Course and Program Approval Committee Screening Meeting

April 18, 2005


Members Present: Deb Parziale, K.G. Greenstein, Rachel Sherman, Jon Degallier, Chris Warden, Lesley Buehler, Bill Parks, Chieko Honma, Phil Zahorsky, Carrie Dameron


MATH 155 Math for the Associate Degree Ron Staszkow

The course was discussed and minor changes made during meeting. Approved to move forward to the May 2, 2005 meeting.


GE Issue: The Math department requests a change to GE Plan A, Area IV.C. The request is to change the current requirement of Math 151 or Math 151A & B or proficiency score on the Ohlone Assessment/Placement test or equivalent




Math 155 or a higher level course. Ron Staskow presented rationale for the change. The revision has been approved by the GE Committee contingent on CAPAC approval. This will be on the May 2 CAPAC meeting agenda.


Phil Zahorshy discussed the issue of Credit by Examination requests the addition of credit by exam to course outline. This is important for sequential courses and for students who want to test out of a course they are proficient in. This option was available in the past. Possibility of adding credit by exam to course checklist as part of the grade option; will discuss with Mike Bowman. Wayne Takakuwa will be attending the May 2, 2005 meeting to present proposed revisions to the current credit by exam policy.