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College Council Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2007 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Mike Calegari

Dave Schurtz Jim Wright

Joanne Schultz Tim Roberts

Jill Rojas Leta Stagnaro

Ron Travenick


MEMBERS ABSENT: Sheldon Helms Carrie Dameron

Dennis Keller Cheryl Lambert

Stephanie Ramos Susan Myers

Linda Evers Jimmy Dempsey

(Need additional student reps)




1.      College Council Meeting Minutes



2.      Tentative Budget Presentation

·         Joanne Schultz presented a PowerPoint presentation for 2007-08 Tentative Budget and Analysis of Expenses.

·         Audit Update Highlights:

·         New auditors / Perry Smith

·         Initial focus on internal controls / processes and sharing suggestions. This is "interim audit work" where to test internal controls. Tests from apportionments through deposits, tracing activities, approvals, etc.

·         Summary session will be held on Thursday, June 14. Financial audit will follow in Fall.

3.      College Advancement Team Update

·         Newly formed College Advancement Team headed by Dave Smith & Patrice Birkedahl (Executive Director of Foundation & Director of College Advancement, respectively). Functions of the College Advancement Team (CAT) include Foundation activities, capital campaign, Webmaster, grants, and college relations / marketing (partial list).

·         Foundation Board Retreat is being held next week. Foundation Board (29 members) reconfirms desire to be more included and more informed about developments at the College. They are also seeking a specific definition of the Foundation’s purpose.

·         Next couple of years, Foundation Board will increase involvement with capital campaign. Board to be involved in fundraising, community outreach.

·         Potential donors seem to share love of Ohlone and we have a great story to tell. Now, it's a matter of timing.

·         DC visitors from Washington DC’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) coming to view Newark Campus and feature us in EPA newsletter. Earmark funding request now going through Congress. Asked for $1.7M dollars, but don't know what we may get. Last year, queued up for $250K, but no one received funding. We have received outstanding support from local legislators & agencies.

·         Treadway was one of 60 College Presidents signing President's Climate Commitment in DC recently (Higher Ed meeting with climate focus and commitment). Senator Carey attended for ~90 minutes to hear what colleges are doing.


4.      Board Agenda Review

·         President's Evaluation & Contract review. Board receiving communications from campus community encouraging extension of President's contract. Definitely retiring. Provision available for retired presidents to provide interim service and Treadway will tell Board that he is willing to do that to assist with transition which would delay search for 6-9 months. Not a change in contract, but added service while in retirement as an option. Hinges on when Board wants to search for next President. Closed session item.

·         Faculty comment: Faculty appreciate Treadway's being willing to stay an additional six months and encourage Council to make a statement of support at tonight's Board meeting.

·         Draft lease/bid and source of revenue for parking structure(s), solar "farm"/energy generation on campus, and Western Baseball League discussion for consideration tonight. Is Board willing to give Dr. Treadway direction to pursue these development opportunities? Independent companies will profit for certain period of time and then Ohlone would assume management. Private sector opportunities.

·         Bond attorney says that there "probably” is a 10% limitation of $4M that we can receive from Newark private entity until bond is paid off. Working with baseball league reps and we think the Newark stadium will fall into $4M range, but there will be tax questions. At this juncture, just want to "get it out there" so we can get some traction to move forward.

·         Toxifine consideration? On the other side of the property, but there will be burrowing owls issues.

·         Good timing, since we will have budget presentation tonight as well. Solar features another way to address expenditures. Hope that the companies we are considering share our values, and not just taking advantage of being located on campus.

·         Role & scope of Board sub-committees. Part of meeting last year, sense of Board wanting more involvement in shared government. Board President & Treadway created three sub-committees meant to interface with Council agendas. Some good movement with two of the three sub-committees. One sub-committee, however, (facilities & finance) expressing their desire to set own meeting times and function separately. Agenda item at tonight's Board meeting for consideration of sub-committee function and concept. Working through implementation issues.

5.      Council Agenda Topics (August Meeting)

·         Budget Sub-committee meetings / consider categories & targets, review of historical trends. Encouraging more accurate, tighter budget. Challenge administrators & faculty to consider spending trends. Sub-committee process to consider in detail.

·         Agenda planning

·         Option to "go dark in July", not having Council in July. Board makes no significant decisions in July. Send August 8th agenda topics to Dr. Treadway.






ADJOURNED: 4:40 p.m.