Monday, February 5, 2007

3:00-5:00 p.m. in Room 3101


Call meeting to order:


Approval of minutes: December 4, 2006


Chair’s Report:


·         Accreditation Institute – January 5 & 6th at SF Airport Hyatt – Chris to report on two day session and where we go from here as a committee.


·         Minor Revisions:

CNET-139A Database Client and Internet Forms Developer System – Richard Grotegut – (Formerly CS-137C) minor revision to: course outline and methods of instruction


CNET-144A Advanced Linux System Administration – Richard Grotegut

(Formerly CS-185F), minor revision to: methods of instruction


HIST-105 History of CaliforniaDarren Bardell

Minor revision to methods of instruction; approved for Distance Learning


HIST-142 History of Rock and Roll – Darren Bardell

Cross-referenced with IS-143 & MUS-123; Title to read: “History of Rock and Roll: Music and Culture of the 1960’s”; Add Advisory: ENGL-101A; Catalog description revision: “This course charts the evolution of Rock & Roll music from the late 1950s through the 1960s focusing on the history of the period as well as a detailed analysis of the stylistic development of this important musical genre. The course is designed to gradually develop students’ appreciation for this art form while simultaneously exposing the symbiotic interrelationship between rock and American society.” Schedule description revision: “The evolution of Rock and Roll music during the 1960s and the expansion of the Counter-Culture.” Revision to: methods of evaluation/assessment, methods of instruction, and updated textbooks.


Major Revisions:

MATH-190 Basic Mathematics – Vajinder Singh & Ilene Katz

Catalog description revision: “This course includes a study of 1) the arithmetic of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals; 2) applications of arithmetic-ratios, percents, word problems, and U.S. and Metric Systems of measurement; 3) statistical graphs, measurement of central tendency and word problems employing those concepts; 4) an introduction to algebra and geometry.” Counselor description revision: “This course gives the student a working knowledge of arithmetic and some of its applications in our modern society and also gives the students the necessary preparation in arithmetic to then proceed into elementary algebra but is not a pre-algebra course. It is not applicable to an Associate degree.” Revisions to: student learning outcomes, course outline, course assignments, methods of evaluation/assessment, methods of instruction, textbook and supplies


New Courses:

GEOG-105 California Geography - George Rodgers

Course Deactivation:

CS-137B PL/SQL Programming – Richard Grotegut



·         Accreditation, WASC and Standard II – Chris Warden

o       Initiate dialogue on the Curriculum Committee’s role for Standard II