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College Council Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2006 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Sheldon Helms

Elizabeth Silva Cheryl Lambert

Deanna Walston Joanne Schultz

Leta Stagnaro Susan Myers

Jim Wright Jill Rojas

Dave Schurtz Tim Roberts

Isidore Niyongabo



Tom Holcomb

Linda Evers

Carrie Dameron

Need one ASOC rep




  1. Approval of Council Minutes (08/09/06)

Motion: Moved/Stagnaro; Seconded/Schurtz; Passed with one amendment on Page 3 to read “Discussion again re: Parcel C that could be sold for an estimated $30 million” to approve the August 9, 2006 College Council minutes.

Approval of Council Minutes (09/11/06)

Motion: Moved/Myers; Seconded/Stagnaro; Passed with attendance corrections noted, to approve the September 11, 2006 College Council minutes.

NOTE: Brief discussion regarding informal Council “forum” held on Tuesday, September 19. Although there is no need to record that a meeting took place if there was no official agenda or action taken, it may be in the best of interest of keeping the college informed, to state here that an informal "open forum" took place on Tuesday, 9/19.



  1. Construction Update

1) hire construction management firm

2) pre-construction activities during Fall

3) bid basic general contract after the first of the year, 2007

4) general contractor would begin the day after graduation (to demo Bldg 7)

5) asbestos abatement a couple months before (interior work)

6) take advantage of Spring break and most of noisiest work will be done on weekends

7) will buy time so we'll know what bid #s are before tearing down Bldg 7

8) if bid awarded in Feb, allows contractor to order steel, etc.



  1. WASC Accreditation / Self-Study Process


o        Components of the 2006-07 OhloneCollege Self-Study

o        ACCJC/WASC Accreditation Self Study

o        - "Telling the Ohlone Stories"


  1. Task Force / Committee Structure Update


  1. Enrollment Update


  1. Board of Trustees: Agenda for 9/27 Meeting / Council Response to Board of Trustees President


Note: Dr. Treadway left the meeting during this discussion (and was not present at informal Council meeting on Tuesday, 9/19/06).




Adjourned: 4:35 p.m.









  1. IT Update re: New Classrooms

·       Estimated delivery & installation the week of August 25th

·       Identical rooms, but flexibility re: configuration.

·       Being called "Experimental Classrooms"

·       Question: When will wireless be broader? Working with local vendor who is donating wireless network for all of upper campus, and installation in progress.


·       iTunes/Apple updates:

·       Project team in place led by Richard Grotegut and Lesley Buehler. Apple IT helping establish infrastructure. Sheduled to be up and running 8/15. Training workshop 8/15. iTunes U / Pilot team initially; spring broader. Workshop open to all faculty. Trying to do multiple sessions due to popular demand.

·       Infrastructure available 8/15 (confirmed), same day as training.

·       All Macs that we ordered are here, being prepped for installation. Purchase or lease. New technology for our desktop support staff; training provided, but pressure being felt in department. Working on support for IT team re: deployment issues. 1402, 1406, 115, 116 HH, 2205 (one other) multi-media rooms.

·       Long-term investments – will address "kinks" as they come up. Contact Ralph Kindred with concerns so he can address and support IT staff. Keep perspective.



  1. Council Retreat Planning


  1. 16-week Calendar Review


  1. Board Agenda Review





·       Proposed change regarding master plan / Council would not want this to stop the process

·       Staff recommendations of $25M and how it would be spent / Council agrees this makes sense and is congruent with previous priorities


1) Support suggested revisions to master plan including:

·       Leaving maintenance bldg.

·       Renovation of existing soccer field

·       Making certain parking lot available to Sobrato to develop instead

2) Support document reflecting staff recommendations for how the$25 of potential pre-paid rent would be spent


Additional comments:


  1. Plan for Future Council Mtg @ Newark Campus (postponed)


  1. Communications / Announcements



·       Next Council Meetings:

o        Fall Schedule: beginning in September, College Council will meet on 2nd/4th Monday afternoons (3:00 – 4:30 p.m. in Video Conference Room); 9/11, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, etc.



Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.