Distance Education Subcommittee

The Distance Education Committee is an official subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee. 

Separate Distance Education Committee approval is required for courses being offered either fully online or as hybrids (where part of in-person scheduled class time is replaced by an online format).   It is the primary task of this committee to review courses with any online component before moving to the next step in the approval process.  In addition, any matter pertaining to the quality and delivery of online education is discussed, and action items and goals are generated from those meetings.

Distance Education Definitions

Online class
A fully online class is entirely conducted on the web. Course delivery follows traditional classroom model (as opposed to “self-paced'), where the instructor/student interaction is now fully managed via a course management system in place of the classroom (face-to-face).
Hybrid class
A class that has both online and in-person formats. A student taking a hybrid course will need to come to campus on specified dates.
Web-enhanced class
A Web-enhanced class is scheduled as a traditional on-campus class, and utilizes the Internet to access a Course Management System, where additional course information can be found. Web-enhanced classes do not reduce face-to-face meetings and do not require going through the DE committee.

Contact Information

Heather McCarty
DE Subcommittee Chair

Meeting Information

Fall 2017 Meetings

These meetings are held virtually and all are welcome to join. Please contact Heather McCarty hmccarty@ohlone.edu for an invitation to join any of our meetings.

Membership List 2017-2018

  • Heather McCarty (History and Gender and Women's Studies), Chair
  • Darren Bardell (History)
  • Andy Bloom (Math)
  • Sarah Cooper (Psychology)
  • Robin Kurotori (Health, Fitness and Wellness)
  • Kyle Livie (History)
  • Jim McManus (Music)
  • Barbara Tull (English)
  • Rosemary Yoshikawa (Adjunct Business)

Ex Officio members:

  • Quan Nguyen (Computer Lab coordinator, Canvas support)
  • Lesley Buehler (Dean, Business, Technology, and Career Technical Education)
  • Chris Dela Rosa (Associate VP, Information Technology Services)

Committee Documents

Agendas and Minutes

You can find agendas, meeting minutes, and other DE Subcommittee documents at goingthedistance.pbworks.com.

Teaching Resources

The college has a variety of resources available on campus to support faculty teaching both online and in person:

  • OEI: Ohlone College is currently a pilot college in the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative (OEI). Online course design standards have been developed and adopted by this initiative, and a Rubric has been created. Download the Rubric (PDF).
  • Canvas: Ohlone also maintains tutorials and support for Canvas. Go to links for Canvas resources for faculty.
  • TLC: The Ohlone College Teaching and Learning Center is a virtual hub of additional teaching resources, including best teaching practices, student equity, canvas tutrials and support, library resources, and educational technology tutorials on various topics like how to create your own videos. There is also a link to the POND (Professional Ohlone kNowledge Directory), which serves as to link up faculty and staff with peer “experts” on a wide range of topics and skills. Go to the TLC on the Library website.

Captioning Resources

There are several captioning options available to faculty teaching online:

  • Please see the general captioning information and captioning request forms
  • There is currently a Distance Education Captioning and Transcription Grant (DECT). This grant is for captioning materials for online or hybrid classes, or materials for digital learning repositories. Please contact Ann Burdett at aburdett@ohlone.edu to see if your materials qualify.
  • If you are teaching online or hybrid courses and have materials that are less then 12 minutes in length and require a quick turnaround time, please contact Heather McCarty at hmccarty@ohlone.edu for information about a pilot program with rev.com.
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