December 13, 2004




Meeting Called to Order at 2:00 p.m.


Members Present:Deb Parziale, Chris Warden, Carrie Dameron, Alyce Lentz, Jeffrey Dean, Lesley Buehler, Chieko Honma, Peggy Kauffman, Janice Jones, Phil Zahorsky


Managers Present: Leta Stagnaro


Others Present: Heidi Barkow, Adam Peck, John Peterson, Xisheng Fang, Richard Grotegut



CS-104B Advanced .Net Programming

CS-129A Software Testing

Needs to be reformatted; redo Assessment and Evaluation section.


CS-139 Data Mining

Evaluation needs to be redone, remove weeks from outline; meet with K.G. Greenstein for Information Competency. Need reading assignments; revise course description.


CS-173 J2EE and EJB

Motion to approve CS 104B and CS 173; with revisions approve CS 129A and CS 139. Chris Warden/second/Alyce Lentz. Approved.


MUS-104 Music of World Cultures


MUS-125 Rock Music Since 1970


Motion to adopt MUS 104 and MUS 125 for Areas IIIA & IIIB of GE Plan A for Fall 2005. Alyce Lentz/second/Lesley Buehler. Approved.


NUR-118 Leadership Skills in Nursing


Motion to approve: Jeffrey Dean/second/Janice Jones. Approved.




PE-241 College Success for Athletes


PE-242 Sociology of Sport


PE-243 Sports Marketing


PE-244 Sports Management


Motion to approve PE 241, PE 242, PE 243, PE 244, PE 377A2, PE 377A3: Lesley Buehler/second/Phil Zahorsky. Approved.


PE-377A2 Pilates


PE-377A3 Pilates


Motion to approve PE 377A2 and 377A3: Jeffrey Dean/second/Janice Jones. Approved.


TD-121A Dance Rehearsal and Performance


TD-121B Dance Rehearsal and Performance


TD-121C Dance Rehearsal and Performance


TD-121L Dance Rehearsal and Performance


TD-142CL Advanced Jazz Dance Performance Attendance Lab


TD-143CL Advanced Tap Dance Performance Attendance Lab


Weeks need to come out of outline; Student Learning Outcome #1 clarify; #5 capitalize; remove percentages from evaluation; check spelling, grammar and punctuation. Catalog #13 levels. Course Outline Technical misspelled. Are these courses different skill levels? Please revise and submit to CAPAC Chair.




Motion to approve: Janice Jones/second/Phil Zahorsky. Approved.




Motion to approve .Net Programming I Certificate and .Net Programming II Certificate. Janice Jones/second/Phil Zahorsky. Approved.



Motion to approve minor revision to Interior Design Certificate of Achievement and AA Degree by adding ID/ART-157/ Janice Jones/second/Phil Zahorsky. Approved






Motion to approve the Revisions to Cisco Certified Network Associate Certificate of Completion, Revision to Windows MCSA and MCSE and the Deactivation of Cisco Certified Network Professional Certificate of Achievement. Carrie Dameron/second/Janice Jones. Approved.


Adjourn: 3:05 p.m.