February 6, 2006

Bldg. 25, Conference Room


Call meeting to order:


Minute Approval: (A)

Ø            Approval of Minutes: December 5, 2005


Program Review Updates: (I)

Ø            Philosophy – Wayne Yuen


Chair’s Report:


Course Revision Minor: (I)

·               CNET-165B       Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA)

Title change to: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA); reformat outline; course assignments; methods of evaluation; methods of instruction


·               ID-150A            Interior Design Concepts

Add 2 hours lab; add methods of evaluation and instruction; update textbook


·               SPCH-106         Critical Thinking/Argumentation and Debate

Advisory change to ENGL-101A; add 1.00 lab hours; minor revision to catalog description change to “Study of critical thinking through oral advocacy and debate. Emphasis is on principles of effective argumentation including logic, reasoning, evidence, motivation, persuasion and refutation through preparation and presentation of written and oral arguments and participation in individual and group debates.” Add to counselor description ending to “This course will meet the Analytical Thinking/Oral Communication requirement for OhloneCollege and the Oral Communication requirement for Plan B and C.” Minor revisions to student learning outcomes, course outline, assignments, evaluation, instruction, and text.


·               SPCH-122         Family Communication

Removal of advisory; minor revision to catalog description; schedule description; student learning outcomes revision; outline reformatted; updated textbook, approval for distance learning


Course Revision Major: (A)

·               TD-152              Introduction to Lighting and Sound – Chris Guptill

Title change to: Introduction to Lighting; Catalog description change to read “This course introduces the basic concepts, technology and safe practices of electricity and lighting for live events. Lectures will focus on theory and practice, while lab will provide opportunities to use equipment in “real life” situations.” Class schedule description revision to read “Hands on electrics and lighting for live events.” Revision to student learning outcomes; course outline; assignments; methods of evaluation; methods of instruction; updated textbooks and optional texts.

Issues: (A/I)

·         Title III Update – Deb Parziale

·         Distance Learning Committee Goals