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College Council Meeting Minutes

November 27, 2006                                                                                                               ADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT:          Doug Treadway                    Sheldon Helms

                                                Elizabeth Silva                      Cheryl Lambert

                                                Deanna Walston                   Joanne Schultz

                                                Leta Stagnaro                       Susan Myers

                                                  Jill Rojas                                Carrie Dameron

                                                Dave Schurtz                        Tim Roberts

                                                Isidore Niyongabo                 Tom Holcomb

                                                Alex Hilke                               Jim Wright


MEMBERS ABSENT:             Linda Evers

                                                Jimmy Dempsey




  1. Approval of Council Minutes (10/23/06)

Motion:  Moved/Schultz; Seconded/Schurtz; Passed to approve the October 23, 2006 College Council minutes.

  1. Dialogue on Accreditation Theme:  Planning, Evaluation, and Improvement


·         Reminder that during August Council retreat, we went over accreditation standards.  Review of formal accreditation standards w/teams for each.  Creating responses in the coming months.  WASC emphasizing six themes they would like colleges to address throughout the standards.

·         Will collect "Ohlone stories" to demonstrate values, goals and standards. 

·         "Evaluation, Planning, and Improvement".  Various teams will bring reports to Council.  WASC wants Ohlone to show how the work we do folds into cycles of planning and evaluation.

·         As strategic planning & budget committee, Council will consider answers to certain questions.  Dr. Wright reviewed planning cycle questions via projector.

·         Dr. Wright has been sending out questions in advance, but not receiving responses on-line.  Dialogue seems richer when people dialogue during the meeting and there is enough time.  For this kind of dialogue, blog isn't proving effective.

·         Team work will be more specific.  Don't be discouraged at this point.  Not knowing what our role is makes input difficult this early and self-study intended as a learning process.

·         Student comment:  Engagement for remedial education and addressing challenges high school students face when entering community college.  Partnerships between faculty at high schools, CSUEB, Ohlone, to develop programs to assist.  Each system has its own rules & procedures.  Students go from one institution to another.  Orchestrate challenge to raise high school standards to meet needs of diverse student body.  Response:  Will assess areas for improvement, create action plan(s) to fill gaps.  Could become new goal in strategic plan.

·         Special education students 3-4 years behind regular class work.  Take basic skills at high school and have to take them over again at Ohlone.

·         Work with learning communities would be great Ohlone "story".


  1. Report from "One-Time Money" sub-committee.  "Working document" distributed and reviewed.


Program Improvement Initiative @ $200K

LearningCollege Model Initiative @ $40K

Environmental & Sustainability Initiative @ $30K

International Education Initiative @ $30K

Capital Needs @ $200K

Custodial Position @ 30K

1) Get info out to program review

2) Get sense of needs, by department



Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.


·       Next Council Meeting (3:00 – 4:30 p.m.):

o        12/11 / Video Conference Room