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College Council Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2007                                                                                                                 UNADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT:          Doug Treadway                    Tom Holcomb

                                                Deanna Walston                   Stewart[S1]  Dawson (for Jimmy Dempsey)

                                                Susan Myers                         Leta Stagnaro

                                                  Carrie Dameron                    Jim Wright

                                                  Dave Schurtz                        Tim Roberts

                                                  Sheldon Helms                     Elizabeth Silva

                                                                                                Tauheed Safi


MEMBERS ABSENT:             Cheryl Lambert

                                                Jill Rojas

                                                  Isidore Niyongabo

                                                Linda Evers

                                                Joanne Schultz





1.      Approval of Minutes (2/12/07)


Motion:  Moved/Tim RobertsTim; Seconded/Dave Schurtz; Passed (with one abstention) to approve the 02/12/07 College Council minutes.



2.      Co-chair transition / communication

·         Council members should use eE-mail access & video-phone service to contact Tom Holcomb (new Co-chair) directly:  866-327-8877 (ask for 510-659-6083).  Through 866# an interpreter is ready, on standby, and will listen to your message and sign directly to Tom.  Tom pPrefers e-mail as primary way of communicating, but use phone if you need to contact more immediately.

·         Ground rules established since Tom is deafcan't hear.  One person speaking at a time, raise your hand, wait for interpreter to finish interpreting

·         Elizabeth has offered to step down as co-chair, but Faculty Senate has requested that she remain as Council member for duration of semester.


3.      Environment Committee Briefing

·          Agenda item pPostponed



4.  Newark Block Scheduling

Mikelyn Stacey:

·         Aannounced that NWK would be trying block scheduling. 

·         Questions/comments ensued.  Some faculty requested that Sheldon bring questions to Council. Bradshaw/Oppenheim met with Dr. Treadway recently.  


·         Questions remain:

·Perry Gallagher / e-mail read;

·         Cynthia Katona / e-mail read

·         What is block scheduling? Is it voluntary?


Stagnaro response:


·         Block scheduling now in existence in Nursing.  Not the intent to have a set structure.  Nothing set yet.  Dialogue ongoing.


·         Working with basic skills students, primarily.  Limited with classroom space.  Support for programs at Newark, connection for students we're not able to service right now.


·         Defined:  Block scheduling format creates environment with one class right after the other.


·         Opportunity to experiment. 



Planning assumptions:


·         Focused, more career oriented campus. Structure learning time.  Classroom practice and work practice.  Efficiency.

·         Simulate work environment in college.  Attendance not optional, soft skills.

·         Experimentation

·         Students in blocks, faculty in 15 hour workload but coming in and out of block.


·         Defined: 10 classrooms, open in blocks of time, not hour by hour.  Cohorts might use blocks, or pairs of cohorts, convenience for student - MWF full-time courses but faculty paired with cohorts, with some stand-alone.  Designed like nursing, physical therapy cohort.  Maybe cohort of basic skills.


·         3 rooms that can act as stand-alone rooms or expand to one large classroom.  Flexibility.  Classes close together, lot of interaction with faculty/students. 


·          Bradshaw e-mail (get from Sheldon):


·         Academic freedom, fear of change.  Faculty voice important re: vision & support.  Communication at this point mostly administrative, but seeking faculty input.

·         Create blog or wicki for comments re: Newark planning.

·         Keep conversation about teaching/learning as a District.  Broader innovation.  Title III very involved.


·         Connection between block scheduling and funding income / charter schools?  Response: Could enhance funding.

·         Potential audience/students who failed at traditional high schools or unemployed.  Aware of block scheduling at high schools (Kennedy) and how that's working?  College Connection program. 


·         Important to remember the spirit of a learning college that transcends the "nuts and bolts".


5. Board of Trustees Update


·         Dan Archer retiring.  Last meeting 2/28. 


·         60-day period in which the Board will appoint a replacement who will serve until November, 2008 (next election).


·         Bids open for Student Services Building, within bond budget, as well as demolition of Building

During Spring Break, preparation will begin for demolition of Building 7.  Some challenges for getting around, but relief that bids within budget.


·         Board discussion regarding ethics policy, passed with second reading.


·         Frontage discussion, review.  No consensus may ever have.  With only six Board members for the next two months, not sure what will move forward.  Need five affirmative votes.  Major disappointment, Board did not have consensus regarding land exchange for Parcel C.  Did not accept Sobrato's offer to buy Parcel C ($30M), but gave direction for Administration to negotiate land swap for AgilenAjulent Building, but then declined.  One Board member saying "no million dollar homes" on Parcel C.



·          Sobrato, did not come to adequate agreement.  The wanted more risk than we can take, as a public agency.  They also changed mind regarding $20M pre-paid to build athletic fields, changed to $5M pre-paid only.  No guaranteed rate.  We veered off to "Ohlone Team", broker who envisions fixed rates on different development pieces (Whole Foods, apartments, bookstore, fitness store, etc.) would have different yield.  Negotiate to set expectation when we go for bids.


·          What looms as biggest issue of the moment is study received in late 2004 of conditions of the athletic fields at Ohlone.  Very poor condition, poor drainage, safety issues, playability on natural sod (vs artificial turf).  Really in a difficult situation to confirm with league standards.  Fields won't get better without several millions of dollars investment.  Without land exchange and cash, we have a problem.



·          Dutras have reiterated interest in buying smaller parcel, Parcel A, which would take care of athletic fields.  Need community to come forward since Board not offering alternatives.  Will be some pushback.  Council may want to weigh in.  Board's responsibility to offer alternatives.


·         Need college community to speak up.  Administration has exhausted solutions.



·         Board has not voted on Parcel C, just said they would not.  Strategically, do we wait to vote when there are seven members again?  Spend the next two months building momentum.


·         March 14 Board meeting is at 3:00 in the Jackson Theater.



·         Board evasive regarding how they would handle Ohlone's financial situation. 


·         Future agenda item for Council discussion. 



·         Athletes will plan to attend future Board meetings.

·         Board voted 4-2 in favor of frontage development -- majority, but not enough to pass.  Minority has responsibility to provide alternate plan.

·         Board tour of fields before afternoon meeting in March, include athletes and athletic trainer describing risk of injury.

·         Open college meeting.



6.  Accreditation Update


·March 14 Board meeting / Council rep in  (

·         Leta will substitute it at board meeting).

·         One-time funds request form went out to Deans for distribution to faculty who had completed Program Review 2005-06.

·         Voting on March 12 to review proposals

·         Dr. Wright / Self-study Steering Committee webpage.  Meeting with Learning & Assessment co-chairs.  Creating inventory of self-studies that have been recently approved.  Creating Ohlone Stories to augment standards to show integration between standards, themes, values, and goals.  Examples on website.  Learning process about how to work collaboratively in teams.












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