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College Council Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2005 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Dennis Keller

Kathleen Johnson Walt Birkedahl

Wayne Takakuwa Claire Ellis (for Tom Holcomb this semester)

Linda Evers Richard Grotegut

Jim Wright Elizabeth Silva

Dave Schurtz Deanna Walston

Renee Wong-Gonzales (for Debbie Trigg)




Cheryl Lambert

Roxanna Guide

Ankita Shah (need replacement student rep)

Zane Gray




  1. Approval of Council Minutes (01/27/06)

Motion: Moved/Grotegut; Seconded/Takakuwa; Passed (with one abstention) to approve the
January 27, 2006 College Council minutes.

  1. Board of Trustees Update


·       Board self-evaluation completed and campus feedback seems to have been "taken to heart".

·       Each semester, one afternoon Board meeting will be held on campus so staff and students can attend. Mark your calendars to attend the 3/8/06 meeting @ 3:00 p.m. After meeting, the Board will take a walking tour to review campus, followed by a workshop re: Board goals.

·       This Spring, there will also be a workshop for Board on shared governance to include College Council, Faculty Senate, ASOC, etc. Will seek campus leaders input re workshop agenda.

·       Positive developments: Bob Brunton, Board president, is working w/Treadway re: agendas, w/pledge from Brunton to limit lengthy commentary during meetings. Attempting improvements.

·       Dan Archer's retirement was announced, effective with 2006 commencement in May. Pre-grad dinner will honor him. Ruthe Foster considering not running for office in Nov., 2006. Board will replace Dan June - Dec, and then that person (and/or others) will run for that seat in this Nov.'s election. Three other Board members up for reelection this year (Weed, McMillin, & Yee).

·       Brunton & Weed want to introduce change in the number of Board seats (reduce from 7 to 5) and change numbered seats. Will investigate w/Registrar.

·       If there were only 5 Board members, 2 or 3 people would have more impact/influence. It’s in our interest as a Council to stay informed and attend Board meetings.


·       Question: Is the League of Women Voters likely to become active if the seat reduction becomes reality? Response: It’s likely they will take high interest in this proposed change. The proposed reduction would include reduction of Newark seats from 2 to 1. May not get past board to voters.

·       Comment: District name had been changed to acknowledge Union City constituency. Mention of 4/Fremont & 1/Newark Board seats does not take Union City into account. Another proposal would be that all Board seats would be "at large".

·       Celebration planned to honor Dan Archer? Pre-grad dinner in his honor, plaque at commencement, campus-wide reception.



  1. Mission Statement Update


·       Treadway distributed mission statement revision proposal. WASC requires review of mission statement periodically. Three phrase revisions suggested to help meet accreditation standards.

·       Up to Council to determine if changes are appropriate. Asking to complete by end of semester.

·       How to proceed? Submit this as draft proposal to each shared governance group for review.

·       Comment: Our initial mission statement's prose is more "elegant". Feel free to “wordsmith”.

·       Take two weeks for Council to wordsmith and then provide proposal to shared governance constituencies. This effort meets the spirit of review. Place on agenda for Faculty Senate, CSEA, SIEU, ASOC, for review at level of "policy". By doing this, Ohlone is meeting a number of other accreditation standards.

·       This statement will eventually be submitted as recommendation to Board for approval.



  1. Construction Update


·       Deanna Walston provided the following construction-related updates:

Newark Campus

·       Curb & gutters are completed in area adjacent to the Agilent building. Asphalt is being put in next week, weather permitting. Last phase of bidding for the building package. March 2nd opening bids, which is significant as the cost of construction will be determined. Plan on awarding bids March 29. Steel is ordered, will arrive in June and building will begin in June.

Student Services Bldg.

·       Asbestos contract awarded for abatement in Building 7 (June). Staff will salvage equipment in advance. Working drawings to Board in April. Hope to have them back from State Architect in Nov., construction in Feb., completed in September.

·       Bldg. 7 will be torn down Jan '07 (holiday break). Timing contingent on bids, documents, etc. Summer enrollment targets key consideration with regard to timing of demo of Building 7.

·       Asbestos abatement question re: flooring material. Asbestos consultant will recommend process, and building will be sealed during asbestos removal.

Misc. Projects

·       Roofing projects at Fremont campus related to water intrusion. Sealing and caulking leaks.

·       ADA ramp projects ongoing. Handrail replacements, stair replacements, 150 doors being replaced (all by May).

·       Working with architect re conceptual plans for baseball, parking, facilities building. Estimates very high. May need to reconsider plans. Estimate ($12-15 million). Involved in early stages of negotiations w/Sobrato as potential frontage developer.

·       Later this month, first meeting with architects to develop color palates, which will be brought to Council & other groups. Hope to begin painting Fremont campus this summer.

·       Conducting classroom review, to incorporate some of Susan Frey's suggestions.

Construction Projects Questions/Comments


·       Question: Can we consider partnership w/Barnes & Noble for bookstore in frontage? Response: Has to be negotiated and carefully thought through with Unions. A possibility.

