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College Council Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2006                                                                                                    ADOPTED (as amended*)



MEMBERS PRESENT:          Doug Treadway                    Jim Wright

                                                Kathleen Johnson                 Dennis Keller

                                                Wayne Takakuwa                 Claire Ellis (for Tom Holcomb this semester)

                                                Richard Grotegut                  Cheryl Lambert

                                                Elizabeth Silva                      Deanna Walston

                                                Dave Schurtz                        Walt Birkedahl


MEMBERS ABSENT:             Debbie Trigg

                                                Roxanna Guide

                                                Heta Desai

                                                Linda Evers

                                                Barbara Tull

                                                Need SEIU replacement for Zane Gray




  1. Approval of Council Minutes (04/14/06)

·       Motion:  Moved/Takakuwa; Second/Grotegut; Passedto approve April 14, 2006 College Council minutes, as amended.


  1. Legislative Updates


·       Dr. Treadway provided the following legislative updates:

·       We are tracking SB361 which proposes a new financing model for community colleges. Still in committee.  Waiting for May budget revise, when the Governor adjusts preliminary budget to final based on projected revenues to be available for the coming year.  From all reports, income to the State of California is much higher than expected in January.  Does not necessarily translate into more money for community colleges.  More fiscal conservatives will say that we should pay for some of the debt and not spend money on programs.  Rising gas prices will have great impact on later CA economy.  Compromise reached re: equalization.  Our share is about $600K in base budget, which will be added (not included in our preliminary budget).  New way of financing proposed, for example, if we have 1,000 FTE we will receive $1M funding when the Newark campus opens.

·       Another bill in assembly could change the way community colleges are financed re: nursing.  This approach would fund programs rather than enrollment.  If that trend continues, it would be very useful for our nursing program.  The current bill would provide additional funds per student (not program related, at this point).

·       Question: Are you saying that we receive $1M if we have 1,000 FTE at Newark?  Response:  It's part of the proposed bill, which has received approval from Dept of Finance.  As of October, 2008, our census would show 1K FTES.  If less than 1K, we receive $500K.

·       Bill has to go to the "floor" and be voted on, but it looks favorable at this point.


  1. Election of Council Co-Chair

·       Vote on amendments first?  Since amendments were discussed last week, vote first.
Proposal to amend two College Council by-laws, revised as follows:

à     Article 4(d):  A person must be currently serving, or have served on the College Council, to be nominated as Co-Chair.

à     Article 4(a. iii):  In order to preserve maximum participation and representation at Board of Trustees meetings, and other shared governance activities the College Council Co-Chair should shall not serve, simultaneously, as the Chair or President of any other shared governance group (inc. Faculty Senate, or any negotiating unit.


·       Motion:  Moved/Silva; Second/Johnson; Passed to approve proposed by-laws amendments, as modified during the meeting and edited above.


·       At the next meeting another proposal will be presented regarding term start and end dates for College Council members.  Discussion followed regarding overlap between new and old members to maintain an even flow of business and style.  The Council retreat is an obvious time for both groups to be in attendance, which means we need to adjust start and end dates for overlap.  Dennis will craft proposed amendment to consider at following May meeting.  Intent to have new members begin in summer so they have "good running start' in Fall.

·       Election of Co-chair

o        Richard Grotegut nominated Elizabeth Silva to serve as College Council Co-Chair.

o        Elizabeth Silva approved by unanimous vote.


  1. NewarkCenter Update

·      Work has begun again at the Newark site, since rains have finally stopped.  Working with architects regarding design changes proposed in April retreats.  More bids coming in and will be awarding remaining bids June 14.

·      Question: are we still on track regarding opening at Newark?  Working with construction managers to evaluate strategies to mitigate delay.


  1. Evolution of Task Forces

·      At Council retreat, will review task forces and their work this year.  Question had been raised if model would be sustained.  Review will be a little more intensive.  Continuing with strategic planning and, now, implementation.  Facilities, equipment, etc., never an intention that the task forces would be involved in the operating detail of implementation.  Need careful transition from strategic plan to implementation and decision making process.  Task forces have served well and been the tool we needed to move toward implementation.  Possible "morphing" into standing committees, different structure.  Council will continue with ongoing strategic planning to address the needs of the district.  Assisted with input from Faculty Senate, ASOC, etc., Council will work with constituencies directly.

