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College Council Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2006                                                                                                               ADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT:          Doug Treadway                    Elizabeth Silva

                                                Deanna Walston                   Joanne Schultz

                                                Leta Stagnaro                       Susan Myers

                                                  Jill Rojas                                Carrie Dameron

                                                Isidore Niyongabo                 Tom Holcomb

                                                Jim Wright                             Cheryl Lambert

                                                Linda Evers                           Kurt Nordquist (for Jimmy Dempsey)

                                                Tim Roberts


MEMBERS ABSENT:             Dave Schurtz

                                                Alex Hilke

                                                Sheldon Helms




  1. Approval of Council Minutes (11/27/06): 

Minutes not available.  Review/approval postponed until next meeting


  1. Round-table Reports from Council Constituent Groups



o        Formation of new sub-committee for Curriculum comm.  Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment (plus creating position for same).  Working w/faculty to prioritize.  Senate & deans will prioritize potential full-time positions and make recommendations to President re: hiring.

-          January / Chris Warden & Susan Myers participating in conference re: faculty role in accreditation (state senate level).

-          Updating by-laws.

-          Faculty Senate looking for additional senators.

o        Request re: task forces.  Since under purview of CC, Faculty Senate would like clarification of task forces status.  Committees continuing under some other form, but task forces are "done" (?).

o        Wright: College leaders met & established framework of committees (distinguished from work groups), proposed structure.  Was that coming back to college council?

o        Draft doc of committee structure at 10/23 meeting, noted as draft.

o        List of shared governance committees and laundry list of "work groups".  Maybe send that document as part of an announcement?

o        Would be prudent to have document come from President & Council clarifying.  Structure of task forces has ended. 




o        1409 will be A/V conference room (podcast capable, etc.).

o        Open house on 1/25, Thursday b4 fixed flex.





·         Question:  $500K surplus, further discussion?

·         Process?  Will review at CC retreat as connected with process and connecting $ to program review. Deans have been informed and ideas need not wait to be submitted.  Timeline can be determined at retreat.

·         E-mail to deans explaining '05-'06 program review with funding in mind.  One-time money and 20 programs reviewed last year ($200K available).

·         Deans could present proposal for consideration by Council.  Instructional programs AND services.  Will meet with Deans on Wednesday to discuss proposal.


  1. Council Schedule:


·         Proposal to schedule 2007 College Council meetings to coincide with Board of Trustees’ meetings.  Since some months begin on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, it can throw off coordination if Council always wants to meet on the Monday before each Board meeting.


Motion:  Moved/Dameron; Seconded/Lambert; Passed with one “no” vote (Roberts) and one “abstain” (Holcomb) to adopt a 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. meeting time each Monday preceding each Board of Trustees meeting.

  1. StudentHealthCenter Update:  Sally Bratton:

·         American Health Assessment survey via web will be conducted in March.

·         Purpose to find out general health of campus.  Will compare data with eight other community colleges.  Survey on general health. 

·         Will be valuable for accreditation, grants, financial aid, etc. 


  1. Reorganization Proposal


·         Dr. Treadway distributed Questions/concerns?

·         Silva: Entrepreneurial programs?  Will stay under Leta's leadership. Effective as stated in document.

·         Tom: 1) VP and Assoc VP; how different?  Scope is main difference right now. 

·         Dean level, has this been discussed at dean level and how much?  Discussed with each dean individually and will be brought to deans meeting this week.

·         Library people thrilled with reinstatement of dean position.  Is that to be librarian who is in that position or looking for someone who is more of an expert in technology?  Need degree in library science, but need someone who is technologically capable as well.

·         Dean for Science, Engineering, and Math.

·         Full-time faculty at Newark will report to one of two deans at Newark.

·         Beginning to discuss support models at Newark.  For faculty and support staff there will be more generalists.  Less specialists, and will work with deans as we begin to review budget and staffing.  Newark needs autonomy and still maintain involvement in curriculum committee, etc.

·         Each area will need to define technical support requirements.

·         Holcomb:  5 deans under Jim?  Seven.  Six deans that run academic programs.  Currently 5.

·         Sustainability Coordinator?  George will be based in Newark, one year / 50%.  What happens in 2008 remains open.  Environmental studies curriculum will be at Newark

·         Leadership Team? 

·         Community support staff defined.  3 VPs and 2 Assoc VP

·         Timeline for implementation?  Opportunity for others to provide input?  Role of groups to provide document to constituent groups and report back.

·         Scope of technology extends beyond computer technology.  Center for Health Sciences and Technology.  Multiple people with "technology" in their titles.  Might that be confusing?  Technology is not a discipline, like learning is not a discipline.  We could say:

o        Technology studies

o        Instructional technology

o        Information technology


·         Community services: Sharlene (health & wellness focus) working as a team with Leta to serve community.  Community education vs community services defined.

·         Trying to pave the way to open and operate the new Newark center. 

·         Introduction of new Board Committees to better engage with campus on broader topics.  Second meeting of the month would be committee meetings for an hour, then workshop format for second hour to report back and discuss. 

·         Reminder of circle, instead of chart.  Positions, activities, goals, projects are inter-related.  How we operate better reflected in circle of leadership.


  1. Board of Trustees Agenda (12/13/06 Meeting):

·         Lease update -- negotiation not coming together with Sobrato.  Process has already taken 12 months.  We're on the edge of "having to do something different".  Met with Sobrato today, "fish or cut bait".  Variables:

·         Disappointed that we can't do a broader scale, but won't be disappointed if we can accomplish something smaller scale.  Need to make a decision.  $75K in fees and 12 months later...  Need closure and get a deal.

·         A firm has indicated interest in giving us a proposal for a land exchange. 

·         For everything except real estate purchases and leases, it's simple majority vote of the Board to pass.  On real estate decisions, it takes 2/3 of full membership (5 votes).  Even though majority feels one way, minority rules.

  1. Communications and/or Announcements

·         Suggestion:  New directors, managers come to Council and introduce themselves (Eddie West, Steve Osawa, etc.)


ADJOURNED: 5:00 p.m.