Counseling Appointments - Counseling Department

Notice to Students

The Fremont Counseling Department will be open from 9:00am to 5:00pm during Spring Break from March 19th to March 22nd (Monday through Thursday).

There will be no counseling services available at the Newark campus during Spring Break.

Regular counseling hours at both the Fremont and Newark counseling centers will resume on March 26th.

As counselors, we are concerned with the academic success of our students and wish to provide the highest quality services as possible.

Peer Mentors at Welcome Day.Because transfer requirements and regulations can change from semester to semester, we feel students are best served by regular and consistent meetings with a counselor. We find that many students not only change their academic goals often but also experience some type of educational difficulties or stress, which may affect academic performance.

For these reasons, we recommend that you schedule at least two appointments per semester with a counselor so that we may review your educational and career goals as well as get to know you on a more individual basis.

How to Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an in-person appointment please:

  1. Come by the Counseling Window (Building 7, third floor lobby, Fremont campus) or the Newark Student Services Center in Room NC1312, first floor, Wing 3 - see Counseling Hours for when the window is open
  2. Use our web-based Counseling Appointment Scheduling System
  3. Call the Counseling Department at the Fremont campus (510) 659-6110 or the Newark campus (510) 742-2341

Remember, you may always email a counselor for online assistance by using Online Counseling.

Appointment Hours

Please call or come by the Counseling Window or use our web-based Counseling Appointment Scheduling System for appointment hours.

Appointment Cancellations

Please notify us 24 hours in advance if you have to cancel an appointment by calling (510) 659-6110.

Appointment Guidelines

Counselor Jack Peters with student.Counseling appointments are generally available most Mondays through Thursdays at both the Fremont and Newark campuses.

Appointments are scheduled one week in advance on a first-come, first-served basis. Appointments are typically 30 minutes, and are appropriate for longer issues such as Student Education Plans, graduation and/or transfer evaluation, General Education certification, career exploration, and choosing a major.

Students who have attended another college are advised to bring an unofficial transcript to the counseling appointment.