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College Council Meeting Minutes

October 23, 2006 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Sheldon Helms

Elizabeth Silva Cheryl Lambert

Deanna Walston Joanne Schultz

Leta Stagnaro Susan Myers

Jill Rojas Carrie Dameron

Dave Schurtz Tim Roberts

Isidore Niyongabo Tom Holcomb

Jimmy Dempsey



Linda Evers

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  1. Approval of Council Minutes (10/09/06)

Motion: Moved/Schultz; Seconded/Stagnaro; Passed to approve the October 9, 2006 College Council minutes.

  1. Mission Statement: Board of Trustees’ Feedback


·         At the last Board meeting, the Board made two suggestions with regard to the Mission Statement:

o        Retain the piece about serving the community. Specifically, begin Mission Statement with the existing language “The mission of OhloneCollege is to serve the community by offering…”

o        Delete the term “basic skills”. State uses the term remedial, but Weed feels it's someone else's mission to provide basic skills. In response to Mr. Weed’s suggestion, the Council had the following comments regarding basic skills:

§         Rough figures can be provided for the number of students who test into basic skills. At this time, majority of high school students take some basic skills courses in English.

§         State-wide Faculty Senate is conducting "best practices" review of basic skills in the state. $30M will be awarded to schools who demonstrate best practices.

§         Also, Ohlone just received a grant for "basic skills".

§         Concern that Board would want to take basic skills out of our mission, one of our major services.


Motion: Moved/Helms; Seconded/Myers; Passed to change the wording of the Mission Statement to include service to the community and to reject the deletion of “basic skills”.


Ohlone’s Mission Statement, as amended and if approved by the Board, would now read:

The mission of Ohlone College is to serve the community by offering instruction for basic skills, career entry, university transfer, economic development, and personal enrichment for all who can benefit from our instruction in an environment where student learning success is highly valued, supported, and continually assessed.


  1. Newark Planning


·         Experimental Rooms DVD shown re: culture being created for NewarkCenter

·         Presentation for capital campaign to demonstrate benefits of "campus of the future".

·         Layout of campus distributed & described (based on tour we just took).

·         Confident that campus will be ready to open in January '08.

·         Total of 600 parking spaces, mostly in back, w/guest and handicapped in front.

·         Question: Maintenance staff for Newark campus? Being discussed. Maintenance space was part of the cutbacks during downsizing of the building.

·         Question: Will there be IT support on site? Yes. Will have personnel at Newark and some services will be provided remotely. Leveraging technology to provide appropriate levels of support.

·         Retreat coming up to explore scope of services for Science, Nursing, and LearningResourceCenter.

·         Center planned for wireless infrastructure, anticipating faculty & students to accommodate programs. Secure places for testing, environmental, and other considerations.

·         Awarding audio/visual bid for building this week. Working on block schedule format for classes and by end of this semester should have general idea.

·         Will Newark be a charter school? Working on a grant right now -- "Career Advancement" grant, moving into charter format. Dr. Treadway is meeting w/Secretary of Education and Vice Chancellors tomorrow. Charter would be very helpful in how our apportionment rather than program support as measures of learning outcomes. Charter would provide block funding for block schedules to remove some constraints.

·         Marketing pieces distributed: brochure on solar energy and “Teaching Green California”.


  1. Discussion re: Committee & Task Force Appointments


·         Faculty appointments are made by Faculty Senate and questions have been coming in. Task Forces do not exist anymore, per se, but may continue to function in some form.

·         Senate working on an updated list indicating which faculty are working on what committees. Senate can provide Council with faculty participation on committees.

·         Dr. Treadway’s 2006-07 Committee Structure document discussed.

·         Perhaps create a chart with 1-2 sentence description, chair, meeting dates, websites, etc.

·         Faculty Senate will send e-mail to request faculty activity and compile summary.

·         Comment: Some committees seem to lack direction; lack of leadership. Perhaps establish goals and then measure progress. Myers comment: Charges/goals might not come from Faculty Senate. If committees struggling, Senate could discuss goals and consider how to assist (perhaps Council could also help).

·         Question: Will there be any source of funding for work groups or committees? Not as a general statement, but each area has a budget and committees are advisory to each area that could be approached. In practice there will be funds, but not as "seed money".

·         Composition of work groups vs committees? Shared governance model? Those who might want to volunteer may not have release time, especially classified staff. Should those leading committees try to recruit members? Sending out a list of available committees would help keep interested people informed of opportunities.

·         Frustration example: Safety committee hears about issues but feel there's nothing they can do to fix issues. Response: Has not been funding model in the past. Need process to integrate budget planning with committee outcomes.

·         Chair of committee needs to make funding needs known to College Council and/or Senate. In certain situations, it does help motivation of committee to have funding.

·         Need to tie into annual budget process. We do have one-time money this year and capital allowances which could be available. Safety committee, for example, could prioritize needs and present to Council/Deanna.

·         Jim, Leta, Susan, Dave, Ralph will serve as sub-committee regarding consideration of process for prioritizing one-time money.


  1. Communications:


·         Next World Forum 11/13 (Global Perspective on the Darfur Region of Sudan). Also being recorded for Itunes.

·         Nursing students participating in a community event / “Senior Shots” through partnership with WashingtonHospital.




Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


·       Next Council Meetings (3:00 – 4:30 p.m.):

o        11/13 / Video Conference Room (cancelled)

o        11/27 / Video Conference Room

o        12/11 / Video Conference Room