February 2, 2004



(I) Informational(A) Action


Approval of Minutes: (A)

December 1, 2003


Chairs Report: (I)

February 23, 2004 CAPAC meeting cancelled. (I)


General Education Plan A revisions approved by the Board of Trustees January 14, 2004 (I)


CurricUNET Update (I)

       Mock course approval completed in December, 2003; Analysis of mock approval resulted in modifications in process and messaging; Second mock course approval completed in January.

       Pilot of CurricUNET for CS and CAOT Departments will begin.

       Ohlone Official Course Outlines that have been transferred to the CurricUNET database.


CAPAC Web Site Update (I)


Learning Outcomes Task Force (I)

       Student Learning Outcomes Professional Enthusiasts - SLOPE

       New SLOPE Web Site: http://www2.ohlone.cc.ca.us/org/facultysenate/slope/

       Definitions developed for assessment, student learning outcomes, goals, objectives, evaluation.


Minor Revisions: (I)

MM 110 Digital Video: Approved to repeat once; repeatable courses cannot be counted twice to meet certificate requirements.



Transfer AS degree in Exercise Science (A)

       Chris Warden seeks CAPAC approval for the new Transfer AS degree in Exercise Science.


Learning Outcomes: Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum (I, Discussion)

       Deb Parziale will review the discussions regarding this topic conducted at the GE Committee and SLOPE. CAPAC will brainstorm methods to develop outcomes for reading and writing across the curriculum in collaboration with the GE Committee and SLOPE.