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College Council Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2005                                                                                                                        ADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT:          Doug Treadway                    Dennis Keller

                                                Kathleen Johnson                 Walt Birkedahl

                                                Wayne Takakuwa                 Linda Evers

                                                Richard Grotegut                  Jim Wright

                                                Dave Schurtz                        Zane Gray

                                                Cheryl Lambert                     Renee Wong-Gonzales (for Debbie Trigg)

                                                Roxanna Guide                     Heta Desai (new ASOC rep)

                                                                                                Heidi Story (for Barbara Tull)


MEMBERS ABSENT:             Claire Ellis (sub for Tom Holcomb this semester)

                                                Elizabeth Silva

                                                Deanna Walston




  1. Approval of Council Minutes (02/10/06)

Motion:  Moved/Takakuwa; Seconded/Grotegut; Passed (with two abstentions) to approve the
February 10, 2006 College Council minutes.

  1. Facilities Planning & Process


·       Dr. Treadway distributed a one-page summary of Ohlone College Capital Projects” to orient everyone with regard to magnitude, complexity, inter-relationships re: construction projects district.

o        Bold text = source of funds

o        Underlined = projects

·       Bond measure (2002/03) $150M

·       Capital campaign = private fundraising from companies/individuals (Group 2 & Solar at Newark campus;

·       Building naming opportunities; Frontage development; Building 20 conversion to Ohlone museum)

·       Capital campaign = private funds; portion of his salary comes from gifts.

·       Frontage Development Bond; under negotiation.  Aiming for long term lease / negotiating with Sobrato.  Cash developer, can pre-pay part of lease for up-front expenses.  Being negotiated. 

·       Private developer:  Developer projects listed.  Not our facilities, but on Ohlone land.

·       Capital Leasing:

o        State Bonds: bonds passed for CA community colleges.  Governor's "mega bond" being considered.  CC system has mechanism to qualify for/compete for funds. 

o        We've been approved for water intrusion; fire/sprinklers ($1.6M)

o        Unmet needs detailed.  Proposed sale of land to meet needs, but Board declined.  Possible to go back to voters with another bond.  Campus will have ongoing needs.

o        Specific report on bond measure projects.  Comment: Projects underway. Major facelift of exterior/interior of Fremont campus in next year+.


·       Frontage Development process:

o        Need process for upgrading of classrooms in addition to CC.  Needs extend beyond funding available.  Need to prioritize.  Treadway will meet with every academic dept in every building to solicit feedback/needs assessment.  Rank and prioritize.  Council will need process to work feedback.

o        Frontage: decisions between private developer and campus especially re: parking & fields.  Land use plan/frontage, athletic fields as "buffer".  Zones, parking closer.  However, problems re: expense.  Building 10 relocation logical but may be cost prohibitive.  Planning process needs to take place in next month.  Concept that developer would finance (via bond) but also do construction of fields & parking lots.  The would also finance.

o        Parking structure can be "revenue project" that would stand alone.  Structure could be self-supporting. 

·       Vehicle fleet replacement - energy responsible vehicles via state grants, etc.

·       3DI study that went through each building/use as baseline to then update.

·       Council responsibility?  Council will help filter/prioritize.  Should we create some ad hoc facility planning group?  Governance structure?  Support for ad hoc option expressed, as opposed to Council reviewing all details.

·       May goal: all planning and prioritizing complete.

·       Draft district technology plan will also be coming to Council.

·       Consideration of 8th goal:  facilities focus with measurable outcomes/college wide.  Create 8th goal "To have integrated facilities plan that supports learning college concept".  Group that reports back to CC with college-wide perspective.

·       Goal 6 more of an environmental focus.  Goal 8 would concentrate on facilities to help support other goals.  Physical buildings.

·       Task Force for “Goal 8” – Proposed membership to include representatives from:

o        Faculty Senate

o        Dennis Keller

o        Dean

o        CSEA

o        Student


  1. Capital Projects Update

·       Original bond distributed by Simon Barros, in addition to Bond Report.

·       Comment:  Urgent needs for Science labs (safety issues, etc.).  Suggesting that funds ($1.3M) be earmarked for more urgent needs and State funds be used for any new Science center.

·       Smaller projects all within budget.

·       Newark center / construction bids 3/23/06.

·       Question:  Status of connecting bridge between Bldg 7 & 8?  Stairwell in Bldg 8 is going to stay.  Considering removing Bldg 6 stairwell.

·       Communication regarding access?  Reply: Will consider and report logistics.  Will bring suggestions to Council re: student access.  Will create temporary pathways, barricades, etc.  Asbestos abatement discussion.

·       "Closed" term indicated in report sometimes means "reassigned" (not finished).  Simon will update terminology.  Forward any additional questions to Simon Barros.

  1. Intersession

·       Faculty Senate approved academic calendar for next year with no intersession included.  4 weeks “open” in January.  Are there ways to have intercession activities without impacting facilities staff?  Need to consider increase in FTES (full time equivalent student).  Potential for ~450 FTES for successful intersession. On-line courses possible or short topic courses.  Offer as part of Spring schedule, but offer in January.

·       CSEA Comment:  Consider impact on staff.  Spring semester prep focus diminished if there is an intersession.  Managing lab set-up without a break leads to inability to take vacation (for example).  Response:  Practical realities about budget and schedule.  We're funded for certain amount of annual FTES which will temper schedule and scope of intersession.  Possibilities include classes not on campus (study abroad, on-line, etc.).


  1. Mission Statement Revision (held over to next meeting)

  2. Council Meeting Date/Time

·       Suggestion that we consider 2nd & 4th Mondays beginning in Fall 2006 (3:00 p.m. instead of morning?).  Will bring back to future Council meeting.

·       Clarification/confusion regarding remaining March meetings. 
Motion:  Moved/Evers; Seconded/Gray; Passed to hold the next March meeting on 3/31/06 instead of 3/17/06.

  1. Council Retreat timing

·       Annual retreat (day-long) to review progress, goals, etc.  Would it be more helpful to do that work at the end of Spring semester as we close out school year?  Retreat to serve as a wrap up.  Considering Friday after commencement which finishes Council year with seated members.  Include new Council members at retreat as "orientation".  Wrap-up to evaluate the year and then a Fall meeting to begin process.

·       Representative terms / check by-laws.  Confirmed:  terms begin August 1, end July 31.

·       Will bring back suggestions at next Council meeting.

·       New co-chair elected in April.  Heads-up/reminder.


  1. 8. Communications

·       SEIU: elections this month.  Representatives will change.



Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.