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College Council Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2005                                                                                                                  ADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT:          Doug Treadway                    Dennis Keller

                                                Kathleen Johnson                 Walt Birkedahl

                                                Wayne Takakuwa                 Claire Ellis (for Tom Holcomb this semester)

                                                Debbie Trigg                         Richard Grotegut

                                                Jim Wright                             Cheryl Lambert

                                                Elizabeth Silva                      Roxanna Guide

                                                Dave Schurtz                        Deanna Walston

                                                  Barbara Tull (@ 11:20)



MEMBERS ABSENT:             Linda Evers

                                                Zane Gray

                                                Ankita Shah (need replacement student rep)




  1. Approval of Council Minutes (12/02/05)

·       Motion:  Moved/Silva; Seconded/Takakuwa; Passed to approve the December, 2005 College Council minutes.

**Pre-meeting Announcements**

·       Due to Tom Holcomb’s teaching schedule, Claire Ellis will be sitting in for him this semester.

·       Ankitah Shah will no longer be available to serve as a student representative.  ASOC will recruit and provide a new rep to serve on College Council.

·       Dr. Treadway introduced Dave Smith, Ohlone’s new Executive Director, Asset and Enterprise Management Services.

  1. Campus Construction Update

·       Paula Bray, Assistant Director of Facilities, distributed a handout entitled “Bond Project Update” as of Spring semester, 2006.  She, Simon Barros, and Deanna Walston discussed and responded to questions regarding:

o        OhloneCollege’s NewarkCenter

o        StudentServicesBuilding

o        Roofing Projects

o        Erosion Control / Beautification Projects

o        Water Intrusion Projects

o        Selected Bond Projects (ADA ramps, stair replacement, painting, door replacement, etc.)

·       Comments / discussion points included:

o        Anticipated delay of the demolition of Building 7 due to full DSA (Dept. of State Architects) review.

o        Planning for Building 7 asbestos removal this summer (’06)

o        Planning for demolition of Building 7 in January ‘07

o        Do not anticipate overall delay in construction schedule due to this adjustment.  While Ohlone’s steel order is being processed, demo will take place.

o        Selected bond project work should be done by end of Spring '06.

o        Delay of demo of building 7 will also allow for some campus painting earlier (scaffolding will be around, but will not prohibit entrance/exit).

o        Secondary effects / Working on plan for interior spaces.  Consultant, Susan Frey, helped raise awareness.

o        Council will be involved in next couple months regarding decisions.  Investment in the learning college (versus "secondary effects", which sounds like an afterthought).

·       Suggestions for improvement included:

o        Repair or replacement of the Plexiglas display case at the base of the steps of Building 1.

o        Review and improvement of exterior lighting for Building 1.  Using SmithCenter as example, beautification of Building 1 possible via lighting. 

o        Recommend TBP architects conduct a campus tour at night, re: lights, signage, etc.

o        Stairwells: Can they be opened up? Evaluate structure: open/safety/air.


  1. Learning Community Workshop and Title III Update

·       Deb Parziale distributed and discussed in detail a Title III report, including measurable objectives and time frames.


  1. Enrollment Update / 16-week Schedule Update & Impacts

·       Enrollment is 0.5% below last year at this point.  400+ sections are late start classes.

·       Fall semester will begin August 28 (’06) / census Sept 11 (Census = 20% of term, so census date moves forward)

·       Emphasize electronic methods to move students in/out of classes (add/drop)

·       Use wait listing more

·       Brainstorming ideas for efficiencies due to shorter period between beginning of semester and census. 

·       Communication will be even more important for everyone (staff, faculty, students).


  1. Board of Trustees Update

·       Board completed self-evaluation.  Now working on goals.  Consciously improving flow of board meeting, voting, etc. in response to input received.  

·       On March 8, Board meeting will be held in the afternoon (3:00 p.m.) on campus so students & staff can attend.  That Board meeting will be followed by a facilitated workshop regarding Board goals.

·       This Spring, there will be another Board workshop, (topic:  shared governance).

·       Dennis Keller commented that he feels the College has made a significant impact and that the Board is making an effort to be responsive.


  1. Proposed Reorganization of Student Services

·       Jim Wright distributed a memo detailing his plan for reorganization of Student Services areas.

·       Questions / comments regarding this proposal included:

o        The title “Director, Admissions & Records” is being changed to “Registrar” due to incorporation of scheduling.

o        Concern raised regarding articulation and Mike Bowman's ability to continue attention in this area due to increased responsibilities at Dean level in the future.  Reply:  Will assess as we move forward.  Used to have Counselor as articulation officer -- possible solution in the future, if this area becomes a problem.

o        Dean: Enrollment Services and Institutional Research.  Does the Director of Research “go away”?  Ohlone needs to document and demonstrate, for accreditation purposes, that we are fulfilling that function of research & assessment.

o        Dean of Institutional Research will be doing research, but so will everyone else.  Mike will be training staff to conduct research themselves.  Everyone will be involved in research & assessment.

o        Concerned about director of research "going away".  Many areas where research should be done, and it's a huge function (that Rob has been doing).  Wright reply:  Will monitor workload and process as time passes.

o        Treadway comment:  We had full time director of research & full time director of grants.  Moving to diffused model.  We might have to supplement that gap with some consultants, part-time help.  Radical shift from traditional college model.  This is a dynamic time and we have to be ready to be resilient as new initiatives come up. 

o        Positioning ourselves for outside funding, which may require additional research.  May require additional staff.  Good points of concern and will monitor.

o        Question: There was a consolidation of dean positions with last reorg in July, 2005.  Now, adding new dean position, how might campus feel?  Wright reply: Two management positions @ director level being consolidated into one dean position.  Cost/budget savings.

o        What is the evolution of career/transfer?  Did career go to one-stop?  Martha Brown replies:  The transfer function is staying close to the Counseling department.  On campus employment/student success center will now be located in Room 1403.  No room on 1st floor to make this more visible.  Transfer services on first floor.  Stop-gap measure until new student services building.  The employment piece is going to the One-stop. 

o        Is Dr. Wright seeking College Council support?  Agreement by Council to “support with reservations”.

o        Will have second reading?  Not scheduled.  Proposal will be taken to ASOC, Faculty Senate, CSEA, etc.

o        Creating nexus at dean level.  If support insufficient, will fill in behind it.

o        Is there a plan to build in review intervals to gauge workload?


  1. Strategic Planning / Role of Council  (This item being held over to next meeting (2/10/06).


  1. Spring Break / College Council Meeting (reschedule?)

·       Because the March 24 College Council meeting falls during Ohlone’s Spring break, it was agreed to reschedule the meeting on Friday, March 31.

  1. Communications from Audience and/or Council

·       Cheryl Lambert is the new CSEA Secretary (Linda Evers/CSEA President, Bobbie Jo Curtis/Vice President, Ed Lawrence/Treasurer).



Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.