Index to Curriculum Guides for 2005-2006
(Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Summer 2006)

These curriculum guides are based on the Ohlone College 2005-2006 Catalog academic program requirements. Curriculum guides for Certificates of Completion (also known as Fast-Track Certificates) are grouped together by department. Students who will be graduating using a different catalog for their requirements should see a counselor and refer to the appropriate Ohlone College Catalog (view Ohlone's Catalog Rights Policy). All students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review academic program requirements and/or have questions answered.

See also General Education Plans in the 2005-2006 Catalog.

New starting Spring 2006 for 2005-2006

New for 2006-2007

Curriculum Guides 2005-2006

2005-2006 Curriculum Guides
Name Transfer Major AA Degree AS Degree COA COC
Accounting   X   X  
Administration of Justice   X   X  
Administrative Assistant   X   X  
Administrative Assistant with Supervisory Focus   X   X  
American Sign Language and Deaf Studies   X   X  
Anthropology: Cultural         X
Anthropology: Physical         X
Archaeology         X
Art X X      
Art Certificates of Completion (Art History; Ceramics; Design; Desktop Publishing; Digital Art; Drawing; Fine Arts; Glass; Graphic Design; Interior Design Basics; Interior Design Communications; Interior Design Technology; Multimedia; Painting; Photography; and Sculpture; 3D Modeling and Animation, Video Game Development)         X
Art History (Art)         X
Art History (Liberal Studies)         X
Astronomy         X
Audio Technician (Broadcasting)         X
Audio Technician (Theatre)         X
Name Transfer Major AA Degree AS Degree COA COC
Ballet Dance Teacher / Choreographer (Theatre)         X
Biology X   X    
Biology: General         X
Biology: Human         X
Biology: Life Sciences Survey         X
Biology: Research         X
Biotechnology         X
Broadcasting   X   X  
Broadcasting Certificates of Completion (Audio Technician; Broadcasting: Digital Video and Editing; Broadcasting: Entertainment Television; Broadcasting: Lighting and Video for Television; Broadcasting: Live Television Production; Broadcasting: Music Video Production; Broadcasting: Radio Air Talent; Broadcasting: Radio Digital Production; Broadcasting: Radio Program Management; and Broadcasting: Radio Studio Operations)         X
Broadcasting: Digital Video and Editing         X
Broadcasting: Entertainment Television         X
Broadcasting: Lighting and Video for Television         X
Broadcasting: Live Television Production         X
Broadcasting: Music Video Production         X
Broadcasting: Radio Air Talent         X
Broadcasting: Radio Digital Production         X
Broadcasting: Radio Program Management         X
Broadcasting: Radio Studio Operations         X
Business Certificates of Completion (Real Estate Sales Agent; Real Estate Sales Broker Associate)         X
Business Administration X X      
Business Communication         X
Business Supervision Management   X   X  
Name Transfer Major AA Degree AS Degree COA COC
Ceramics         X
Chemistry X   X    
Chemistry Lab Skills: Basic         X
Chemistry Lab Skills: Advanced         X
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)         X
CISCO Certified Network Professional (Network+, CCNA, CCNP)     X X  
Commercial Music         X
Computer and Information Literacy         X
Computer Applications in Biotechnology (Computer Studies)         X
Computer Applications in Biotechnology (Math and Science)         X
Computer Engineering [New for 2006-2007] X   X    
Computer Programming         X
Computer Programming (Internet / Web Programming)   X   X  
Computer Programming (Software Development / Computer Science Transfer)   X   X  
Computer Science X   X    
Computer Studies:
  • Option 1: Computer Programming (Software Development / Computer Science Transfer)
  • Option 2: Computer Programming (Internet / Web Programming)
  X   X  
Computer Studies Certificates of Completion (Cisco Certified Network Associate; Computer and Information Literacy; Computer Applications in Biotechnology; Computer Programming; Computer Studies Proficiency; Data Communications and Internetworking; Data Communications and Web Programming; Database Administration; Desktop Support (A+, Server+, MCP); Internet Applications Development; Java Developer; Linux Administration; .NET Programming I; .NET Programming II; Office Computer Applications; Office Support; SQL Database Administrator; 3D Modeling and Animation; VB Programming; Web Content; Web Delivery; Web Infrastructure; Web Page Design; Windows MCSA; Windows MCSE)         X
Computer Studies Proficiency         X
Costuming         X
Name Transfer Major AA Degree AS Degree COA COC
Data Communications and Internetworking         X
Data Communications and Web Programming         X
Database Administration         X
Deaf Education         X
Deaf Education Certificates of Completion (Deaf Education; Work Readiness)         X
Design         X
Desktop Publishing         X
Desktop Support (A+, Server+, MCP)         X
Digital Art         X
Drawing         X
