped are Basic Skills and/or 1st time students. Passed out draft Gorilla survey. B. Tull suggested also looking at students with F grade… essentially a drop.

·       Dennis suggests that when we get Task Force reports, Council members individually follow-up to co-Chairs w/ questions



  1. Board of Trustees Updates

·       Don Eichelberger provided update regarding NewarkCenter construction bids—

o        Awarded several bids (foundation) did budget adjustment –

o        Reviewed original $100m from bond, reduced to $95m, increased to $97m & now $99.2.

o        Two budgets: optimistic & conservative during pre-construction.

o        Steel bids coming in 12/20 & other bids in March ‘06.

·       Board of Trustees’ Self-Evaluation – used at Bd. Meeting last Monday (11/28). Also distributed to administration @ table and constituents. Dr. Wright expressed personal viewpoint regarding changing role of Board since passage of Bond and frontage property development. RFP process cost almost $200,000.

·       At next Bd. Meeting possibility that may be a vote to reject approval for removal of Bldg. 7. There will also be Board officers’ election (Bd. chose “open election” option but really follows “fixed rotation”) Dec. 14 is next Bd. Mtg. 7pm at Child Dev. Center. Suggest that each Council member attend w/ 2 colleagues. Attendance at future Board meetings should rotate among constituent groups (Faculty Senate, SEIU, CSEA)


  1. 16-week Academic Calendar (Update)

·       16 Wk. calendar: expect to get positive answer anytime.

·       Dr. Treadway met with Chancellor & Ohlone has been pulled from the group of community colleges being more carefully scrutinized. Looks good for go ahead Fall 06. By next Wed., Deans should get actual schedule to faculty and then in Spring ‘06 college (?who?) will appoint a team to work on smooth implementation.

·       “Student success” focus separated us from other colleges who may be more actively seeking financial gain.



  1. Communications from Audience and/or Council

·       Faculty Senate – consider adding adjunct faculty rep. on Council. Barbara Tull will speak w/ Richard Grotegut.

·       SOAR Chair Elizabeth Silva invited everyone to stop by SOAR Winter Holidays party on Tues., 12/6 from 11am – 1pm in Room 5209.

·       Direct effects of Bldg. 7 – team will be created (by whom? when?)

·       Fixed Flex on Jan. 13: Dr. Treadway / Ohlone as a learning college—focused presentation. Dr. Treadway will ask us to look at mission statement next semester.




·       Meeting schedule in Jan. – only one meeting on the 27th ; perhaps an on call meeting in early January.

·       In February, resume regular meeting schedule (2nd and 4th Fridays of the month; 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.; Video Conference Room)

·       In March, 2nd meeting is during Spring break so will need an adjustment.



Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.