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College Council Meeting Minutes

April 23, 2007 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Sheldon Helms

Cheryl Lambert Tom Holcomb

Deanna Walston Joanne Schultz

Susan Myers Jimmy Dempsey

Jill Rojas Leta Stagnaro

Carrie Dameron Jim Wright

Dave Schurtz Tim Roberts



Elizabeth Silva

Linda Evers

(Need additional student representative)




1.      College Council Meeting Minutes


MOTION: Moved/Myers; Seconded/Roberts; Passed with one abstention to approve the 2/26/07 College Council minutes.

MOTION: Moved/Lambert; Seconded/Stagnaro; Passed to approve the 3/12/07 College Council minutes.

MOTION: Moved/Schultz; Seconded/Lambert; Passed to approve the 4/9/07 College Council minutes.


·         Dr. Treadway reminded the group the College Council is a Brown Act body and that only those items placed on the agenda can be discussed at any given meeting.


2.      Council Retreat Planning

Retreat options discussed:

·         Day after commencement? Response: pressure with day-after-graduation "clean up" of issues. Finals still on Friday, given compressed calendar.

·         Possible to consider other dates less stressful for college community?

·         Fall retreat = Flex week before semester begins

·         Why not Spring retreat = Flex week before semester begins? Yes.

·         Necessary to have overlap between old and new members? Usually only a few shifting out. Agreed that there is probably no need for formal "passing of the torch".


3.      College Council By-Laws Amendments Proposal


Current: A person must be currently serving, or have served on the College Council, to be

nominated as Co-Chair. (Amended 04/28/06)


Proposed: To be nominated as Co-Chair, a person must have served at least one year on College Council and be appointed to serve for the year in which they are nominated.


Current: The Co-Chair is elected in April, and the term of office begins in June.


Proposed: At the first meeting of College Council for the new academic year, the Council members who will be serving in that year will elect a Co-Chair from amongst their




Proposed: Two day-long Council retreats will be held each year. One will be held in the Fall on the Wednesday before Fixed Flex and the other will be held in Spring, on the Wednesday before Fixed Flex.


MOTION: Moved/Schultz; Seconded/Roberts; Passed to amend the College Council by-laws as documented above.


4.      One-time Funding / Capital Planning Requests


5.      Budget Assumptions


6.      Campus Media Policy & Procedure (1st Reading)



7.      Board Agenda Update:



8.      Announcements:

·         No Council retreat on the day after graduation (that day too hectic – and revised Council by-laws indicate Council will now hold retreats on Wednesdays prior to each Fixed Flex / Spring and Fall).

·         May 21 meeting reinstated; consider extending to 3:00 – 5:00 or even 6:00, if agenda is long. If we go until 6:00, dinner will be provided.






ADJOURNED: 4:35 p.m.