Ohlone College


October 4, 2004



Call meeting to order:


Approval of Minutes: (A)



Jon Degallier, Ron Staszkow, Michael Bowman, Rachel Sherman, Phil Zahorsky, Lesley Buehler, Deb Parziale, Chris Warden, Bob Bradshaw, Chieko Honma, Rick Arellano, David Bradford, K. G. Greenstein, Jeffrey Dean, Walt Birkedahl, Janice Jones, Vicki Curtis, Alyce Lentz, Peggy Kauffman, Mark Barnby, Maria Ramirez, Carrie Dameron, Ann Fuller, Stephanie Pintello, Gale Carli, Gary Mishra, Pilar Lewis


Chair’s Report: (I)

1.      Marketing and Distribution

2.      Small Business Management

1.      Computer Science Approved 2004

2.      Music Approved 2004

3.      Physical Education Submitted, Pending Approval

4.      Biotechnology Projected 2004

5.      Business Administration Projected 2004

6.      Commercial Music

7.      Economics

8.      English

9.      Psychology

10.  Computer Engineering

11.  Network Technology (articulate with CSU MB)

12.  Visual Art

13.  Dance

14.  Theatre


Curricunet Workshop

Curricunet is now “live”. Workshop was conducted for CAPAC members and other interested faculty. User Guide was distributed at the meeting.