Curriculum Guides 2005-2006
(Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Summer 2006)

These curriculum guides are based on the Ohlone College 2005-2006 degree requirements. Students who will be graduating using a different catalog for their degree requirements should see a counselor and/or refer to the appropriate Ohlone College Catalog (view Ohlone's Catalog Rights Policy). All students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review degree requirements and/or have questions answered.

Network Administrator
(Network+, MCP or UNIX, CCNA)
Network Technology and Systems Administration
AS Degree
Certificate of Achievement Program

Network Administrators manage all of the day-to-day aspects of a computer network. In addition to configuring networks they are responsible for making the network operational 24 hours a day. Tasks performed include adding/deleting users, backing up the server, loading new software applications, and maintaining security. Network Admininstrators are responsible for fixing an application or service, such as e-mail or printer access, when it is not working properly. Candidates for this degree option must have strong PC skills prior to enrolling in the program.

Requirements for AS Degree:

  1. Complete Major Field and Supporting Courses with a 2.0 grade point average.
  2. Complete Plan A, B, or C General Education requirements. These are specified in the Ohlone College Catalog.
  3. Complete at least 60 degree-applicable units with a 2.0 grade point average.
  4. Complete at least 12 units at Ohlone College.

Requirements for Certificate of Achievement:

  1. Complete Major Field courses as indicated below.
  2. Complete at least six units at Ohlone College.
  3. Maintain a 2.0 grade point average in Major Field courses.

Major Field

Major Field Courses
Number Title Units
CS-152 Data Communications 2
CS-157 TCP/IP and Internetworking 3
CS-180 Network Operating Systems 4
CS-180A Microsoft Client Operating Systems AND 2
CS-180B Microsoft Server Operating Systems AND 2
CS-182A Windows Network Infrastructure Administration AND 2
CS-182B Microsoft Directory Services OR 2
CS-146 Introduction to UNIX/Linux AND (3)
CS-147 UNIX Shell Programming AND (4)
CS-148A UNIX/Linux Administration I (4)
CS-186A LAN Network Design 3
CS-186B Router Configuration and Routing 3
CS-186C Routing and Switching 2
CS-186D WAN Design and Support 2
ENGL-156 Introduction to Report and Technical Writing OR 3
SPCH-115 Career Communication (3)

Supporting Courses (minimum six units required)

Choose 1-4 units from the following:

Supporting Courses
Number Title Units
CS-195A1-4 Internship 1-4

Choose 2-5 units from the following:

Additional Supporting Courses
Number Title
CS-101 Introduction to Computers and Information Technology
CS-102 Introduction to Computer Programming Using C++
CS-104A Visual Basic.NET Programming
CS-148B System Administration II
CS-149 PERL Programming
CS-170 Java Programming
CS-175 JavaScript for Web Development
CS-176 CGI Programming with PERL for Web Development
CS-181 PC Hardware and Software
CS-183A Designing Microsoft Windows Networking Infrastructure
CS-183B Designing Microsoft Windows Directory Services Infrastructure
CS-183C Designing a Secure Microsoft Windows Network
CS-184 Microsoft Internet Security Server (IIS)
CS-184A Network Application Administration I – Email
CS-184B Network Application Administration II – Database
CS-185A Linux Installation and Configuration
CS-185B Linux System Administration
CS-185C Linux Networking
CS-185D Linux Security
CS-185E Linux Apache Web Server Administration
CS-185F Advanced Linux System Administration
CS-186E Wireless Networks
CS-187A Network Security
CS-188A Advanced Routing
CS-188B Remote Access Networks
CS-188C Advanced Switching
CS-188D Internetworking Troubleshooting

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