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College Council Meeting Minutes

March 31, 2005 ADOPTED



Walt Birkedahl Connie Teshara (for Kathleen Johnson)

Wayne Takakuwa Linda Evers

Richard Grotegut Jim Wright

Dave Schurtz Joanne Schultz (for Deanna Walston

Cheryl Lambert Debbie Trigg

Heta Desai Claire Ellis

Elizabeth Silva



Dennis Keller

Roxanna Guide

(Need SEIU Replacement for Zane Gray)




  1. Approval of Council Minutes (03/03/06)

·       Corrections noted: Heidi Story attended for Barbara Tull on 3/3 and Zane Gray listed twice.


Motion: Moved/Takakuwa; Passed (with one abstention) to approve the March 3, 2006 College Council minutes, as amended.

  1. General Fund Budget Report (2006-07)


·       Joanne Schultz distributed preliminary budget for 2006-07 and walked through handout. Additional comments included:

o        If 361 is not passed, we get no equalization. No one can predict equalization formula.

o        There will be a May revise. Through Prop 98, we have a guaranteed rebate and COLA may be higher. It appears that additional funding may be generated, but we don't know what form that will take.

o        This is a VERY preliminary budget. Initiative now targeted for 2008.

·       Revenue Sources document reviewed.

·       Expenditure Assumptions document reviewed.

o        We have two year contract with all unions which allows us to plan in advance with regard to major expenditures (salary, benefits).

o        Reserve Assumptions handout described.

o        Deanna might recommend that $500K reserve will assist with opening NWK campus.

o        Rainy day reserve question: did we take from it in the last 2-3 years? We have not had to use any. $800K intact, specifically earmarked to avoid layoffs. Put in place to allow District planning time when/if significant budget cuts occur.

o        Books are not closed yet for 3rd quarter, so there may still be adjustments. Unallocated fund balance of $1.1M. Estimating much more salary savings than on the table right now. May experience an additional $300K savings.

·       Question: What happens to interest earned? Response: Some funds cannot earn interest. For other funds, interest rolls back into that fund.

·       Accounting manages 34 different funds for the District.

·       Budget survey update: delays due to difficulties. Distributed the College Council question that will be included in the survey. Feedback to Joanne by Monday, please.


  1. IT Status Report / 150 Days

·       Ralph Kindred distributed a 150-day Technology Status report and walked through the document. Comments included:

o        Significant upgrade to DataTel (Release 18) pending

o        Budget, timing concerns discussed

o        WebAdvisor 3.0, new release. Current version no longer supported, as of today. WebAdvisor 3.0 must be implemented before DataTel Release 18.

o        Will work on shading of “bubble diagram” to indicate degree of completion, as suggested.

o        Challenges: staffing, morale, training

o        New view of IT: Not just service provider, let go of "utility model"; instead "partner" with the college. Les Headman announced as new IT Director.

·       Question: What is the difference between paperless and wireless? Response: Wireless allows laptop to connect (access related); paperless relates to output.


  1. Task Forces: Reports and Issues


·       Dr. Treadway mentioned that the following Task Forces have not yet presented to College Council:

o        Community Service

o        International

o        Environmental

·       The next three meetings will have one report each.

·       Suggesting a 1/2 day session of Council to look at Task Force results for the year in relation to strategic plan. Prepare for coming year; see if goals & strategies are on target.


  1. Council Retreat Date (out of order)


·       Suggestion for 1/2 day retreat the week following commencement, to include members who have served as well as new members to accommodate transition/overlap.

·       Take stock and introduce new members.


·       Week after commencement and 1/2 day in August?

Motion: Moved/Silva, Second/Takakuwa; Passed to hold two ˝ day College Council Retreats, one to be held the week after commencement and the second to be held in August. Dates to be announced.

  1. Mission Statement Revision

·       Have all of the groups reviewed suggestions for revised Mission Statement? No. Hold over until second meeting in April. Accreditation requirement that this statement is reviewed. Time for each group to review and provide input (Faculty Senate, ASOC, CSEA, SEIU).


  1. Council Co-chair Election in April

·       Discussion regarding the process of College Council co-chair election. Co-chair will come from existing Council and has to have served one year. Will take nominations from the floor at next meeting (4/14).

·       Review of the role & responsibilities of co-chair:

o        RunsCollege Council meetings

o        Assists President Treadway to develop agenda

o        Communicates with Council members

o        Represents Council at Board of Trustees meetings

o        Attends College Leaders' monthly meeting


  1. Proposal to Add 8th Goal

·       Dr. Wright discussed background to describe need, given the amount of facilities development and improvement connected to Bond Measure. Use current task force model to bring "facilities" into strategic plan.

·       Choices:

o        1) hold over to strategic planning retreat

o        2) begin crafting new goal



·       Need separate group (new Task Force?) to help with facilities: making decisions, prioritizing, disseminating information.

·       Jim, Deanna & Doug will work together to craft goal 8 statement. Will bring to next Council meeting.

·       Biggest issues the district faces are facilities related. Suggestion that Council make this their #1 priority, and maybe not create a separate "task force". Focus and make strong statement that this is part of strategic plan and Council is strategic planning committee.

·       Will continue to explore options. Several dimensions to consider.


  1. Communications/Announcements:

·       Earth Day announcement (4/21 from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.) Office of Instruction has posted a web page including information, list of crew leaders, work zones, etc. Monday & Tuesday having organization sessions to provide info.

·       ASOC comments that it would be great to clean inside the classrooms too.

·       H/R is requesting an ADA door to their office. Facilities responded that the request will be evaluated.

·       Learning College Task Force went to center for teaching & learning innovations @ Stanford. Stanford wants to have follow-up workshop with Ohlone (4/28 from 10-12). Idea sharing session. Ohlone considered as pilot study, no cost.



Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.