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College Council Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2007 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Mike Calegari

Jim Wright Joanne Schultz

Leta Stagnaro Ron Travenick

Sheldon Helms Dennis Keller

Cheryl Lambert Stephanie Ramos

Susan Myers Linda Evers

Tim Roberts


MEMBERS ABSENT: Dave Schurtz Jill Rojas

Carrie Dameron Jimmy Dempsey

(Need additional student reps)




1.      College Council Meeting Minutes


MOTION: Moved/Myers; Seconded/Roberts; Passed with three abstentions to approve the 5/21/07 College Council minutes.

MOTION: Moved/Roberts; Seconded/Myers; Passed with four abstentions to approve the 6/13/07 College Council minutes.


2.      College Council Co-Chair Election


3.      State Budget Update



4.      Board Meeting Topics

o        When construction completed on Fremont campus, return of temporarily unavailable spaces.

o        Projecting out six years, Fremont parking capacity, taking into account if frontage development occurs, soccer field is relocated; Lots O and P back on line. '07 and '08, estimating 2,500 spaces, which does not include potential parking structure adjacent to Smith Center (~1,000 spaces, multi-level) as a lease-leaseback. Would leave land to company and company designs and constructs structure with structure leased back to the college for a period of time, after which the college assumes ownership. Lends itself to main street concept, public-private partnership. If structure occurs when frontage is also developed, we'd have over 3,000 spaces available. Considering structure as open to anyone for a fee (faculty, staff, students) revenue going to the private developer's revenue stream and, eventually, into ours when we take over. Proposal going to Board tonight.

o        Question: Have we polled ASOC regarding willingness of students to pay more for parking? Response: Yes, have been meeting with students. ASOC supportive of uphill parking and structure. ASOC already supporting parking fee increase from $26 to $35 with no current changes, hoping we are moving in a positive direction.

o        Company, when selected, would develop business plan, survey students & staff, etc. People aware of parking issues in the Bay Area. We're adding convenience factor, improvement of access, storage for Smith Center, etc.

o        Question: Solar opportunity? Reply: Not presenting tonight, but other part of proposal will include "solar farm". Same funding mechanism (leaseback).

o        Lingering thought that we should never have surplussed property due to "massive growth" and we'll eventually need additional parking. Will discuss enrollment and parking as related topics.

o        Fall 7,203 students ('05) / 70% from 8 a.m. - 2:00

o        Evening not a parking impact. Construction impact = ~200 spots, using frontage on grass for temporary solution.

o        2,418 students anticipated for Fall '07

o        Spring, Newark campus opens and daytime load drops (~2,200), below two years ago.

o        Subtracting consortium, high school, on-line. Great growth in on-line, which has no parking impact. 800 FTES on-line. Growth is relative and different than it has been in the past.


5.      Council Retreat Planning



6.      Fixed Flex Planning


7.      Capital Campaign Update


8.      Future agenda items:





ADJOURNED: 5:45 p.m.