Distance Education Subcommittee

Contact Information

Barbara Tull
DE Subcommittee Chair

Membership List 2013-2014

  • Barbara Tull, English, Chair
  • Rick Arellano, (Computer Science)
  • Danijela Bedic-Babic (Computers, Networks and Emerging Technologies)
  • Sarah Cooper (Psychology)
  • Deborah Lemon (Spanish)
  • Heather McCarty (History and Political Science)
  • Jim McManus (Music)
  • Jo Rodgers (adjunct Anthropology)
  • Christine Sibley (adjunct Librarian)
  • Ex Officio members: 
    • Quan Nguyen (Computer Lab coordinator, Blackboard support)
    • Jipssee Sayalit (eCampus course assistant)
    • Leslie Buehler (Dean, Business, Technology, Learning Resources and eCampus

Meeting Information

Committee Documents

DE Subcommittee Wiki: Going the Distance

Go to goingthedistance.pbworks.com.