Drop-in Counseling Sessions - Counseling Department

Notice to Students

During Ohlone’s peak registration period (late April until the end of May), counseling appointments fill up very quickly. During this period, counselors will be available to meet with students on Drop-in sessions. Drop-in counseling is generally limited to 10 minutes, but during this time counselors may extend the time in order to address all of your immediate concerns related to preparing for the Summer and Fall terms (selecting your courses, submitting petitions, registration questions, etc.). Appointments for complete Student Education Plans will become more available in June.

Drop-in counseling is on a first-come first-serve basis and wait times typically are from 30-60 minutes.

You may also contact our Online Counselors.

Two male students socializing on Ohlone's Fremont campus.

How to get a Drop-in Session

  • On the Fremont campus, you can stop by the Counseling Window in the lobby of the third floor of Building 7
  • On the Newark campus, stop by the Newark Student Services Center in Room NC1312, first floor, Wing 3

Drop-in Session Hours

Go to Counseling Hours - Drop-in Sessions.

Drop-in Session Guidelines

Drop-in counseling is generally available Mondays through Thursdays at both the Fremont and Newark campuses, and provides the opportunity for students to meet briefly with a counselor without scheduling an appointment.

Because drop-in counseling is limited to approximately 10 minutes, it is most suitable for questions that have a quick answer. Some examples include pre-requisite clearance, questions about placement tests, and overload requests.

Certain waivers and petitions can also be completed as drop-ins, provided you have all the necessary documentation (i.e., unofficial transcripts, testing scores from other colleges or institutions).

Longer issues, such as graduation evaluation, transfer evaluation, or creating a Student Education Plan require a scheduled appointment.

Counselor Jennifer Harper with student.