Proposed college-wide committee realignment

(From the March 26, 2004 College Council Meeting.)

Task Forces Reporting to the College Council

Strategic Task Force - Existing (Treadway)

  • Mission and Goals Review Committee
  • Program and Services Review Committee
  • Research and Planning Committee

Budget Task Force - Existing (Walston)

  • Budget Committee

Facilities Task Force - Existing (Walston)

  • No existing committees to merge

Teaching and Learning Task Force (Wright)

  • No existing committees to merge

Staff Development Task Force (Walston)

  • Staff Development Committee

Student Development Task Force (Waits)

  • Admissions and Record/Academic Appeals Committee
  • Assessment Committee
  • Financial Aid Advisory Committee
  • Matriculation Advisory Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Student Equity Committee

Library, Equipment and Technology Task Force (Waits, Wright?)

  • Learning Resources Advisory Committee
  • Technology Advisory Committee at Ohlone (TACO)
  • The academic software committee and the instructional equipment process may need to be merged into this task force.

Environmental Task Force (Treadway)

  • No existing committees to merge

International/Multicultural Task Force (Treadway)

  • International Education Committee

Unchanged Committees

The following committees are recommended to remain as they are for the time being. Board policy may need to be review concerning the Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee.

  • Safety Committee
  • SOAR Committee
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee

The following committees should continue to report to the Faculty Senate.

  • Course and Program Approval Committee (CAPAC)
  • Equivalency Committee
  • Sabbatical Committee

The following committee should probably report to ASOC.

  • Food Service Committee

The Vice President, Student Services should be responsible for the following: (these duties were mentioned in the committee descriptions in the "Guildlines for College Committees" memorandum.)

  • Consider appeals from students regarding denial of exceptions to college regulations, academic renewal, and grading.
  • Final appeal for students who have questions or complaints relating to financial aid matters