October 17, 2005
Course review/screening:
GEOG-101- Jon, Kathy
GEOG-105- Jon, Kathy
MUS-108- Lesley
SPCH-103- Rachel, Chieko, Jennifer 
SPCH-105- Rachel, Chieko, Jennifer
SPCH-190A- Rachel, Chieko, Jennifer
SPCH-190B- Rachel, Chieko, Jennifer
SPCH-190C- Rachel, Chieko, Jennifer
*Screeners: What to look for;
1.         SLO no more than 10  help faculty author reconstruct
2.         Content  no weeks, summaries, finals, midterms  send back as revisions recommended and advise that summaries, finals and midterms should be under Methods of Evaluation/Assessment.
3.         Spelling and grammar.  Make sure Catalog description is a full sentence.
Approval Process
See handout 
Jim Wright  As seen on the new course process, GE can be requested.  This may not be the correct action as it has been determined that a course must be active before it can be approved as a GE course.
GE may need a separate approval process. 
Training  on how a course goes to GE  Major revisions w/additional approvals
Need to review the GE charter before the next Curriculum meeting. Have the GE committee members at the next meeting. A popup that says course not active yet, you will need to come in the future to apply for GE. 
CurricUNET Made Simple
Chris asked the members present on their thoughts of the User Guide that Heidi Barkow put together, to review it and send comments to Chris Warden.