·      Taking reports from Task Forces and administrative staff on each of the goals for annual report and state of the college address in the fall.

·      Have to be ready as a Council to address shifting structure of the governance of the College.  Inform appointing groups and keep them updated.  Task forces are appointed by the Council, as Council bodies.  Need task forces/governance clarification.

·      Comment: Have you had meetings with task force co-chairs?  Will co-chairs be providing their input regarding transitions?  Yes, their suggestions will be brought to the retreat.


  1. College Relations Administrative Procedure

·      Procedure developed three years ago, to bring college communications and marketing consistency of language, graphics, visual images.  At the same time, not intended to be stifling.  Clear, but flexibility, to maintain consistency of advertising, etc.

·      Come back to next meeting (5/12).


  1. Retreat Agenda/suggestions


·      Task Force Evolution

·      Facilities/Prioritization of projects – List of criteria might be helpful to use for Fremont Campus.  Asked Board to weigh items / 10 most important to address; 1 least important.  Board struggled but did assign importance.  Heallth & safety, enrollment (10s, for example).  We will take criteria and apply to various projects and implementation, to be discussed at retreat.

·      Topic: Review work of the year.  Council will need to appoint group to dig into detail and report back re: criteria.  Shared governance prioritaztion process.  More needs than we have money for.  Decisions need to be made.

·      Council members should send any additional retreat topic suggestions to Sarah Zentner.


  1. Date/Time of Council / Fall Schedule


·      Discussion of considerations for date/time.

·      Week of Board meetings, before Wednesday meeting.  Board agenda comes out the preceding Friday, Council can address agenda topics with timely input.

·      Monday afternoon?  2nd & 4th?  Agreed to 2nd & 4th weeks of the month.  Will come back with this topic next week to establish the time.


  1. Communications:

·      Wright: Thank you for Earth Day.  Rain, but still great turn out in support of Goal 6.  Campus seemed cleaner this year -- much less picked up.  Impact.

·      Wright: Comment re: Board meeting.  Reminded Council of the original RFP process, possible sale of Parcel C.  Bids were received.  Board voted 4/2 to support sale being part of the mix, but majority did not rule.  We face the reality of facilities shortfalls ($250M of need and $205M funds available).  $45M gap.  At the last Board meeting, the Board indicated that way to close gap is to close programs, instead of looking at assets we have that could address deficit.  Looking at our strategic plan and needs, we need to be aware of attitudes held by the Board and decisions being made.

·      Keller: Board keeps asking the college to consider rating programs, obsession that we should be taking programs and services and evaluating them as a way to "lower costs".

·      Comment: It’s important to name names so that community knows who we should be supporting on the Board and who we should not.  John Weed recommends review of programs.  Bill McMillin and Bob Brunton voted against sale of surplus land.

·      Comment: Important to remember that we need Board to support current development deal and if provoked, they could feel in a corner and balk at any development.

·      Question:  8th goal and revision to mission statement?  Jim & Deanna have not met, intend to bring to retreat.  Mission statement will be discussed at next meeting (5/12)

·      Dennis Keller expressed his appreciation of Council, and stated he has thoroughly enjoyed being co-chair.  Admires Council’s patience, tenacity, graciousness.  Council looking & feeling like a more mature model of shared governance.  Important for organizations to have change of leadership and input from new voices.


·      Question: Co-Chair Transition?  Dennis & Elizabeth will meet regularly; Elizabeth, Barbara, Dennis, and Doug will have lunch to discuss shared governance.  Will introduce Elizabeth to Board in late May.

·      Silva Comment:  Will benefit from example of teamwork between Dennis & Doug.  Elizabeth wants to facilitate process and represent Council accurately.


  1. Council Schedule

·       Council retreat dates:  May 31 and August 24 (9:00 – 1:00 p.m.* / Wente Vineyards, Livermore).

·       Council summer schedule:  3:00 – 4:30 p.m. the days when Board meets (6/14, 7/12, & 8/9)


Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.