Guidelines for Receiving Accommodations as a Learning Disabled Student - Disabled Students Programs and Services


  • Students must be determined to be eligible to receive Learning Disabilities services based on a Learning Disability Model established by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. If a student has been determined eligible for services at another California Community College, it extends to here.
  • Outside documentation from a private source must be evaluated by the Learning Disabilities Specialist to adapt to the Model or test where needed.
  • Otherwise, students need to go through Learning Disabilities eligibility testing here at Ohlone by the LD Specialist.
  1. Make an appointment with Ann Burdett, (510) 659-6456, for an intake interview to determine needed steps for eligibility
  2. Undergo testing for eligibility using state mandated model, if necessary
  3. Go through follow-up appointment to review results and formally be granted needed accommodations. The Learning Disability Specialist is the one who identifies needed accommodations based on test score results and the intake interview.

Getting Accommodations


If you are entitled to receive extra time/distraction reduced setting for testing please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Office of Interpreting and Accommodation Services, Room 7223 on the second floor of Building 7 on the Fremont campus: Kelly Wilmeth, Director, Interpreting and Accommodation Services, at (510) 659-6271.
  2. There are forms to fill out to request testing accommodations. Please indicate date, time, class, instructor, etc., on the form and give to Kelly Wilmeth or place in the envelope provided for completed forms (right under where the forms are).
    Please allow as much time as possible before the test is scheduled.
  3. Special Services will send a note to your instructor indicating that you are eligible for testing accommodations and request that the exam be sent back to Kelly Wilmeth with any special instructions.
  4. You show up to Interpreting/Special Services for the exam, instead of your classroom. You will be proctored and/or further accommodated by Kelly Wilmeth or a member of her staff.
  5. Kelly Wilmeth will return the exam to the instructor in whatever way he/she has indicated.

Please note: There will be no changes made in the date or time of the test unless specifically indicated by the instructor.

Note: Students are encouraged to share their need for this accommodation with their instructors at the beginning of the semester.


  1. Students who are entitled to receive notetaking services must make that need known to the Director, Interpreting and Accommodation Services (Kelly Wilmeth) or to Ann Burdett as soon as possible. This accommodation should be limited to classes where notes are important and the student has a difficult time.
  2. Kelly Wilmeth will notify the instructor to announce this need for a notetaker to the class. Our department will provide NCR notepaper to the student so a copy is automatically made.
  3. Our budget does not currently allow us to pay anyone, however notetaking volunteers will be given priority registration as a thank you.
  4. Students are also encouraged to take their own notes or tape record the lectures to supplement the notetaker’s notes.
  5. Please inform us of any difficulty in getting a notetaker.

Alternate Media

Ohlone College provides Alternate Media services to qualified students who need materials in alternate format, such as Braille, large print, audiotape, or electronic text.

In some cases, it may take several weeks for books on audiotape or electornic text from the publisher to arrive, so students are asked to place their alternate media requests even before the semester begins, if possible.

  1. You may need to show proof of purchase of the text, so please keep your receipt.
  2. See your DSPS Counselor to fill out the special request forms for books on audiotape, electronic text, or large print.
  3. Please be able to provide the following information: book’s title, author, copyright date, publisher, and ISBN number.
  4. As soon as requested, alternate media materials, such as audio tapes or electronic text, are ready, the Alternate Media Specialist will attempt to contact you to provide instructions on where to pick up your alternate media materials.