Council Formation Memo September 2003 - College Council - Ohlone College






Date: September 22, 2003


Subject: Formation of the College Council


The Task Force on formation of the Ohlone College Council has held two meetings. The purpose of the new College Council is to provide for the shared governance of the college. The Council will meet the requirements of AB 1725 and Board Policy. The Council shall decide upon issues impacting the District and shall make recommendations to the administration and the board of trustees regarding policy and regulations. The following proposal has emerged for consideration by the college community:


1.      Membership in the Council should include:

6 faculty to be appointed by the Faculty Senate

3 students to be appointed by the Associated Students

3 classified staff (1) CSEA (2) SEIU (3) Classified Senate

3 administrators (1) to be appointed by Vice President of Business Services

(2) to be appointed by Vice President of Instruction (3) to be appointed by Vice President of Student Services

2. College President/District Superintendent will serve as non-voting chair (1st year)

Member of the Council will be elected by Council to serve as co-chair

3.      Vice Presidents will serve as staff to the Council and/or ex-officio members

4.      All meetings will be open to the public. Agendas will be published. Public comment will be invited at each meeting. Minutes will be on college website.


Persons interested in giving suggestions regarding the purpose and proposed structure of the College Council should contact their respective organizations during the week of September 22-26.