Course and Program Approval Committee – Minutes
April 4, 2005
Meeting called to order:3:07 p.m.
Members Present: Jeff Dean, Deb Parziale, K.G. Greenstein, Rachel Sherman, Jon Degallier, Claire Ellis, Chris Warden, Lesley Buehler, Bill Parks, Chieko Honma, Alyce Lentz, Mark Barnby
Managers Present: Michael Bowman, Dr. Wright
Others Present: Heidi Barkow
Approval of Minutes for March 7, 2005: Motion to approve minutes with corrections to the Course Schedule deadlines - May 2 deadline for spring 2006; December 2005 is deadline for fall 2006. K.G./second/Jon Degallier. Motion carried. 
Chair’s Report:
Faculty innovation projects - $500 stipend given on project completion – facilitated by the Learning College Taskforce. Submit applications to Deb Parziale by April 15.
Deb Parziale, Lesley Buehler, Walt Birkedahl, Mikelyn Stacey, Marilena Tamburello, & Bill Duke went to a workshop on “Moving from Compliance to Improvement: Using Outcomes Data to Improve Student Learning”, March 10-11, 2005. WASC is requiring student learning outcomes for courses and programs with evidence of assessment which results in improvements in the teaching learning process and student success.  All standards have some focus on student learning outcomes. New ideas about program review. Power point presentations summarizing some of the information as applied to OhloneCollege will be available on the CAPAC web site. Plan is for Faculty Senate to coordinate program review. CAPAC will still be responsible for course review.  
Recommend having a six hour workshop on Assessing Student Learning Outcomes facilitated by Dr. Norena Badway, Associate Professor, Educational Administration and Leadership Department (Higher Education Leadership), Bernal School of Education, University of the Pacific and Dr. Norton Grubb, Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of California-Berkeley during August, 2005 flex. Faculty Senate will conduct a survey on faculty interest and Kay Harrison, Staff Development Coordinator, will facilitate the scheduling of the workshop, given faculty interest.
Minor Revisions:
BRDC 129A Radio Broadcast Lab - removal of BRDC 130 from prerequisites.
New Courses:
BA 142 International Economics - Tina Mosleh - #14 CSU transferable. Need more information - different from schedule and catalog. Will this be incorporated into any programs...take out of Methods of Instruction - Distance Learning - will go at a later time. Motion to approve Chris Warden/second/Jon Degallier. 1 abstention. Motion carried. 
Administrative Assistant (revised) – we have phased out typing programs - generic administrative assistant. Lesley Buehler is working on the program for the chancellor's office.  CAPAC discussed student learning outcomes and CAPAC guidelines for the Program level.  
Administrative Assistant with supervisory focus (new)
Both programs feed into each other. Students exposed to different forms of research and writing of papers using MLA. 
CAPAC feedback will be incorporated; programs will be on the May 2 approval agenda.
Course Outline Format:
ID 157 Professional Practice for Interior Design - sample of word document. There are formatting issues related to consistency. Do we want to set up the word document differently? Mike Bowman recommended we delete #9 CAN – will no longer be used after June 2005. Replacing LTDP descriptors will have to live up to and we will have to rearticulate all of our CAN courses. CAN #'s will still be good for the next year.
CAPAC discussed the issues and decided to keep each main section numbered with Roman Numerals. Sections I and II will have numbers under them.  Roman numerals III, IV, V, VI, VII will have letters (A, B, C) and then numbers.
Textbooks need to be in MLA format and include place of publisher. KG Greenstein will send this information to Mike Bowman. Optional textbook will be removed.
In all appropriate areas, the label should read “Evaluation/Assessment”.
Mike Bowman will work with the CurricUNET programmers to make the revisions. 
No programs in yet. Programs – “need for program” will become “program justification”. On course outline “need for course” will be changed to “course justification”.
Top code removed from second page and placed on first page. Program Award Page remains the same. Add Course Block Definitions Award Type - with required courses, support courses, elective courses and general education courses. Set up like PalomarCollege. Mike Bowman will revise Program codes page.
Selected Topics:
Selected Topics will be going through CurricUNET. 
Screening Meetings:
The third Monday of each month will be a screening meeting. Heidi Barkow will send an email to screeners with a list of courses to be reviewed. Screeners can review the word report (WR) prior to the meeting. During the meeting, one person will have CurricUNET screening permission and will record comments and take action on the course. Course faculty will be expected to attend the screening meeting and revisions can be made to the course outline at that time.
GE Subcommittee Report
The GE Committee has spent the year writing a GE philosophy and developing student learning outcomes for each area in Plan A. Process: at least one faculty from each area has joined with the GE Committee members to develop the student learning outcomes. The outcomes approved by the GE Committee were then sent to the Division Dean to distribute to faculty within the area for feedback. This feedback was then discussed and revised outcomes were approved by the GE Committee. Additionally the Cultural Diversity and Information Competency Committee developed student learning outcomes. Next year a GE matrix will be created and each course listed on GE Plan A will have to meet all approved student learning outcomes for the area. Current work on philosophy and SLOs was distributed and CAPAC members were asked to disseminate the information and seek feedback from faculty within their divisions. CAPAC will need to approve the GE philosophy and outcomes prior to Board approval. Once that is completed both will be included in the college catalog (2005-06)
Adjourn: 4:57