Monday, September 19, 2005

3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Room HH 116


Call meeting to order:


      Approval of Minutes:

May 2, 2005


Introduction of new and returning committee members


Chairs Report: (I)

      Congrats to Transfer degrees:

- Business Administration

- Exercise Science option AT

- English

      CAPAC Process

a.      Chairs responsibilities

b.     Members responsibilities

c.      Minor vs. Major revisions

      Dr. Norton Grubbs Deb Parziale

      Data Mart How it can be used.

      Curriculum Institute update What it was all about?



      CAPAC Goals for the 2005 2006 academic year.

      CurricUNET Members to mentors.

- Our CAPAC members are the perfect resource for the different disciplines.

      Program Review CAPAC expanding

      Name change represent a more encompassing group

      Screening Signups confirmed

      Change to Speech & Communication Studies Certificates

      CAN System Michael Bowman

      Subcommittee announcements

a.      General Education Brenda Ahntholz

b.      Cultural Diversity Carmen Madden

c.      Informational Competency K.G. Greenstein

d.      Distance Learning Marilena Tamburello


Minor Revisions:

BIOT-111 Biotechnology Lab II

Name change to Advanced Biotechnology Lab; delete from Prerequisites formerly BIOT 100C) with grade of; minor revision to catalog description and class schedule description; minor revision to student learning outcomes; minor revision to course outline.




CHEM-109 Biochemistry for Allied Health Sciences and Biotechnology

Name change to Biochemistry for Health Sciences and Biotechnology;

Requisites: None; minor catalog and class schedule descriptions; minor revision to student learning outcomes; reformatting course outline; minor revision to writing assignments and projects; minor revision to methods of evaluation; and updated textbook



New Course Approval (A)

TD-121B Dance Rehearsals and Performance 3.00 units

TD-121C Dance Rehearsals and Performance 4.00 units

TD-121L Dance Rehearsals and Performance Lab 0.00 units

TD-142CL Advanced Jazz Dance Performance Attendance Lab 0.00 units

TD-143CL Advanced Tap Dance Performance Attendance Lab 0.00 units