Ohlone College

Course and Program Approval Committee Minutes

March 1, 2004


Chairperson, Deb Parziale called the meeting to order at 3:03 p.m.


Approval of Minutes for March 1, 2004:

Move to approve the minutes for March 1, 2004: Bill Parks/second/Chris Warden. Motion carried.


Members Present:

Jeffrey Dean, Maria Ramirez, Chris Warden, K.G. Greenstein, Deb Parziale, Claire Ellis, Alyce Lentz, Janice Jones, Chieko Honma, Bill Parks, Peggy Kauffman, Angie (Student Rep)


Members Absent:

Adam Peck, Rick Arellano, Phil Zahorsky, Carrie Dameron, Rachel Sherman, Mark Barnby


Managers Present:

Dr. Jim Wright, Dr. Ron Quinta, Michael Bowman


Others Present:

Heidi Barkow, Robert Mitchell, David Topham, Ann Fuller


Chair’s Report:

Michael Bowman: Graduation requirement for/against Intermediate Algebra required. Recommendations will come in the Fall at the statewide Faculty Senate then to the legislature.


General Education

The GE Committee has recommended the following revisions the Ohlone College General Education Plan A, Area I Natural Science:

Delete: PHYS 103

Add: ASTR 102, BIOT 100, and BIOT 105


Dr. Ron Quinta explained rationale. PHYS 103 has been replaced with PHYS 108. ASTR 102 must be taken with 101A or B; would not count by itself; links the theory and lab courses as is done with ANTH 101 &101L. Move to approve: Chris Warden/second/Maria Ramirez. Motion carried.


Certificate Approval:

Dr. Ron Quinta and the Computer Science Faculty request approval of the new transfer A.S. degree in Computer Science. Transfer degree in Computer Science Presented. Motion to approve: K.G. Greenstein/second/Claire Ellis. Move carried.


Revised Courses:

PE 257 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (4 units) Chris Warden

PE 381 Clinical Experiences in Sports Medicine I (1 unit) Chris Warden


PE 382 Clinical Experiences in Sports Medicine II (2 units) Chris Warden


Move to approve: Janice Jones/second/Jeffrey Dean. Motion carried.


ENGL 104 The Short Story (3 units) Robert Mitchell


ENGL 105 Survey of American Literature (3 units) Robert Mitchell


#5 should be “as needed”; #13 add that course fulfills Plan A Humanities area requirements. Updated as part of proposed AA-English transfer degree. Move to approve: Jeffrey Dean/second/Janice Jones. Motion carried.


Discussion of Repeatability:

A student may be allowed to repeat if previously got a “C”, if there are extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student. This option is limited to a very small number of students. Students can audit, but the college does not get apportionment for audit students. When course is repeated for a “c” course, new grade not counted in GPA. Consortium classes can be repeated because meets legally mandated training requirement. PE activities can only be taken 4 times, regardless of levels of the activity (for instance can only take Tennis four times, not 4 Beginning, 4 Intermediate, 4 Advanced). Dr. Jim Wright pointed out that repeatability regulations are anti-theatrical to mission of life-long learning. Could create separate community ed sections, but cannot run concurrently with credit sections. Can use facilities concurrently, however. A “W” counts as having taken the course and receiving a substandard grade; may repeat once. Dr. Jim Wright suggest looking into utilizing community ed with a non-prohibitive fee.


Adjourn: 4:23 p.m.