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College Council Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2007 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Sheldon Helms

Cheryl Lambert Tom Holcomb

Deanna Walston Joanne Schultz

Susan Myers Kurt Nordquist (for Jimmy Dempsey)

Jill Rojas Leta Stagnaro

Carrie Dameron Jim Wright

Dave Schurtz Tim Roberts


MEMBERS ABSENT: Elizabeth Silva

Isidore Niyongabo

Linda Evers

Jimmy Dempsey

Need additional ASOC rep




1.      College Council Co-Chair Update


         Elizabeth Silva has ongoing medical challenges and pending retirement. Seeking replacement co-chair for the duration of her term. Tom Holcomb nominated to serve as co-chair.


Motion: Moved/Schultz; Seconded/Stagnaro; Passed to approve Tom Holcomb as co-chair of College Council until the next co-chair is elected (election in April, 2007 / term of office begins in June, 2007).


2.      Accreditation Update

         Council serving as Accreditation steering committee. Will be requesting three/four additional Council meetings this Spring. Review of various websites Dr. Wright has created in support of the accreditation process.

         Learning & Assessment Teams to come to extra Council meetings to present reports.


3.      Board of Trustees Agenda

         Frontage Development:

o        Workshop held to review activites to date. Administration asking Board for clear definition of how funds will be used. Board has to become more specific and ratify what they've been saying.

o        Call for proposals went out, different amounts of money represented in the proposals. What mix does Board want and what intangible benefits would be realized (aka banquet hall, Whole Foods, etc.)? Weigh relative values of projects. Most debated question will be student housing/low income housing. Would be most readily approved by the City. Another proposal for senior housing, assisted living. Working with developers who propose same age groups re: housing but different approach. Apartment houses with limited % set aside for low income and not "dorm" arrangement. Need to consider surrounding community. Senior housing option 55+ active adult population, who would likely be more involved with campus activities. Mixed-market & age specific. Work with Board to come up with consensus (bookstore, fitness center, market, cafes, etc.).

o        Need to then have appraisal for various pieces of projects agreed so we can begin negotiations (again).

o        Property exchange still possible; proposal being submitted. Capital projects list being provided to Board as reminder of our needs (~$128M).

o        Will hold forum for staff, students, faculty with proposal once agreed by Board.

         Administrative reorganization:

o        Faculty Senate discussed, came to Council. Revising some items since budget does not support certain suggested changes. Similar plan now proposed, but fine tuned to reflect what we can afford. Subject to ratification by Faculty Senate at their next meeting.


4.      Second Quarter Financials

         Joanne Schultz distributed and reviewed summary report for second quarter financials 2006-07.


5.      One Time Funds Process

         Request for Funding form presented for input and/or approval.

         Question: CC approved proposal to allocate certain $$ for each of these purposes. Council will review program review proposals to determine "who gets what".

         Forms come to Council to present, and Council to approve or revise plans. (and meet program objectives).

         Budget will not be disbursed until Council approves plan.


6.      College Council Spring Topics & Presentations

o        Frontage Development Forum

o        Construction considerations connected to Student Services Bldg.

o        Review of budgets

o        Sign off of revised strategic plan (Sarah to collate and submit at future meeting)

o        Schedule of classes at NWK

o        First year technology recommendations

o        Environmental committee briefing


7.      Announcements:

         World Forum / Thursday 2/22. Topic: Individual Liberties

         Thanks to Tom Holcomb for being willing to step in as co-chair of Council.



ADJOURNED: 4:25 p.m.