Process for Clearing Prerequisites - Counseling Department

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To clear English/Math/or a sequential course that is not being challenged

If you have completed a prerequisite at another institution, or wish to challenge a prerequisite, go to drop-in counseling. The counselor will need to see your transcript (unofficial) and course description(s) of the class(es) being used to clear the requirement.

To clear a sequential class that is being challenged

  1. Student obtains "Prerequisite Corequisite Challenge Petition" from counselor (or at counseling window if student needs no explanation)
  2. Student takes completed form to Division Dean's office (or faculty designate as directed by Dean)
  3. Form remains in Division Dean's office for approval/disapproval and computer clearance
  4. Division Dean notifies student of disposition of petition and that computer will be cleared within 48 hours (if petition was approved)

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