Video Conference Room / Fremont Campus

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College Council Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2007                                                                                                                     ADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT:          Doug Treadway                    Sheldon Helms

                                                Cheryl Lambert                     Linda Evers

                                                Deanna Walston                   Joanne Schultz

                                                Susan Myers                         Kurt Nordquist (for Jimmy Dempsey)

                                                  Jill Rojas                                Isidore Niyongabo

                                                Dave Schurtz                        Tim Roberts


MEMBERS ABSENT:             Elizabeth Silva

                                                  Carrie Dameron

                                                Tom Holcomb

                                                Alex Hilke

                                                Leta Stagnaro

                                                Jim Wright




1.      Capital Campaign Update: Dave Smith


·         Valley Foundation “matching grant” $2.5million for equipping and furnishing Newark campus. Grant requirements detailed in contract.  Need to raise equal amount.  Match is cash for cash or equipment donation(s).  Wayne & Gladys Valley Foundation, based in Oakland, one of the original owners of the Raiders.  Owned business in Fremont, "legacy grant".  First proposal submitted in July, site visit in October, decision 12/22/06.  Team effort.  Needed to provide background and tell Ohlone story to...  Now work begins to raise the matching funds.  Snapshot of process.

·         NWK campus features summarized in brochure (distributed), tri-fold brochures re: solar energy, "teaching green California", "College of the Future" DVD, "Classroom of the Future" re: experimental classrooms DVD.

·         Webcam, Newark banners on website.

·         Brochure "Circles of Leadership" as vehicle to allow for various levels of contributions to Newark project.  Quiet phase of capital campaign at this point.  Once ~1/2 of funds raised, campaign will become more public.

·         Matching funds question: Does it matter which category individuals want to contribute to?  Does not seem so, as long as it's for "the project".  Four categories constitute the project and the Valley Foundation wants the money spent in certain ways.


2.      One-Time Funds Process


3.      Board of Trustees’ Meeting (1/10/07).


·         Ethics Policy/Procedure draft distributed.  Will go to Board 1/10/07 including enforcement procedure included in policy.  Out of 73 community college districts state-wide only one has enforcement procedure.  Used West Valley-Mission's as template; once approved this document will be distributed state-wide.  We will offer model for acceptance since it is required by WASC.

·         Violations:  #2 / action could be taken.  Underlined portions are new.  #12 last sentence "

·         No surprises rule – internal people know what's going on before something goes to the public.

·         Changes are a combination of WestValley's input and responses to Board disruption this past fall.  Board sub-committee worked on draft in cooperation with Dr. Treadway.  Likely to be adopted at this Wednesday’s Board meeting.

·         LOI update:  Closed but not open session.  Keeps slipping away to get kind of agreement structure that meets everyone's interests.  Not so straightforward.  San Jose Evergreen has been negotiating over 3 years with Sobrato.  60 year relationship and for-profit group makes for complications.  Details/themes:

·         In negotiations, seemed like first scenario was the way to go.  In more detailed negotiations, that scenario less attractive than second.  Considered a grant from their foundation, no longer a consideration.  Now discussing a different term of rent.  Board will discuss proposal in final stage.  If it's a "no",

·         Frontage property “crescent” put in surplus, including maintenance building & soccer.  Awareness of need for funds to keep existing buildings in good repair, as well as new buildings.  Maybe we should hang onto maintenance bldgs and soccer field at this time.

·         Board will look at going with LOI w/Sobrato.  Sobrato requires 400 housing units.

·         College process of re-examining surplus property

·         If Board unwilling, Ohlone will begin talking to a couple other developers.  Should we have more modest program and get that done?  Come back later and not strive for so much income?  More conservative approach?  Possible proposal on land exchange for Parcel C / land and cash.

·         Both parties have tried for past year but, candidly, we're just too small to maintain Sobrato’s interest.  If we don't do the deal, they won't care.  Need to be prepared for a "Plan B".

·         Good news is that the market continues to be strong for this type of property.  Community need remains.  Proposal remains open.

·         Will present to Board Sobrato's final proposal/best offer.  Hope for consensus from the Board since future votes will require support.

·         Student Services Building / Any roadblocks?  Board will be awarding two bids on 2/28: demolition of Building 7 and construction bid.  Both bids at same meeting so we know we can award construction bid before agreeing to demo Building 7.  Will know in February Council meetings how bids are looking.  Construction escalations have eased recently.


4.      Announcements:

·         Reorganization proposal is being costed out; more expensive than Treadway had first thought.  Caveat, it may not all be done immediately and/or adjusted accordingly.  Will take care of current programs and staff first and add additional staff later.  Prioritization will need to take place and will be determined.  Had general cost ideas, but not full accounting.  Evaluate need and then determine what can be done.  Need to know what will be phased in when, since '07-'08 budget needs to reflect structure.

·         CSEA elections:  Linda Evers President / Bobbie Jo Vice President


ADJOURNED: 4:00 p.m.