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College Council Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2006 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Jim Wright

Kathleen Johnson Debbie Trigg

Wayne Takakuwa Claire Ellis (for Tom Holcomb this semester)

Richard Grotegut Cheryl Lambert

Elizabeth Silva Simon Barros (for Deanna Walston)

Dave Schurtz Barbara Tull

Roxanna Guide



Walt Birkedahl

Dennis Keller

Heta Desai

Need SEIU replacement for Zane Gray




  1. Approval of Council Minutes (03/31/06)

·       Correction to draft minutes: Roxanna Guide listed as both present and absent. Noted that Roxanna Guide was absent. Also, a note should be added that an SEIU replacement for Zane Gray is needed.

Motion: Moved/Tucker; Passedto approve March 31, 2006 College Council minutes, as amended.

  1. Election of Council Co-Chair


·       Proposal to amend College Council by-laws distributed for review, as follows:

à     Article 4(d) would be amended to read: A person must be currently serving, or have served on the College Council, to be nominated as Co-Chair.
Note: This would eliminate the one year requirement in current by-laws

à     Article 4(a. iii) would be added: In order to preserve maximum participation and representation at Board of Trustees meetings and other shared governance activities the College Council Co-Chair should not serve, simultaneously, as the Chair or President of any other shared governance group (inc. Faculty Senate, or any negotiating units).

·       Discussion followed re: co-chair service and development of leadership

·       Process question regarding passing amendments without prior reading. Article 9 of Council by-laws states “These by-laws can be amended with a 2/3 vote of the members present if notice has been given during the prior meeting. Otherwise, it requires a majority of the entire Council membership to amend any by-law”.

·       Motion: Moved/Grotegut; Second/Ellis; Failed to approve proposed by-laws amendments.

·       Comment: No objection to proposed amendments, but best practice not to make changes without prior reading.


  1. Goal 8 Proposal

·       Simon Barros distributed draft language for proposed new goal (#8).

·       Introduced as first reading. Suggestions made. Distinguishing between existing task force and new goal. Question: Will Council serve as the committee to address this new goal?

·       Working on global schedule with regard to all campus development projects.

·       Suggesting revision of Goal 6 and Goal 2 so they don't overlap with new goal. More efficient. Maybe not include mention of LearningCollege in new goal, since we have facilities to serve many purposes?

·       Wayne and Richard volunteered to work with Simon, Jim, & Deanna to revise wording. Sub-group will also address and review goals 2 & 6 and facilities components. Not specific to LearningCollege purpose.

·       Need clarification of Environment & Facilities Task Force. Confirmed that the task force is not currently active.


  1. International Education / Multicultural Task Force Update

·       The Task Force has had two meetings this semester.

·       Issues that the Task Force have discussed:

o        The role of the Task Force—to set the agenda for the future

o        The issue of budget—how last year’s budget was spent and whether we need to have some funds to work with this year and the coming year.

o        The services that will be needed for a possible growing number of International students.

o        Questions regarding TB/health screenings for International students (Sally Bratton will come to our next Task Force meeting.

·       Reports the Task Force has received include:

o        An update on the ASOC trip to China.

o        An update from the Study Abroad committee about the semester abroad in Sydney, Australia for Fall, 2006. (Presently 13 students are signed up to go and there will be another recruiting meeting on April 19th.)

o        An update from Mikelyn Stacey on her familiarization trip to Sydney sponsored by the travel contractor, CAPA. Mikelyn toured the campus site and was able to see where faculty and students will be housed.

o        Update from the Study Abroad committee about a possible January study tour to India. Kay and the travel contractor are discussing the details of the India proposal.

·       Doug Treadway and Ron Travenick report that they are working on a job description for someone to coordinate the International Student office. Int’l Student office will be “clearing house”, gathering info regarding activities related to Goal #1.

·       Kay Harrison & Alison Hill are task force co-chairs.

·       Question: Is there a minimum number of students needed for Australia? Response: 20 ideal, but it’s hard to specify hard number. Sponsor? CAPA. We contract with group to help make arrangements: travel, home stays, non-Ohlone portion of trip. First time going to Australia; programs gain momentum by going and serve as promotion for future group(s).

  1. Director of Int'l Programs & Services: Job Description


·       Proposed job description distributed by Ron Travenick for Council review.

·       Commitment to this program and services as part of our district’s strategic plan.

·       Coordinate program and services to build upon current offerings. To make international student presence a goal requires marketing, recruitment, etc. to grow that population.

·       Current enrollment of international students = 65

·       Projected? Could double easily. Must address housing issues.

·       Non-resident tuition = ~$180 = ~$450K/year which goes into supporting general fund. Have developed financial model to use additional funding, as a result of this program, will be used to fund this position (beyond baseline). Program will be self-supporting. Projected increases are conservative for 3 year plan. Includes funds for position and $25K for recruitment. Position will be conduit to International Task Force.

·       For Ohlone's size and type of district, we have a very small international enrollment. To be "on par" we would be in the 200-300 range (5-6% of our full-time enrollment) as a goal. DeVry has 100 residence hall rooms available. We need this position to start increasing the program.

·       Question: Claire Ellis has 15 deaf international students who have tried contacting Alison Hill, but she has not been around for a week. Who do I send these people to? Alison not available enough. Response: They can still contact Alison until full-time staff person hired.

·       Suggestion that immigration services qualifications be moved to minimum qualifications. Do we want to rule out someone who doesn't have this experience? Some faculty or counselor candidates may not have this specific background. Do we want to rule them out?


  1. Board Policy Amendments: (Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics (first reading)

·       Will defer this topic to the next Council meeting since Board wants to refine further from their first reading. This topic will be postponed/rescheduled.

·       Comment: Code of Ethics being reviewed at state/national level. Some Board members resisting this, giving the appearance that they don't want to be accountable. Some instances where Board member promoting their own business. Example cited of Board President Brunton marketing his business at recent China delegation “roundtable” forum. Question: What is motivation for being Board member?

·       Council’s role to raise awareness & communicate to Board that we should have high ethical standards. Board behavior has consequences for the College (enrollment, donations, capital campaign). Since the Board is ultimately in charge of our budget, they should be above reproach.

·       Question: Regarding Dave Smith, as Mayor of Newark and Executive Director of Ohlone College / is it clear “which hat he is wearing”? Perception among some staff and community members that this dual role requires a delicate balance to avoid any perception of impropriety. Response: The conflict of interest standard is "personal financial gain". No conflict – if something for the Newark Center involves a contract with a company in Newark, Mr. Smith would abstain.


  1. ASOC Project Update


·       Ken Stedman / ASOC co-chair of "Project Quad" committee. Decided on thick durable plastic coating over wire mesh frame chairs/tables. ASOC granted $15K request out of ASOC reserves which will allow purchase of ~15 tables, benches, and umbrellas to be placed around quad. Met with Purchasing to discuss moving forward. Choices have to be made (shapes, types of umbrellas, fabrics, etc.). Pilot program, and hoping for more funding to enhance student experience on campus.

·       Unity week showed that many students don't spend time on campus. Trying to make more "student friendly" campus for students to hang out.

·       Question: How does this project fit in with Main Street concept, painting, colors, etc.? Working with Ron Travenick and architects regarding colors. Question: Is placement permanent? No, prefer to keep them mobile. When? Hoping to take delivery before the end of the term: 2-4 weeks for tables; 4-6 weeks for umbrellas.


  1. Council Schedule

·       Council retreat dates agreed: May 31 and August 24 (1/2 days / morning / location tbd).

·       Council summer schedule: 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. the days when Board meets (6/14, 7/12, & 8/9)


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.