Curriculum Guides 2005-2006
(Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Summer 2006)

These curriculum guides are based on the Ohlone College 2005-2006 degree requirements. Students who will be graduating using a different catalog for their degree requirements should see a counselor and/or refer to the appropriate Ohlone College Catalog (view Ohlone's Catalog Rights Policy). All students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review degree requirements and/or have questions answered.

Liberal Studies
Certificates of Completion

Including Art History; English as a Second Language; Journalism; Sociology.

Requirements for Certificate of Completion:

  1. Complete satisfactorily the courses listed for the particular certificate.
  2. Complete at least 50% of the required units at Ohlone College.
  3. Maintain a 2.0 grade point average in Major Field courses.


Students who complete this certificate have received exposure to the major components of Art History. Courses cover art from ancient through 14 century A.D., art and architecture of the 14 th century through the Baroque period, the Renaissance to the l8th Century, and the 19th and 20th centuries. This certificate provides a firm foundation for continued study in the field of art.

Number Title Units
ART-103A Survey of World Art History-Prehistoric through 1300 C.E. 4
ART-103B Survey of World Art History-l4th Century through 20th Century 4
ART-117A Museum and Gallery Techniques 2
ART-153 History of Decorative Arts 3


The ESL Certificate of Completion is awarded to students after they finish a minimum of twelve units (12) in the Ohlone College ESL Program. These units include work in all English skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar. Students can use the ESL Certificate as proof to their employer that they have completed ESL course work and can also include the ESL Certificate on their resume when applying for jobs so that they can show prospective employers they have completed work on their English skills. Finally, the certificate is a sign of personal achievement.

Number Title Units
ENGL/ESL-161 Basic Reading Skills for Second Language Learners 3
ESL-148 Integrated English Skills for Non-Native Speakers, Level II 6
SPCH/ESL-151 Introduction to Speech Communication Skills OR 3
SPCH/TD-132 Voice and Diction (4)


Upon completion of the Journalism certificate, students will have gained a basic knowledge of the newspaper, magazine, public relations, and advertising fields. Writing, visualization, and story-telling are the basic skills of all media work. The Journalism Certificate covers these and more.

Number Title Units
BA-129 Introduction to Advertising 3
JOUR-101A Newswriting 3
JOUR/ART-145 Digital Photojournalism 2
JOUR/BRDC-155 Mass Media and Society 3
JOUR-172 Newspaper Staff 3


This certificate will provide students with an academic foundation in the area of sociology.

Number Title Units
SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC-102 Social Problems of a Diverse Society 3
SOC-105 Marriage and Family in a Changing World 3

Choose two courses from the following:

Number Title Units
ANTH-102 Cultural Anthropology (3)
PS-103 International Relations (3)
PSY-101 General Psychology (3)
PSY-108 A Survey of Human Development (3)

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