March 7, 2005


Chairperson, Deb Parziale called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m.


Member’s Present: Jeff Dean, Deb Parziale, Lesley Buehler, Chris Warden, Rachel Sherman, Jon Degallier, K.G. Greenstein, Bill Parks, Chieko Honma, Maria Ramirez


Manager’s Present: Michael Bowman


Other’s Present: Rick Arellano, Heidi Barkow



February 7, 2005

Motion to approve Rachel/second/Lesley. Motion carried.


Minor Revisions:

CAOT 111 Intermediate Keyboarding

Advisory changed to CAOT 110C; counselor information omit the last sentence; course assignments – add “Selected activities throughout the text”; methods of evaluationuation – add “Project work” methods of instruction – add “Self-paced, Computer Assisted Instruction, other, laboratory”; textbook updated; supplies – add “USB thumbdrive, Zip Disk 250”


CAOT 164 Introduction to FrontPage

Grading option “GC”; student learning outcomes – change #2 from “Cover” to “Analyze”; course outline – omit first three lines; Writing assignments – add “for distance learning”; methods of instruction – add “Discussion, Self-paced, Distance Learning, Other, Laboratory”; updated textbook; supplies USB drive or Zip Disk.


CS-101 Introduction to Computers and Information Technology

Add CAN # CSCI 2; Revised catalog description, student learning

outcomes; course outline, course assignment; methods of evaluation;

methods of instruction, and textbook update.


CS-125 Introduction to Programming Using Java

Change repeatability to 2; Advisory CS-101; Prerequisite MATH-152; revised catalog description; counselor description; student learning outcomes; course outline; course assignments; methods of evaluation and methods of instruction; and supplies.


CS-137 Introduction to SQL and PL/SQL Programming

Counselor information; methods of instruction.


CS-175 JavaScript for Web Development

Title change: “Script Technology for Web Development”


Theory Certificates Programs in Music: Substitution of MUS 100; MUS 101; or MUS 102 for MUS 120A/B requirement in the Theory Certificate Programs approved. MUS 120A/B are not currently being offered, due to enrollment difficulties. MUS 100, 101, 102 are all broad survey courses to cover similar content to MUS 120A/B. The Substitution will occur in the Introductory Music Theory Certificate, Advanced Music Theory Certificate, and Piano Performance Certificate.


LSP 213A & B: Request to offer Selected Topics a third time for fall 2005 while continuing to work on an official course outline -approved.



New Courses/Major Revisions:

BA 142 International Economics (Tina Mosleh)

(Screened) articulation (MB) change catalog description to note please verify this

course is taught at a lower division level at CSU's; consistency in

capitalization; spell out the word versus in a course outline; methods of

instruction -  textbook type-o in Reading assignments; writing

assignments comprehension misspelled, consistency - clarify between

assigned or selected by students; textbooks should follow MLA

formatting; revisions recommended and return to faculty author. Marilena Tamburello will review for distance learning. Return

to course author for corrections. Will be on the April 4, 2005 CAPAC agenda.


CAOT 148 Computer Applications in Biotechnology (Lesley Buehler) (Screened) requested by Biotechnology department > supplemental for students to

come in and learn the software. Unit value discussion on Zero unit

options. Have to be enrolled in BIOT 110A as a corequisite. #12 catalog

description. Period at the end of counselor information; apostrophe missing in course assignments. #III A & D apostrophes missing; B on Course outline analyze is misspelled; I has an apostrophe problem; bullets and numbers need review; formatting change under writing assignments; #4 PowerPoint Presentation should be capitalized; approved. Corrections made during meeting. Will be on the April 4, 2005 CAPAC agenda


CAOT 209A Computer Applications in Biology (Lesley Buehler)

Need new course number; Corequisite is BIOL 101A; discussion on zero unit option; #12 catalog description. Period at the end of counselor information; apostrophe missing in course assignments; #III A & D apostrophes missing; B on course outline analyze is misspelled; I has an apostrophe problem; bullets and numbers need review; formatting change under writing assignments; #4 PowerPoint Presentation should be capitalized; Methods of Evaluation. Spreadsheet misspelled and capitalization. Corrections made during meeting. Motion to approveas renumbered - number of units and course number; motion Jeffrey Dean/second/Rachel Sherman. Renumbered CAOT 147


CS 124 Advanced Programming with Data Structures (David Topham)

Change in prerequisite; CAN # CSCI 14 added; minor revision to catalog description; minor revision to schedule description;  added student learning outcome #5; Revision of course outline; course assignments revised; methods of evaluation added; methods of instruction added; supplies added. Motion to approve: Jeffrey Dean/second/Jon Degallier; motion carried.



CAOT request for Department Name Change

Lesley Buehler presented department name change of CAOT. She took a survey of students & industry and they are moving away from office (which is problematic).

the area covers occupational technology. The CAOT department is asking for permission to change CAOT formerly (Computer Applications & Office Technology) to CAOT (Computer Applications & Occupational Technology). Motion to approve K. G. Greenstein/second/Jeffrey Dean. Motion carried. Computer Applications and Occupational Technology



Screening meetings will occur on the third Monday of each month during the academic year. There will be one to three groups of four faculty per screening period depending on need. CAPAC Chair, Mike Bowman and Heidi Barkow will also attend each screening meeting. One person will put in the comments for the action. Courses will be divided up between the screening groups. Heidi Barkow will put the screeners into CurricUNET for the screening period; screeners will be able to go in and look at the courses in advance, but please do not make any comments, save them for the screening meeting. Don't take action until the group meeting. Heidi will send an email to faculty authors and ask them to be present during the screening of their course to make the necessary changes and answer questions that may come up. Their presence would be greatly be appreciated


Courses now in PDF format in the word report. Outline is done in word format using various Microsoft Word buttons to format course outline.

CurricUNET programmers are working on separate reports for all the subcommittees of CAPAC.


Please sign up for screening for 3/28 & 4/18.


Next meeting March 28th - Peggy, Chieko, Jon & Chris


Screeners for April 18th – Carrie, Jon, Rachel, Phil, Mark, Bill, Chris, Lesley, (alternates) K.G., Jeff, Maria, Chieko


Heidi will send out a reminder to the screeners and to the course authors. If the course author is present the screening process will flow nicely.

Meeting adjourned: 4:03 p.m.