Early Childhood Studies   X   X  
Earth and Environmental Sciences         X
Electronic Music Composition         X
Engineering X   X    
Engineering         X
English X X      
English as a Second Language         X
Entertainment Design and Technology   X   X  
Exericse Science X   X    
Exercise Science Certificate of Completion (Fitness Instructor)         X
Name Transfer Major AA Degree AS Degree COA COC
Fine Arts         X
Fitness Instructor         X
Forensics         X
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)         X
Geography: Cultural         X
Geography: Physical         X
Geology X   X    
Geology         X
Glass         X
Graphic Arts / Computer Graphics   X   X  
Graphic Design         X
Health Science Certificates of Completion (Phlebotomy; Physical Therapist Aide)         X
Intercultural Communication         X
Interior Design   X   X  
Interior Design Basics         X
Interior Design Communications         X
Interior Design Technology         X
Internet Applications Development         X
Interpersonal Communication         X
Interpreter Preparation Program   X   X  
Name Transfer Major AA Degree AS Degree COA COC
Java Developer         X
Jazz Dance Teacher / Choreographer (Theatre)         X
Journalism   X   X  
Journalism         X
Leadership Communication         X
Liberal Studies Certificates of Completion (Art History; English as a Second Language; Journalism; Sociology)         X
Linux Administration         X
Live Event Management         X
Marketing and Distribution   X   X  
Math and Science Certificates of Completion (Anthropology: Cultural; Anthropology: Physical; Archaeology; Astronomy; Biology: General; Biology: Human; Biology: Life Sciences Survey; Biology: Research; Biotechnology; Chemistry Lab Skills: Advanced; Chemistry Lab Skills: Basic; Computer Applications in Biotechnology; Earth and Environmental Sciences; Engineering; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Geography: Cultural; Geography: Physical; Geology; Mathematics: Applied; Mathematics: Pure; Paleobiology; Physical Science; Physics: Advanced; Physics: Introductory)         X
Mathematics X   X    
Mathematics: Applied         X
Mathematics: Pure         X
Microsoft Systems Engineer (Network+, MCP, MCSE)     X X  
Modern Dance Teacher / Choreographer (Theatre)         X
Multimedia   X   X  
Multimedia         X
Music X X      
Music Certificates of Completion (Commercial Music; Electronic Music Composition; Music Theory: Advanced; Music Theory: Introductory; Piano Performance; Vocal Music Performance; Vocal Music Performance: Advanced)         X
Music Theory: Introductory         X
Music Theory: Advanced         X
Name Transfer Major AA Degree AS Degree COA COC
.NET Programming I         X
.NET Programming II         X
Network Administrator (Network+, MCP or UNIX, CCNA)     X X  
Network Technician (A+, Server+, CCNA)     X X  
Network Technology and Systems Administration:     X X  
Office Assistant / Receptionist   X   X  
Office Computer Applications         X
Office Support         X
Oral Interpretation         X
Painting         X
Paleobiology         X
PC Technician (A+, Server+, MCP)     X X  
Phlebotomy         X
Photography         X
Physical Science         X
Physical Therapist Aide         X
Physical Therapist Assistant     X    
Physics X   X    
Physics: Introductory         X
Physics: Advanced         X
Piano Performance         X
Name Transfer Major AA Degree AS Degree COA COC
Real Estate Sales Agent         X
Real Estate Sales Broker   X   X  
Real Estate Sales Broker Associate         X
Registered Nurse     X    
Respiratory Therapist     X    
Sculpture         X
Small Business Management   X   X  
Sociology         X
Speech Communication X X      
Speech Communication (Business Communication; Forensics; Intercultural Communication; Interpersonal Communication; Leadership Communication; Oral Interpretation; Speech and Communication Studies)         X
Speech Communication Studies         X
SQL Database Administrator         X
Stage Craft         X
Name Transfer Major AA Degree AS Degree COA COC
Tap Dance Teacher / Choreographer (Theatre)         X
Technical Support Specialist (A+, Server+, MCP)     X X  
Theatre (Audio Technician; Ballet Dance Teacher/Choreographer; Costuming; Jazz Dance Teacher/Choreographer; Live Event Management; Modern Dance Teacher/Choreographer; Stage Craft; Tap Dance Teacher/Choreographer; Theatrical and TV Lighting Technician)         X
Theatrical and TV Lighting Technician         X
3D Modeling and Animation (Art)         X
3D Modeling and Animation (Computer Studies)         X
UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator     X X  
VB Programming         X
Video Game Development (Art)         X
Vocal Music Performance         X
Vocal Music Performance: Advanced         X
Web Content         X
Web Delivery         X
Web Infrastructure         X
Web Page Design         X
Windows MCSA         X
Windows MCSE         X
Work Readiness (Deaf Education)         X


Associate of Arts
Associate of Science
Certificate of Achievement
Certificate of Completion. Also known as Fast-Track Certificate.
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