Ohlone College


September 13, 2004



Call meeting to order:


Approval of Minutes: (A)

®     May 3, 2004


Chair’s Report: (I)

®     Email from Garrett Yee, Ohlone Board of Trustee Member in June 2004 reads “Please pass along my compliments to those that participated in CAPAC and CAPAC subcommittees. This is quite a notable list of achievements this past year. Several of these items strengthen our position as a transfer college”

®     Mike Bowman, Articulation Officer, is systematically sending Official Course Outlines to additional CSUs and UCs for articulation to further strengthen our position as a transfer college.

®     Congratulations to Mark Barnby and Ron Quinta on the new biotech lab in room 8201.

®     Congratulations to Pilar Lewis and her students achieving Merit Awards in the Multimedia competition last March.

®     Congratulations to Teresa Sutowski and the Speech Students for winning many awards in the Spring speech competitions including a first place.

®     Minor revision, approved by CAPAC Chair cross-reference between CS 162 and MM 162 (XHTML)

®     Minor course revision approved by CAPAC Chair for TD 117A Audition Portfolio Preparation: Grade Credit/No Credit course.

®     Minor course revision approved by CAPAC Chair for TD 119 Directing for the Stage: change repeatability to two (2) times.

®     Minor course revision approved by CAPAC Chair for BA 125 Introduction to Business: textbook change.

®     Minor revisions approved by CAPAC Chair to the following Deaf courses: (Removing prerequisites and creating advisories)

§        DEAF 110B

§        DEAF 130B

§        DEAF 140B

§        DEAF 141B

§        DEAF 143

§        DEAF 145A

§        DEAF 146

§        DEAF 160B

§        DEAF 165B

§        DEAF 166B

§        DEAF 170A

§        DEAF 170B

§        DEAF 171A

§        DEAF 171B

§        DEAF 172A

§        DEAF 172B

§        DEAF 173A

§        DEAF 173B

§        DEAF 175

§        DEAF 188B

§        DEAF 189A

§        DEAF 189B


®     Minor revision approved by CAPAC Chair to BRDC 148: change repeatability to three

(3) times.

®     Add SPCH 106 as an option to the AA degree. Student can take any one of our three different Critical Thinking classes (either SPCH 102 or 104 or 106)

®     Minor revision approved by CAPAC Chair CS104D name change – from Introduction to Web Services for .NET to Web Services for .NET . and textbook change approved.

®     Minor revision approved by CAPAC Chair for Class Schedule description for TD-145A2

“Studio style, high-energy ballroom instruction with intricate patterns, combinations, and partnering.”



v     CAPAC Goals 2004-05

CAPAC members will review and approve a set of goals to direct their activities for the coming academic year.


v     Curricunet Implementation – Lesley Buehler and Mike Bowman

An update on the Curricunet activities accomplished during the summer and plans for Curricunet implementation will be discussed.


v     Screening

Please sign up for screening course outlines.


v     Department and degree name change from Speech Communication to Speech and Communication Studies: Approved by VP Instruction, VP Student Services, Division Dean, & CAPAC Chair. Department code in Datatel to remain as SPCH. CAPAC must approve this name change before being sent to the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor’s Office for approval.


v     Student Services Curriculum –Dr. Lisa Waits

The draft proposal of the Student Services Curriculum will be presented.


v     Mental Health Counseling Services – Rosemary O’Neill

An overview of the new mental health services available will be presented.


v     Alternative Media Classroom Accessibility – Kevin Kirk

An overview of the resources available for disabled students will be presented with an emphasis on faculty’s role in the process.