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College Council Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2006 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Sheldon Helms

Elizabeth Silva Cheryl Lambert

Deanna Walston Joanne Schultz

Leta Stagnaro Susan Myers

Jim Wright Jill Rojas

Dave Schurtz Tim Roberts

Isidore Niyongabo Tom Holcomb



Linda Evers

Carrie Dameron

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  1. Approval of Council Minutes (09/25/06)

Motion: Moved/Schultz; Seconded/Lambert; Passed to approve the September 25, 2006 College Council minutes.

  1. Sustainability Program Development


·         Position Announcement distributed for “Coordinator of College Sustainability” (draft)

·         Idea is to find a real "go getter" to assist with task force that will also be established. This is open to any full time employee. 50% assignment. Hoping to announce via e-mail tomorrow.

·         Question: 50%, does that mean it's exchangeable with someone’s duties as an adjunct or any other position? Yes

·         Time limit or “term” for the position? Open ended, at this time. Could evolve into a full-time position, so not setting any constraints until the program is up and running.

·         President Treadway attended national meeting with ~15 other college presidents, part of new organization / association for sustainability in higher education. Hoping to have 1,000 colleges participating a year from now in US, Canada, Mexico to pledge to reduce campus emissions by 15%. Based on Kiyoto agreement, but not that detailed. Doug representing Community Colleges in this organization. Will bring statement to College Council for endorsement. Point is to have institutions step forward into sustainable practices.

·         Health care facilities also moving in this direction. Hospitals of the future; 40 new facilities will have sustainability features.

·         Other Bay Area Community Colleges participating? Treadway: at CCIE conference (Community Colleges for Int’l Education) this past week, contacted 6 other CC presidents (West Valley, LA City, etc.), seeking leadership for sustainable practices.



  1. Plan for CC Meeting @ Newark Campus


·         Idea of meeting in Newark before rainy/dark season, to experience Newark campus.

·         Council tour of new campus; then hold meeting at SillimanCenter.

·         Agreed on October 23rd @ NWK.


  1. Dialogue on Accreditation Theme: Institutional Commitments


·         Jim Wright's blogspot is accreditationdialogue.blogspot.com and lists accreditation standards

·         Teams will come to Council meetings and interact with Council to report what they're doing related to each standard. Council will review and dialogue re: accreditation themes.

·         Specific themes: (refer to blog for details).

·         Jim then requested and recorded Council comments regarding Ohlone's “commitment to student learning”.


  1. Board of Trustees: Agenda & Discussion of 10/11 meeting





Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.


·       Next Council Meetings:

o        10/23 / Newark Campus site & SillimanCenter

o        11/13 / Video Conference Room

o        11/27 / Video Conference Room

o        12/11 / Video Conference Room