Ohlone College

Course and Program Approval Committee Minutes

March 22, 2004


Chairperson, Deb Parziale called the meeting to order at 3:08 p.m.


Members Present:

Deb Parziale, Adam Peck, Phil Zahorsky, Janice Jones, Chris Warden, Carrie Dameron, Claire Ellis, Alyce Lentz, Rick Arellano, Jeffrey Dean, Maria Ramirez, Chieko Honma, Rachel Sherman, Mark Barnby, Peggy Kauffman


Managers Present:

Michael Bowman, Dr. Wright, Dr. Waits, Leta Stagnaro


Others Present:

Heidi Barkow, David Topham, Connie Teshara, Megan Parker, Sila Marques, Ann Fuller, Regy Burdett,


Chair’s Presentation:

Deb Parziale presented in PowerPoint CurricUNET.

Adam Peck explained the XML Conversion Program.

Heidi Barkow explained her role in the documentation conversion process.


Adding the SLOPE Definitions to the Help Boxes. Motion to approve: Janice Jones/second/Adam Peck. Motion approved to add the SLOPE definitions.


Presentation in CurricUNET:

Deb Parziale discussed Curricunet development; customization; mock pilot testing of the approval process and messaging; the pilot test to be implemented in April in CAPAC; and implementation plans.


Deb thanked CAPAC members and other faculty for their involvement in the customization process. Deb thanked the CurricUNET Team (Adam Peck, Lesley Buehler, Michael Bowman, Leta Stagnaro and Heidi Barkow) for all their help CAPAC members and several Ohlone faculty have assisted in determining content for the help boxes. The help boxes are guidelines of what information is being requested in that screen. Jeffrey Dean assisted in the determining the outline format that will be used. The style will be the reference style of an outline. KG Greenstein assisted in determining the formatting for the textbook reference. Barbara Tull has represented TACO in the customization process. Bob Bradshaw, Bruce Bennett, and members of the CAPAC subcommittees have been involved.


Rachel Sherman asked about department orientations. CAPAC members will be mentors to their department faculty. The CAPAC Chair, Curriculum Office and CAPAC members will conduct teaching sessions.


Methods of Evaluation should be Assessment/Evaluation. (Tests, papers, labs, projects vs. Teaching/learning overall process)


David Topham asked if two people are working on the same course will this conflict?

Answer: Co-originators are listed within Curricunet. The name of the last person to make revisions to the document and the date and time of the revision is indicated on the course proposal


Rachel Sherman asked “How will you know where your course lies in the process?” Deb demonstrated the visual method of tracking where the course outline is in the process. In the track proposal process a different color will indicate where the course lies.

David Topham: Will minor changes to go through the same process as the major revisions or new course? Deb Parziale responded no to this question and reviewed the process for minor revisions.


Carrie Dameron asked about timelines. CurricUNET will send a message if the step has not been taken. If it is a required step and no action has been taken, the course proposal will remain at that step until the required action has been completed.


Rachel Sherman. Can we postpone the course once the process has started?

No! Once a course has been entered into Curricunet the process will be continued.


Volunteers to assist with the April Curricunet pilot:

Lesley Buehler –new course

Davie Topham, Janis Jones and Chris Warden- course revision major

Rachel Sherman- review user manual and make suggestions for revision.

Heidi Barkow will enter all CAPAC members into Curricunet with access to the “testing” department so they can experiment with the Curricunet process.


If there are any questions, suggestions, or confusion, please contact Deb Parziale

Meeting Adjourned: 4:32 p.m.