·       Building 1 beautification, water features, very nice change.

·       Question: ASOC project for quad.? Yes, ASOC is considering funding a project to have tables, seating area, umbrellas in quad.

·       Question: Building 7 name? Will the building name be transferred to another building? Also, memorial to student behind Building 7 (a tree?). Will have to relocate both.



  1. Chief of Campus Security Update


·       Board decision in early January not to renew contract for Chief of Campus Security. Consideration regarding how effective someone can be under those circumstances. VP Walston is coordinating transition with Ben Peralta. Direct calls to Campus Security as before (x6111). New security officer hired recently; will have better campus coverage. Presence and visibility is best deterrent.

·       Lengthy process for hiring security officers due to background check, psychological testing, lie detector, etc. Working with Ben to give message to staff to be more visible.

·       Board of Trustees wants us to review Security department and two Board members are forming a sub-committee to work with Treadway & Walston to consult with Fremont & Newark PD to possibly provide police function. Will be negotiated with unions. There will be public discussion on this topic and it will come to Council for consideration prior to decision, before Spring is over.

·       Question: Campus security / campus police – what’s the difference? Response: Ben is our only sworn police officer and, as such, he can make an arrest. Security officers are well trained, but only sworn officers can make arrests.

·       Question: Does Ohlone have "perfect world" number of security staff? Response: Will look to Fremont PD for guidance on this topic. Trying to determine campus needs & coverage is very difficult. Staff would like to have same schedule week to week, but flexibility is key since Ohlone has so many events. Union requirements to consider re: hours between shifts, etc. We do not have overall activities on campus coordinated, which is key to coverage.

·       Comment: Security will also be impacted by 16-week calendar. Hoping to have DataTel handle some of the scheduling challenges.


  1. Budget Planning Calendar (‘06/’07)


·       '06-'07 Budget Planning Calendar distributed detailing key activities to incorporate cross-campus planning. This is a more collaborative process when the district had more money. When budget is tight, no input solicited since no "soft money" to discuss. Budgets just "rolled over" year to year.

·       Please review roles and responsibilities described in handout. Many projects now crossing funds.

·       Survey being conducted for budgeting process. Will be sending survey to majority of campus to key in activities/processes and assess budget impacts. Looking for ideas and creativity.

·       Want to tie program review and budget recommendations with budget planning.

·       Budget managers must be involved in survey, due to Ed Code requirement for their participation. On-line survey will be distributed in next couple weeks.

·       Strategic plan / District budget model document distributed to show how money is being attached to various college goals. This handout shows all sources of funds (not just Fund 10).

·       Suggesting that a compilation of requests for funds and feedback to those who express needs. Create list so people are aware of where they stand and when they might expect funds.

·       Foundation to be addressing many of the capital needs.

·       Survey will be asking for how you can participate in budget process. What we think will work, suggestions, etc. to improve process.


·       WASC standards require linking budget with goals, so this document is on target. To meet strategic planning goals, how we use $35 million budget. Attempt to quantify learning communities’ faculty-staff time. WASC intent to show how decisions/money are being spent in relation to strategic plan.



  1. Enrollment Update


·       Assoc VP Travenick presented PowerPoint overview of enrollment (see link to document).

·       Fall / 172 late start sections; Spring / 435 late start.

·       Enrollment period not over. Yet.

·       As of today, we have reached 92% of target (down 244 for the year).

·       Target is attainable. We may need to take more of the summer numbers. With so many new late start classes, we can't know what the gain will be.

·       There's still a gap because we usually want to split summer numbers, and not "bank" all to meet any annual goal. Current strategy is not sustainable. This is an artificial situation of restoration.

·       Enrollment decrease in very specific areas (Computer Studies, PE, Music, Art, etc.). Trying to get solid re-growth via Title III, basic skills, retention, etc.

·       Send questions to Ron. Question regarding intersession.



  1. Credit by Examination (Late-add agenda item)


·       Wayne Takakuwa distributed document that deals w/procedure where students can get credit for courses by taking an exam or by taking “2+2” course. Old policy did not address new process and how music department wanted to credit students for performance skills.

·       Originally submitted as catalog revision, but this is actually a college regulation. Asking for approval from Council. Proposed changes distributed.

·       Motion to support? CAPAC & Faculty Senate purview.

·       Question: When someone tests out of a class, do they enroll and do we get FTES? No. This is a petition to get credit for work completed outside of college.

·       Encourage ROP and 2+2 students, to continue their programs here. Not an immediate gain, but a recruitment tool.

·       Understand that it’s helpful to have items like this in advance for review, but trying to get into catalog and deadline immediate.

·       Motion: Moved/Silva; Seconded/Gray; Passed to approve the revised Credit by Examination procedure.


  1. Council Schedule

·       Would like to adjust Council meeting schedule to 1st & 3rd weeks, so we can address upcoming Board agenda prior to Board meeting. More of a pro-active stance.

·       Meetings would be held on the Fridays before the Board meetings.

·       Suggestion that we consider afternoons instead of mornings. After some discussion, decided that we will bring topic back to next meeting.



Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.