Members 2015-2016 - College Council

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Council members standing on stairway at Newark campus. 2015-2016 Council Members (photo taken August 26, 2015).

The Ohlone College College Council has 16 voting members and 4 ex-officio (non-voting) members.

(Updated October 7, 2015; minor update March 2016.)

Co-chairs (2)

The President and one member from the 15 voting members.

  • Gari Browning (non-voting)
  • Alison Kuehner

Faculty (6 full-time; 1 adjunct)

Appointed by Faculty Senate.

  • Terry Exner
  • Sandra (Bunny) Klopping
  • Alison Kuehner
  • Lenore Landavazo (adjunct)
  • Jesse MacEwan
  • Jeff Roberts
  • Sally Scofield

Students (2)

Appointed by Associated Students of Ohlone.

  • Bubba Manzo
  • (Vacant)

Classified Staff (4)

Appointed two each by CSEA and SEIU.

  • CSEA
    • Stephanie Foisy
    • Lea Witmer
  • SEIU
    • James Keogh
    • Ben Peralta

Administration (3)

Appointed by the President/Superintendent from the Deans, Directors, & Administrative Staff (“DDAS”) membership (one each from the following areas):

  • Academic: Chris Warden
  • Administrative Services: Vy Anderson
  • Student Services: Binh Nguyen

Ex-officio (non-voting) (6)

The President/Superintendent and each Vice President.

  • College President / District Superintendent: Gari Browning
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs / Deputy Superintendent: Leta Stagnaro
  • Vice President for Administrative Services: Susan Yeager
  • Vice President for Student Services: (Vacant)
  • Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Training: Shairon Zingsheim
  • Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services: Chris Dela Rosa

College Council Support (non-member; non-voting)

April Merritt, Assistant to the President, (510) 659-7369 or