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College Council Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2007 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Sheldon Helms

Cheryl Lambert Tom Holcomb

Deanna Walston Joanne Schultz

Susan Myers Elizabeth Silva

Jill Rojas Leta Stagnaro

Carrie Dameron Jim Wright

Tim Roberts



Linda Evers

Jimmy Dempsey

Dave Schurtz

(Need additional student representative)





1.      College Council Meeting Minutes


MOTION: Moved/Myers; Seconded/Lambert; Passed with one abstention to approve the 4/23/07 College Council minutes.


2.      Governor’s “May Revise” Budget

·         Deanna Walston provided two handouts (“State Budget Update” and “California Community Colleges May Revise”).

·         Deanna reports that there is good news / bad news

·         Some additional one-time money for equipment & facilities configuration; $50M for grants for nursing

·         COLA 4.53%

·         Revise proposes $80M base reduction to community college system as a whole. Anticipated we will not earn enrollment & restoration funding, system wide. Some speculation that this is in response for initiative on upcoming February ballot. Community College initiative based on this end-of-year funding, going forward. Concern that if all colleges in the system grew to growth allowance, could be slight deficit in system.

·         State budget update provided by CCLC details Chancellor's office proposal.

·         Still much to be seen in terms of legislative process. State budget will be adopted in ~September. Still discussion within legislative analyst’s office that tax revenue came in a little higher than anticipated, speculation -- is this higher amount due to economic growth or capital gains?

·         Question: How does this news impact the flexible hiring freeze? Response: Still considerable gap between funding and deficit in budget. Still ~$1M short. Council will review budget by object code, not by department. According to categories, what we will reduce will be determined. Will review previous years' budgets as well to identify trends.

·         Positions that might be frozen? Response: Two issues / balancing ongoing revenue versus expense, and 50% law. At this point, we do not believe we will meet the 50% law for the next year. We are adding significant funding for Newark center and almost all new positions there are on the "wrong side" of the 50%.

·         Will be discussed further at President's staff meeting tomorrow. Will try to resolve as soon as possible. Will review list of factors and prioritize.

·         Question: Transition plan for Deanna leaving and new VP? Mike Calegari will be here on Tuesday, spending time with Deanna and others that day? Start date for Mr. Calegari is June 1.


3.      Third Quarter Financial Report

·         Joanne Schultz distributed and reviewed a document that will be presented at this Wednesday's Board meeting (“Acceptance of the 3rd Quarter 2006-07 Financial Report and Bond Report and Acceptance of Related Budget Changes”).

·         Enrollment made up of three components: Fall, Spring, Summer. Last year, in "restoration", Ohlone moved all of summer into next fiscal year due to decline in enrollment. If you don't "restore" in the next fiscal year, you lose from your base. Took the following summer as well. Now that we're in 10% growth, we're using some of that growth to "pay back" and have a "net increase" of 2-3%.

·         Significant growth in Fall and Spring, but we were in significant decline a year ago. Ohlone in rare position of growth, which is unusual state-wide.

·         On the whole, revenue looking quite good. Interest almost double what District anticipated.

·         Expenditure positions have been analyzed by each department for '07-'08. Extensive analysis of benefits and programs will be negotiated.

·         OSHA expenditure for clean-up, training, and penalties following pickrick acid incident.

·         Net reduction to energy costs for the first time in five years: solar panels on swimming pools and 16-week calendar most significant impact. Will have an exact number when expense trends are reviewed.

·         Rainy day reserve intact at this point.

·         $1M unallocated.

·         3rd Quarter Bond report included which shows cumulative expenditures for entire bond program: Newark Center, Student Services Bldg., etc.

·         Question: Fee increase for health services? Chancellor's office considers what amount can be increased, system-wide. Amount of increase is $1. Financial Aid students don't get waivers any longer. Financial Aid awards increased instead, so fee is paid by Pell Grant or other funding.



4.      College Council By-Laws Amendments Proposal


College Council reviewed the language of Council By-Laws Article 3 (a)[v] to add an additional Vice President. Upon review, it was noticed that the other VPs titles as listed are outdated. Modified version to read:


Article 3. Membership


a) Membership of the Ohlone College Council includes 15 voting and 4 ex-officio members.

Composition of the Council is as follows:


v) Four ex-officio (non-voting) members:


a) College President/District Superintendent


b) Vice President for Academic Affairs/Deputy Superintendent


c) Vice President for Administrative Services


d) Vice President for Student Development


MOTION: Moved/Myers; Seconded/Lambert; Passed to approve the revised College Council By-Laws as reflected above.


5.      Co-Chair for Summer


6.      Campus Media Policy & Administrative Procedure (2nd Reading)


Moved/Helms; Seconded/Rojas; Passed to approve Campus Media Policy and Administrative Procedure as amended by Faculty Senate.


7.      Board Agenda Update: 5/23 Meeting

·         Capital Projects priorities going for approval (Council presented recommendations to Board almost a year ago).

·         Rescinding contract for State service for college outsourced server.

o        Keeping our own server and will need to invest further into equipment/infrastructure.

o        Question: What was the issue with State service? Response: Sacramento team did not identify project lead, we did not have confidence they could deliver consistent service to meet Ohlone needs. Very entrenched bureaucracy. Ralph Kindred will be providing update to the Board and document supporting decision is posted with Board agenda.

o        Question: Are we working to get server & personnel for R-18 of DataTel? Yes. There will be additional costs. Board did previously approve $1M equipment cost for IT which will be used towards this effort. Contractor will also be hired.

o        We could contract with the State sometime in the future.

·         Foothill/DeAnza asking our Board to endorse movement for "open educational resources" to move textbooks to the web. Add topic to next Council agenda for discussion. Public domain material and how it might be able to be used in classes in lieu of textbooks.

·         Question: Is this being introduced as an option students could use? Response: The faculty would have to implement and promote.

·         Student experience of reading a book on a computer can be quite different. Need to consider.


8.      Accreditation Self-study / Standard III-D

Joanne Schultz presented.


9.      Communications and/or Announcements from Audience or Council








ADJOURNED: 4:40 p.m.