Curriculum Guides 2004-2005
(Fall 2004, Spring 2005, Summer 2005)

These curriculum guides are based on the Ohlone College 2004-2005 degree requirements. Students who will be graduating using a different catalog for their degree requirements should see a counselor and/or refer to the appropriate Ohlone College Catalog (view Ohlone's Catalog Rights Policy). All students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review degree requirements and/or have questions answered.

Physical Therapist Assistant
AS Degree

The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program is a two calendar year course of study leading to an Associate of Science Degree and eligibility to take the National PTA licensing examination. The degree requirements include general education, supporting courses, and Physical Therapist Assistant theory and clinical courses. Successful completion of the PTA major field courses and supporting courses meet the Tech Tools graduation requirement.

The PTA Program at Ohlone College is limited to 32 students per class each academic year. Clinical affiliations are an essential part of the program. Students are expected to be able to travel to off-campus locations in the greater Bay Area.

Ohlone College's PTA program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) are skilled health care providers who work under the direction of a Physical Therapist (PT). Duties of the PTA include assisting the PT in implementing treatment programs, training patients in exercise and activities of daily living, conducting treatments, and reporting to the PT on the patient's response.

PTAs work in HMO's, hospitals, private physical therapy offices, community health centers, corporate and health centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, schools, pediatric centers, and colleges and universities.

Program Admission is based on a selective process and involves a special Application for Admission. Applicants are selected once a year and begin the course of study each Fall semester. For program information and application contact the PTA program office at the Newark Ohlone Center or see the PTA Web page at

Requirements for AS Degree:

  1. Complete Major Field and Supporting Courses with a 2.0 grade point average.
  2. Complete Plan A, B, or C General Education requirements. These are specified in the Ohlone College Catalog.
  3. Complete at least 60 degree-applicable units with a 2.0 grade point average.
  4. Complete at least 12 units at Ohlone College.
  5. Complete each Major Field and Supporting Course with a grade of “C” or better.

Major Field

Major Field Courses
Number Title Units
PTA-101 Introduction to Physical Therapy 3
PTA-102 Pathology 3
PTA-103 Kinesiology I 3
PTA-104 Kinesiology II 3
PTA-105A Therapeutic Exercise I 3
PTA-105B Therapeutic Exercise II 3
PTA-106 Orthopedics 2
PTA-107A Clinical Practicum I 1
PTA-107B Clinical Practicum II 2
PTA-107C Clinical Practicum III 2
PTA-108 Advanced Modalities 2
PTA-109 Physical Therapy Through the Life Span 2
PTA-110 Neurological Disorders 2
PTA-111 Advanced Procedures 2
PTA-112 Clinical Affiliation 4

Supporting Courses

Supporting Courses
Number Title Units
BIOL-103A Human Anatomy and Physiology AND 4
BIOL-103B Human Anatomy and Physiology OR 4
BIOL-104 Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology AND (4)
PTA-120 Anatomy of Bio-Mechanics (3)
PTA-119/PE-256 Sports Performance Testing 2
PSY-108 Survey of Human Development 3

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