Video Conference Room / Fremont Campus

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College Council Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2007                                                                                                                           ADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT:          Doug Treadway                    Elizabeth Silva

                                                Cheryl Lambert                     Tim Roberts

                                                Deanna Walston                   Joanne Schultz

                                                Susan Myers                         Jill Rojas         

                                                Leta Stagnaro                       Sheldon Helms

                                                Jim Wright                             Tom Holcomb

                                                Tauheed Safi


MEMBERS ABSENT:             Linda Evers

                                                Jimmy Dempsey

                                                Carrie Dameron

                                                Dave Schurtz




  1. Finalize Requests for One-Time Funding


·         All proposals reviewed at last meeting, Tom Holcomb recommending approval.  Leta developing spreadsheet detailing individual/department requests.  Summary:


Funding Proposals:


·     $200K total; if anyone goes over budget, need to find funding elsewhere.


·     Motion:  Moved/Leta Stagnaro; Seconded/Joanne Schultz; Passed with one abstention to approve list as provided, with modification for allotted $200K

·     Four other categories already approved allotment:

o        ITC purchased furniture and upgraded room

o        Int'l Program & Services / $30K

o         Capital funds / $200K / will be reviewed at President's staff meeting tomorrow

·     Process moving forward with all requests for one-time funds.

·     Funds will wind up in "Fund 12" and will roll over into next fiscal year.  Leta will send updated summary to Council and will notify Deans in departments where program review requests were funded.

·     Appreciation expressed to President for making funds available for innovative proposals. 


3.   Status of Task Forces, Committees, and Work Groups


Treadway summary:

·     Task force idea transformed into standing committees to implement strategic plan.  Each emmanated from predecessors (Task Forces).  Committees in place, but no official communication back to Council that they were approved.  Need to update Website to reflect current committees. 

·     Council does not have role in appointing members; we are budget committee and strategic planning committee.  Council will have sub-groups that take on specific tasks and then dissolve.  President's Office responsibility to confirm committee list and chairs of committees.


4.  Board Agenda Update (4/11 meeting)


·     Board will discuss frontage property options and likely form small "task force" to move forward.


5.  Organization Update (President’s Office):

·     Dave Smith

·     Parice Birkedahl

·     Sarah Zentner


·     4-5 classified staff working with "Advancement Team"

·     Patrice and staff to move to Building 27.

·     New tasks complement current PR work.

·     Official press releases & statements

·     Additional Board meeting, special meeting to interview and appoint new Trustee to complete Dan Archer's term. Open meeting, 6:30


6.  Faculty Senate: Reorganization Discussion:


Senate had points of feedback -

·     Under proposal, a couple positions were faculty/managerial positions as interim solution rather than hiring administrator.  Senate feels that faculty position should be restored and return to the department from which it came once a full-time administrator hired.  Senate wants to maintain that faculty position.

·     Confirming how much Senate values Marlena, feel that position so vital to curriculum and feel that this position should be under an academic dean or vice president.

·     President acknowlged and accepted both Senate points.  With last item just described regarding president's office, reorganization proposal concluded and will be voted on by Board at Wednesday's meeting.


6.  Council Retreat Planning:

·     Council as budget committee / will be more of a challenge this year than it has been in the past.  Budget unstable.  State budget goes through cycles.  When there are bad years, legislature has wiggle room to drop funding / enrollment driven budget that determines the "pot".  Analysts now saying that sales taxes are coming in lower, unemployment going up...  Anticipating that when Governor revises budget in May, may be lower than projected.  Challenges loom.  Council will be challenged.  Budget rolls over, primarily, and only ~5-7% is "discretionary".  A very personnel driven business. 

·     Council will have to make decisions regarding relative priorities.  Some savings from this fiscal year.  May have to have hiring freeze and cause any position that needs to be filled be approved by President's office.  All managers will be tasked to find 5% savings in materials and services.

·     New campus will also need to be supported, and it costs more than the $1M the State provides to support a new facility.

·     We have $800K reserve to protect against layoffs, but if severe situation presents itself

·     District poised to "buy a year" to recover from any serious blow.  We're almost certainly approaching a "dip cycle".  Council to help guide those decisions.

·     Date for retreat?  Friday after Graduation (5/25) agreed as Council retreat date.  9:00 - 2:00 / lunch @ Palmdale Estates’ Best House

·     Friday 5/18 – Last accreditation meeting

·     Monday, 5/21 - Tentative budget topic will be brought to Council

·     Strategic planning integration with budget

·     May 7th to elect next co-chair

·     Bring list of previous members to next meeting.

·     Tom will contact CSEA/SEIU regarding appointments for next year(s).

·     ASOC will communicate updates to ASOC President.


7.  Communications and/or Announcements:


·         ASOC Question:  What do people think about more sports at Ohlone?  Football?  Wrestling, Men's Volleyball, Cheerleading?  ASOC planning to investigate obstacles.  Student interest and asking for Council feedback.  Response:  Some cost and challenges involved (insurance, equipment, coast conference competition, practice time & locations).  Plusses to adding athletic teams, viable vision. 

·         Determine what sports students want. 

·         Board members also inquiring.  Going into budget cycle to consider cutting what we have -- how do we entertain adding new?  How are new programs proposed?

·         Question:  Will there be an appointment from Newark Center for Council, or from current membership?  Retreat topic.

·         Could Faculty Senate and/or CSEA consider it a priority to have representation from Newark?  All Units have multiple seats; will work with College Leadership to accomplish.